Friday, 18 March 2016

SingleSuperMummys Beach Bummer cocktail

So if you’re on one of those rare girly holidays without the kids and planning a lazy day on the beach I always say you need the 2 necessities, Big Bottle of Water and Rum. So I’m gonna show you the best way to save money, enjoy a cheap fun fruity rum based cocktail on the beach. I like to call this one The Ultimate Beach Bummer (If there’s already a cocktail with that same name, my ones better lol). The things you will need are:
Mount gay rum
Cranberry juice
Tropical fruit juice
Half a lime
Empty 2 ltr water bottle
Freezer bottles (enough for everyone to have 1 each)
OK so as I don’t really bother with measurements you want to fill a quarter of the empty water bottle with Malibu then half that amount in Mount Gay, the same amount of Cranberry juice, then fill the rest of the bottle with tropical fruit juice. Squeeze a bit of lime, then give the bottle a good shake. Then pour it into everyone’s freezer bottles and you have a nice ice cold refreshing cocktail (Although if like me you hate cold drinks and only drink room temperature, then remove the ice stick from your freezer bottle). It tastes soooo good and is kinda similar to a Malibu Bay Breeze and is very fruity but not as sweet. Also this drink is a creeper so you may want to pack a sandwich to soak up the alcohol a bit as you don’t wanna be completely wasted in the sun. Trust me being drunk during the day is not as fun as being totally trashed at night after the suns gone down ;)

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Early morning flight? I have a playlist for that :)

So when I travel by myself I get early morning flights, which means when I leave my yard it’s normally dark and quiet. So I always make up a playlist the night before full of chilled out songs I’m into at that moment and enjoy listening to them (while I fall asleep) on the long journey to the airport and up until I get on the plane. At those crazy hours of the morning the last thing I wanna listen to is my usual loud hyper music that makes me wanna jump up and dance, no, no, no!!!! I want music that encourages me to be still and relax. These tunes also work well when you’ve had a heavy night and you’re just chilling by the pool or on the beach with a magazine.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My top 5 bikinis for plus sized ladies

So I always go crazy buying bikinis in the sale so I have a good selection to suit how bloated or fat I might be feeling. As I always see pics of general bikinis for skinny girls and magazines may feature bikinis for different body shapes, they don’t seem to show bikinis for bigger girls with the same popular body shapes. Because a big girl and a small girl could both have a pear shaped body but a bikini recommended for a small girl with a pear shape would probably not work on a bigger girl. Anywayz, I thought I’d show some of my favourite bikinis for us curvy plus sized ladies.

Now this is my ultimate fav bikini. Its 50s style so the knickers are very high waist so it covers my stomach on days that I’m feeling self conscious about my mummy belly. The top fits like a real padded balcony bra so it’s very supportive and makes your boobs look good. 
This bikini gives you the illusion of curves, even if you’re more wobbly or boy shaped than curvy.

I love love love the print on this bikini. The bottoms are like the average knickers shape so stop under your belly button and the top is like a bandeau, which is something that’s usually hard to wear with big boobs, but, the shape of it and the fact that inside is like a bra so it’s lined and supportive makes it wearable. 
This bikini is perfect for standing out on the beach.

Although I have featured 2 matching bikini sets on my list, I prefer to mix and match and love this bikini. The bottoms are 50’s style but aren’t super high waist like the blue bikini, it stops literally at the top of your belly button so more of your belly is on show. I love to pair it with this black halter neck bikini. This top also is like a fitted bra so you can frolic in the water without your boobs flying everywhere feeling like heavy rocks. 
This for me is perfect 50’s glamour bikini for the alternative girls.

So this one is a bit more daring, if you killed yourself losing weight and toning up and you basically want to flaunt everything. The knickers are between a low rise and a standard so they will cover your belly, but if you have that flappy mummy belly (that’s near impossible to firm) you may find yourself adjusting the kickers a lot and tucking your belly in hahaha. The bikini top is like an air filled bra so it makes your boobs look HUGE! Like seriously it pushes them up to ridiculous levels so do not wear this if you’re not willing to deal with all the attention you will get. It needs to be worn with total confidence.
This bikini is perfect for standing out on the beach.

