Saturday, 27 February 2016

Cooking from scratch

I’m now a big fan of cooking from scratch. I used to think it was the most pointless unnecessary process in the world, like why would I make it from scratch when I can save time and buy certain things ready made? But now I feel like it a good thing as I can control exactly what’s in the food I cook for the kids making it a lot healthier. Also I realized cooking from scratch isn’t as tedious as it sounds as long as you’re organised and have all the ingredients lined up it’s quite a quick painless process and also sooo rewarding when people compliment your cooking. I’ve recently learned how to make a good curry (yes I know I’m late) and fried chicken (my mum normally makes it so I’ve never had to) and although I think I’ve now mastered the curry I think I need a bit more practice with the fried chicken. But, saying that it still tasted gooooood. So now on a Friday or Saturday night when I don't feel like cooking, instead of spending money as a chicken and chips shop I can whip up some yummy fried chicken at home  J

Friday, 26 February 2016

Ffs they’re not called bloody Boxer Braids!!!!

Unless you've been rebelling against your phone and internet for the past couple of days you would've noticed the trending topic of Kim Karashians latest hairstyle. Now normally I couldn't give 2 shits about how she wears her hair, but she had her hair plaited in two and the journalist claimed they were called boxer braids and how Kim had started this new trend. OK... Soo.. 1st of all anyone who is black or has black friends will know that our mums have been plaiting our hair like this since the beginning of time, shit I even plait my kids hair like this. Even the little white girls at my primary school would have their fringe and their hair plaited in 2 just like this so how exactly did Kim K start this trend when it was around long before she was even alive?? As someone who has a degree in journalism I’m baffled as to how this journalist got away with writing such foolishness because as a journalist you are taught that doing your research is a very important thing to do before you even write anything. Which means this journalist has either lived under a rock and missed all the millions of people around the world who have worn their hair this way forever or they didn’t do their research and now look very very stupid.

Diary of RD 3

So yesterday I had absolutely no problems with RD. I dunno if it was because I was really sick and felt and looked like shit but for some reason he did exactly what he was told and even tidied away and got his coat and shoes on with no problems. So obviously after how well it went yesterday I was feeling super optimistic today. But once again RD had woken up first and refused to go in the bathroom first. I keep explaining to him whoever gets up first goes in the bathroom first. Cali has no problems going in when she’s up so I don’t get why he acts that way about getting clean in the bathroom.
So after breakfast etc I do my usual countdown where I tell them they have a certain amount of time to do their colouring/playing etc then once it gets to a certain time we have to start packing away. So I give them updates like ok we have 10 minutes left, we have 2 minutes left and everything’s fine until I say OK let’s get our coats and shoes on for school. So Cali packed away her stuff and came and got ready and RD stayed there. I was like OK RD you need to come get ready for school. So he refused and started trying to tip things over and basically trash the frountroom. So then I had to go bring *cough cough drag* RD out of the frountroom and put him by his coat and shoes. Once again he refused, then decided he wants to take his trousers off and started doing that annoying scream noise so once again I had to put his coat and shoes outside the front door.
Now when I came out he had his shoes on and had taken off his jumper and turned it round so it was backwards. I didn’t even bother to say anything. So once outside he decides to run off again, so once again I was like ‘OK quick run across the road, look a cars coming it will be fun’ he was like no! So he crossed the road with me then decided to turn round take off his coat then throw it in the middle of the road. So once he had picked up his coat he refused to put it on then started that annoying noise again and decided to throw his coat into someone’s garden. Now these gardens have no real way in and have a tallish metal fence. So as I didn’t trust him to get it I lifted Cali over the bars to grab the coat then lifted her back.

So I kept a firm grip on his arm all the way to school while he chatted to most amount of bollocks about how I’m trying to kill him how I punched him in the face and broke his arm, how I cracked his bones and how he’s going to call the police on me because he doesn’t need me he only needs his dad. In my head I was thinking OMG just shut up but I just carried on ignoring him while he protested about me holding his arm all the way to school. Luckily I’ve told RDs teacher about his behaviour and why we’re late most of the time so she doesn’t just think I’m lazy and can’t be arsed to wake up and get my kids to school on time, so she said she will have a word with him too and find out if anything’s happening at school that's making him only act up on the way to school. 


