Monday, 21 November 2016

Completely new child!!

Its amazing how one huge thing that you would think would have a negative impact on your kids can work in the total opposite way.
So for years I’ve been having problems with Cali, she’s not necessarily naughty and hard ears like RD but she is spiteful, rude, grumpy, disrespectful, abrupt, and snappy and loves to backchat and ignore people who are talking to her. She also loved to purposely do stuff to get her brother in trouble (as he loves to follow her) and sit back and watch the carnage. She showed no affection (apart from to her best friend at school) family always have to beg her for a kiss or cuddle. She also hated smiling and just wasn’t a happy child. To be honest she was a horrible little shit and I hated it. I know it sounds bad but I actually didn’t like being around her as it just took all my energy as she was such a negative ball of energy.
Like I was so frustrated, I’d tried so many things and been on so many parenting courses and nothing had helped. I know she inherited her shitty attitude problem and spitefulness from her dad as he is a horrible spiteful person (amongst other things) and she was just like him in a sense. After talking to professionals and having her observed in class, I just settled on the fact that it was a nasty trait that she may just live with until one of her peer’s pulls her up on it.
People told me to pray for her as the power of prayer is an amazing thing... if you believe.... and although I’m not a religious person, I prayed for her every night and never stopped trying with her.
OK so the big change I mentioned in the beginning is that the kid’s dad hasn’t been in their life for the past few months now. There’s been no contact at all and I’ve never seen Cali and RD so content before, especially Cali. Since she hasn’t seen her dad she has been the happiest child, like seriously I didn’t even know she could be this way. Like everyday she wakes up happy. She’s soooo loving, I get hugs and kisses all the time and the attitude has gone, along with the constant sarcasm and spitefulness. She even talks differently, like in a more cheerful tone and no longer ignores people and will actually acknowledge them and say ‘Hi’ which is a big deal. She also apologises when she’s done something wrong and actually means it.
If I’m tired she’s right there making sure I’m ok or she will make me sit down and bring me a drink or something, whereas before she would just sit and watch people suffer. Her relationship has changed with RD too it’s like she finally realizes she is his big sister and now looks out for him and shows him a lot of love and RD loves kisses and hugs so he’s in his element. She’s even decided she doesn’t wanna be known as the nickname we used to call her as she said that little girl wasn’t nice and she’s not that little girl anymore which I thought was very mature of her.

So most people (including me) would think an absent father would make problems worse but in this case it seems to be the best thing that could’ve happened. So it makes me wonder, all this time was it actually their dad who was the problem? But if my kids are the happiest I’ve ever seen them, then I’m glad it worked out this way.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Go away stupid vertigo!

So my body clock has been completely fucked for a while now, so for the past 6 months minimum I’ve been surviving on 3ish hours sleep per night. Now when I’m run down and about to get really sick my glands normally swell. So I had that and continued to still feel ill. I knew something else was gonna happen as I’ve been forgetting to take my iron tablets and I know I get anaemic very quick, so when I started to feel what I could only describe as morning sickness I knew something was really wrong. 
Obviously I knew there was no way I could be preggers, so when I found out it was vertigo I remembered this was exactly the same way I felt a couple years ago when I first had vertigo. I felt like I was drunk yet hungover at the same time, my head felt like it was shaking internally and I was continuously dizzy and the room keeps spinning. This gets worse at night when I try to sleep, it’s like WOOOAH! Then it takes forever to get out of bed because as soon as I sit up in the morning, no matter how slowly I do it, the whole room spins.

Basically I just need to sleep/rest/take it easy because that’s the only thing that’s gonna make this shitty vertigo go away. It’s like fuck sake, does anything else wanna go wrong with my body?!

Friday, 18 November 2016

Quick trip to Toronto

So last month me and the kids did a short trip to Canada. Everyone couldn’t believe that we would fly all the way over there just for a long weekend, but we were going to a wedding so we didn’t really need any longer, plus the kids had school and I didn’t want them off too long and have the attendance lady whinging in my ear. 