Another fav mix and match one. The tribal print on the knickers is soo flattering and it’s the standard bikini bottom so sits below your belly button. The tassels give it a cutesy edge. I think the bikini top clashes well with the tribal print and as it’s a fitted padded halter neck bra it makes your boobs look nice and round like apples lol
This is the perfect understated sexy bikini

On a side note: I got all of these bikinis from Primark over the years. So although you may not find the exact same one, you could probably find some very very similar as Primark tend to bring out the same bikinis every year with one or 2 tiny changes to them.

Diary of RD 5

So I'm happy to say that RD seems to have settled down now. He's not been crazy or done any of the things he was doing before, like not listening, screaming, being rude, hitting and throwing things at me and his sister. I'm not sure if he got bored of being told off and having all of his cars taken from him or if he's just being good for now and will be 100 times worse next week, but for now I'm enjoying the peace. I've not done anything differently to make him stop, but maybe the consistency of the consequences for his actions has helped. He has since told me he doesn't like me shouting at him and I told him if you listen and behave mummy wont have to shout, so now he listens.. as much as a 6 year old boy can listen... I'm not saying he's a perfect angel, like sure he has his moments, but he's a lot easier to reign in and will listen to reason. He now seems to get that if he's good he gets a lot of praise. My dad has even got involved and told both of the kids, if they're well behaved then he will take them out for dinner every month. So that's another incentive for them to do the right thing as they love dressing up and going to restaurants to eat.

I'm hoping that this annoying draining phase has now passed, but slightly worried as to what the next phase will be.....

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Flying nannies? I need to fly with Etihad!!

OK so I've been bursting to fly with Etihad since I saw their luxurious uber first class suites The Residence   (because in my head I will experience flying in that class) but, as I know there's a small possibility I might have to fly economy I thought I'd check out what else they have to offer. I now realize why they won the prestigious Air Transport World's Airline of the Year 2016 award. Ok... are you ready for this, they have a flying nanny, yes a nanny, that flies, on the plane. Can you believe it?! And it's not just for them snobby show off ponsey people flying fancy class (although secretly I aspire to be that snobby ponsey show off)
OK, So here's what it says on their website:
Our flying nanny is here to provide an extra pair of hands, whether it's helping getting the kids settled for bed, keeping them entertained or simply offering advice or support to parents...
I'm still in shock, like what a good idea, especially if you're a single parent travelling with the kids. Although they say they can't completely take the kids off your hands as they have to cater to all the families onboard, I'd just purposely fall into a 'deep sleep' at the beginning of the flight then they'd kinda be forced to look after my two little monsters... I mean angels for the duration of the flight #Result! (yes I hashtagged in the middle of a post:) 
Also their nannies aint just any old randoms who went on a 1 day course and secretly despise all forms of children, they're specially trained and approved by the renowned childcare training college for early years professionals so they must know what they're doing right? But then when you've been up all night with a screaming child who won't settle you'd happily palm them off to that crazy lady arguing with herself in the corner if it means you would get a little bit of shut eye hahahahaha

Monday, 7 March 2016


So for years due to my Prolactinoma I have been getting excess hairs on my face and I fucking hate it! This is the one thing I’m super sensitive about. As strong as I am if someone was to notice them (and I feel like I hide them under makeup quite well) and say something evil about the hairs I would probably run away and lock myself in a room and cry. Now because of the Prolactinoma and the Polycystic overies I’ve been told it’s gonna be near impossible to permanatly get rid of them. My Endocrine doctor even told me not to bother wasting my money on Lazer hair removal as it wont work. I’ve tried all kinds of creams and medication for it and so far nothing has worked. Although the Vaniqua cream has made the hairs finer.
OK, So, I was watching a popular beauty blogger Chanel Boateng on YouTube who was brave enough to show her problem with facial hair growth to the world. It really helped as her hairs were in the same kinda areas as mine then when I read the comments it seems to be a popular problem for women and there was lots of helpful tips and suggestions. I noticed one particular comment that said to try Electrolysis as it’s better than Lazer (it's a lot cheaper too) So I literally went straight and booked an electrolysis session.
 So now I've been having regular electrolysis treatments for over a year now and the lovely lady who does it decided to try mixing up the electrolysis with waxing. Which means she does 20 mins electrolyisis and finishes it off with wax and that's made such a big difference. I have also been put on another form of medication to help stop the hair growth so everything seems to be working well together. I mean the hair hasn't completely gone but it's 10 times better than it was in the beginning. I don't know if it will ever completely disappear but I'm happy with any kinda improvement as it just makes me feel soooo self conscience.
Also I don't just rely on the electrolysis and meds, my daily facial routine plays a huge part. It may sound a bit OTT but it really helps:
1. Wash and exoliate with Tea Tree oil facial scrub
2. Cleanse with Anne French
3. Cleanse/Tone with Micellar water
4. Cleanse with Witch hazel
5. Apply Vaniqua cream
6. Apply Tea Tree oil
7. Cream face with Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Coach trips

