Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Nottinghill Carnival::Costume Wishlist

So carnival season has started and you guys know how much I love carnivals and Soca music and this year it seems like all of the bands have really stepped up their game making it almost impossible to pick one band to jump with as all the costumes I've seen so far are amazing.

 Here's some of the costumes I'm loving for Nottinghill carnival:
Chocolate Nation

Island Mas 

Trinity Design Collective
Also as the carnival band leaders know times are hard, most have introduced a cheaper costume option called Fun Mas. This can be either a t shirt with hot pants or a simple leotard so people who can't afford a glamorous expensive costume can still be a part of it. 

Now I've done fun mas before and I loved this costume:

When I wore this in 2013 there was only a couple of bands offering this cheap/affordable option now fast forward 4 years and a lot more are including this and even making the costumes a bit more fancy  which is great when you're a single mum and can't justify spending a months rent on a beautiful costume that you will only get to wear once. 
Here's some cute fun mas costumes I found for this year:
RDR D Riddim Tribe

Island Mas