About Single Super Mummy

I'm Jade, tattooed, pierced, colourful and fabulous mummy to 2 superheroes Cali and RD.

As well as the usual mummy stuff, I wanna show you how it's possible to fly long haul with small children without completely freaking out. I know that just the thought of flying anywhere far with the kids can be scary enough to put you off even contemplating going.I also know that another off putting thing is the actual price of a family holiday which can sometimes basically just take the piss.

I wanna show you that you can enjoy an exotic holiday on a single mummies budget, all you have to do is master the art of the holiday blag. Because single mummies deserve a bit of luxury too.

I'm not minted, although I do sometimes contemplate if I'm adopted and my real parents are multi millionaires  then I realize I look just like my dad so that's clearly not possible. Also annoyingly I don't have a secret money tree growing in my garden, I'm a normal mummy on a tight budget who is very frugal with money so if I can afford it, it's definitely affordable (even if you have to be like me and save a year in advance)
Oh and my legs aint this fat anymore, just so you know as that's a very important fact hahahaha oooooh look at the beach sooo wish I was there right now, with a cocktail, did I mention I love cocktails.. Mmmm yummy :)

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