So because we always get a coach to the airport when we're going on holiday I decided to get a family coach card for the year. It was only £8 and lets one child travel for free. I now want to actually make some real use of it instead of using it once a year to go the airport. I’ve never really been a fan of travelling/holidaying in the UK (Just because I can’t consider anything a holiday unless it’s hot and has a beach) but seeing as the card is paid for I thought why not put it to good use and seeing as National Express runs pretty much everywhere, once the weather gets better I wanna take the kids on a few coach trips. So now I need to research some fun and interesting towns/cities to visit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) Also the kids have their  Innotabs which keep them entertained, so travelling long distance on a coach should be fine.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Far East Adventure

So when the kids are a bit older, like maybe 9 and 10 I wanna take them on a tour of the Middle East and take in places like Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Bali. I just think those countries are totally different to anywhere we have been before and it would be lovely to immerse ourselves in a completely different culture and learn about different customs and learn a few simple words.

 Also I know that Japan has its own Disneyland so it would be fun to go there and see how it compares to the other ones. Also Cali would go crazy over all the Hello Kitty stuff in Japan. Once again I’d like to do this during the summer holidays, so that’s gonna wack the price up which means I will have to do my usual and go without certain things and save from the year before. 

Also I’d love to experience flying with Emirates, Ethihad or Singapore Airlines because their planes look soo lovely, especially their 1st class suites (Which I obviously won’t be experiencing) but economy is a step in the right direction. Actually... if I flew with Virgin I could probably use my airmiles to upgrade us.... hmmm... 

Also imagine how much extra airmiles I would get from flying to all those places, I’d probably have enough to go on an exotic holiday next...

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Oh one day me and the kids will be flying this way....

Pizza making

So I was trying to think of fun activities to do with the kids during the half term and saw this pizza making kit in Asda. Now it said it could make 8 pizzas, but as I assumed they probably meant 8 tiny pizzas we just made 3 pizzas instead. The kit comes with the dough mix and the tomato base sauce. The kids enjoyed the whole process of rolling the dough and adding whatever toppings they wanted which included ham, salami, frankfurters and lots of cheese. Having not read the instructions properly we put our 3 thick pizzas in the oven expecting them to pretty much stay the same size. After 20 minutes I took them out and noticed they had expanded both ways, so we ended up with big super thick pizzas. So it made me think Asdas description was right and we could've made 8 decent sized pizzas or rolled out the dough some more and made 3/4 large pizzas that we could've eaten the day after too. Either way we finished them and they tasted good.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Is that how I look...?

So I've been going to this parenting course and after a chat the other day about self esteem I realized that people see me completely different to how I see myself. I think maybe how I dress and how I carry myself makes people think I'm very happy and full of confidence and have high self esteem. When a lot of the times, inside I'm feeling the total opposite. Most of the time I feel knackered and that I look like a sack of shit. I have soooo much personal and health issues that most of the time I'm not happy. I'm normally stressed out, depressed, anxious or in pain. I guess because I'm so used to hiding these feelings from my kids that I do well masking it in public.
I used to be the most confident person ever almost like a cocky big head, I loved myself. I was outgoing and had no problems talking to new people and going out to socialise, but now I feel like I'm a shadow of my former self. I also find that when I do go out I tend to hide behind my friends and don't make any real effort to chat to people. Sometimes even if my friends are talking to people I won't even bother joining in I will just wonder off, whereas before I would've joined in the banter.  Maybe that's why I look the way I do on the outside, so that it distracts people from what might be going on inside. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Diary of RD 4

I'm happy to say that for the past couple of days RD has been quite well behaved. Yesterday we had a bit of a problem getting him to get his shoes and coat on, but once outside he didn't do that annoying scream or run off. He held my hand and walked nicely to school. So because we didn't have the usual big battle we were actually on time for school... well just about. Also today there was absolutely no problem with getting ready for school and he did exactly as he was told and we were actually 5 minutes early for school. I also brought back the rewards chart and we have been sticking to a really strict evening routine where every activity has a precise time slot, so I'm not sure if that's also helped... But whatever it is I hope it continues :)