So we flew from Heathrow terminal 5 which is huge! I’ve been there before but never flown from there, in fact I can’t remember the last time I actually flew from Heathrow. The thing I loved most about this terminal is the fact that there is so much space you don’t feel squashed in which is perfect for someone like me who is extremely claustrophobic.

Another thing I loved was the kids play area, my 2 spotted it straight away. There’s a giant snakes and ladders game on the floor as well as two big touch screen TVs with lots of fun kids games. It kept my two occupied while I rearranged the suitcase.
As we walked to check in a member of staff spotted us and told me to go to the family check in where there was no queue, which was brilliant!
OK so the one thing I hated about terminal 5 was the queue in security. Obviously I got stopped for extra checks and they only had 1 lady doing those checks so I had to wait a good 40mins to be seen, without my shoes (as they kept them) I could feel the cold through my socks and I hate that feeling, it gives me a stomach ache.

OK so their duty free section was pretty big, but I didn’t bother going in shops we went straight to a Wetherspoons and got some brunch. We then went to the multi faith room, which is something I’ve never done before. RD really believes in the power of prayer and wanted us to all say a prayer together to keep us safe on the plane which I thought was very sweet. But what I found strange was although it welcomes all faiths, it felt more like a mini mosque and felt like we shouldn’t have been in there with our shoes and without covering up. Even the kids were a bit apprehensive as they thought it was a mosque too and keep asking if the Muslims would mind us being in there. I had to explain it’s not just for the Muslims it’s for anyone who wants to say a prayer or reflect.

So after walking forever then getting a transit over to our gate we finally boarded the plane. Now I don’t usually like flying with British Airways but we were sat next to a stag party, so they kept us entertained for the whole flight, it was brilliant. Also because they were constantly asking for drinks I managed to get lots of wine too which was fun J

So anyways after getting into Canada we caught this huge train downtown and just needed to get a taxi to our hotel. Simple task right? Wrong! Apparently this isn’t an easy task when you’re black. Every taxi we stopped (baring in mind we were at a taxi stand) refused to take us and rolled up their windows and drove off or further down and picked up white people. It got to the point where I was ready to ask a random white person to get a cab for us. Sooo stupid, even more bizarre the taxi drivers were all Asian yet didn’t want people the same complexion as them in their taxi, what bell ends!

So we stayed at the Hilton in downtown Toronto on the 17th floor which meant I was forced to go in the lift, boo!

So the day after landing we went to my cousins wedding which was beautiful. It even got to the point where I had to take off my heels and have a good dance.

We also took the day to explore downtown Toronto which was cool. One bizarre thing I noticed is the homeless folk there just like to randomly lay in the middle of the pavement for you to trip over them, it was sooo weird.

We also saw some huge marathon which resulted in most of the roads being closed. It was lovely to see how the Canadians were all out supporting the runners and shouting out compliments and words of encouragement. Even RD got in on the act and stood by the rails shouting nice things at people running past which was really sweet.

OK so coming back home I wasn’t overly impressed with the duty free section at Toronto’s Pearson airport, there wasn’t a wide range of places to eat, which was annoying as I was bloody starving! I then got asked 1 of the dumbest questions ever going through security (click here to see the video) so by the time we got on the plane I just wanted to eat and sleep and that’s exactly what I did J

Once we landed we had time to spare as the Heathrow coach is pretty frequent so we went to get some breakfast, obviously I had my mandatory Mimosa and the kids ordered really specific things that weren't on the menu, but luckily the lady serving us just accommodated their crazy demands and everybody was happy.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Cropover 2016 - Kadooment

So my cousin and I were on the road with Colorz for Kadooment,it was sooooo much fun. This was not only our first time but also Colorz first time on the road as a kadooment band (as they usually are solely a foreday morning band) so I’m glad I got to experience that.