After enjoying Street Feast during the summer I was happy to hear that Dinerama in Shoreditch had opened up again. (If you’ve not heard about Street Feast before click here to read my post about it.) Because it was summer and hot the last time I went I knew as it was an outdoor event I’d need to prepare myself for the cold. So me and the bestie arrive only to see it’s now enclosed, OMG how happy was I. Somehow they’d made an enclosure for the whole event and as soon as we stepped inside we could feel the warmth. As I’d enjoyed the ribs sooo much the last time I went I decided to get ribs again, soooo yummy and thick and juicy. We then found a spot upstairs to hang out and drink. Strangely a glass of champagne was £1 more than a glass of wine so I happily drank champagne all night. As always the vibe was chilled and it was full of the usual hipsters and trendies and because it’s in the heart of Shoreditch if you don’t feel like ending your night at Dinerama there’s a huge choice of restaurants, clubs and funky wine bars just around the corner.

Diary of RD 2

Today RD did his usual of waking up early and refusing to go in the bathroom first, or even at all. For some reason he feels that he doesn’t need to wash everyday, he was like ‘But I had a wash yesterday!’ I have no clue where he’s got that way of thinking from when he’s always washed twice a day every day. He used to be sooo clean like clean on OCD levels he didn’t ever like his hands getting dirty, like he took pride in being clean. His sister used to be the opposite like has no problems looking grubby like I neglect her or something. But now they seem to be changing roles. Now RD’s the one who will get breakfast all round his face and leave a big mess on his place mat and not care about his appearance and refuse to bathe...
So once washed, fed and watered we then had the battle of getting him to put on his shoes and coat for school, he refused and ran away. So once again I had to put him his shoes and coat outside the front door in order for him to put them on. When we got outside he started doing that annoying scream which let me know he was about to do something stupid/dangerous. So I thought I’d try a bit of reverse psychology. So as he started to run off I was like ‘Go on run a bit faster then you can let a stranger take you away and trouble you’ he was like ‘No I don’t want a stranger to take me I’m not gonna run off’ Then as we got closer to the road I could see him looking back and doing that same annoying noise so I knew he was gonna try run across the road so I shouted to him ‘Quick run in the road it looks like fun!’ he stopped and was like ‘No!’ I was like ‘Well why not, I thought you liked running in the road, maybe wait till a car comes!’ He was like ‘No I don’t want to get hurt’ so he walked right by my side all the way up to school.

Unsurprisingly we were late again...

Diary of RD 1

So after seeing how RD was behaving I decided to watch how he behaved during the half term and see if I could find a reason why he was behaving so bad. But, strangely he didn’t act up during the half term, although there was the usual squabbling and boxing matches with his sister he didn’t do anything dangerous or really bad. So on Monday I thought let me see if he acts up as it would normally be a school day, but because the kid’s school had an inset day they didn’t start back school to Tuesday. So Monday he was well behaved so I took them to TGI Fridays for dinner and he was soooo good, he sat nicely did exactly what he was told and happily coloured in and did all the puzzles in his little activity pack. I didn’t have to speak to him once I was sooo proud of him and kept praising him. Even on the bus on the way home he sat nicely and didn’t cause any trouble before he went to bed. So I’m there thinking maybe he’s turned over a new leaf and this will continue on to Tuesday. Ummm... nope!

Tuesday 23rd Feb
So Tuesday comes and he goes back to his usual of waking up 1st but not wanting to go in the bathroom first so then he started doing that annoying scream he does when he’s about to be an annoying little shit and ran away and hid under my bed expecting me to chase him, like I have time for that. After that he then continued to the next set of things he does when he’s acting up on the school run and refused to stop playing with his Lego to get ready to go, then once I get him away from the Lego then he refuses to put his coat and shoes on, eventually I have to put his coat shoes and book bag outside the front door which kinda forces him to put them on as he’s out there by himself. But, sometimes he will put then on and sometimes he will just run upstairs and start jumping and screaming around the block.

So once outside I knew he was gonna try and run off so I kept a firm grip on his arm which he didn’t like. So he decided to scream and tell the whole road that I was trying to kill him and wanted him dead. Then once he realized he wasn’t getting a reaction for that he then just decided to cry very loudly all the way to school. Needless to say we were late....

Diary of RD Intro

OK as I’ve now done a few posts on RD’s recent change in behaviour I thought I’d keep maybe a diary of it and document everything that happens to help reassure other mummies who are going through the same things with their little ones that they’re not alone. I’m also hoping that when he stops doing this it will be helpful to other mummies whose little ones act up in the future, as they can read what I went through and how I handled and what to possibly expect and to also give them hope that it usually isn’t a permanent thing and the bad behaviour/phase will eventually pass. I don’t think I’ll do it everyday because that may get a bit tedious and samey but whenever he’s done something particularly crazy I will post...

Minions 3D puzzle

So we finally got around to doing the puzzle that RDs auntie got him for Christmas. As it was 3D I thought it would be a bit too challenging for RD but he really got into it. He followed the instructions and figured it out. 
All the puzzle pieces are numbered and have an arrow so you know which direction the next piece should go. RD clearly has a lot more patience than me when it comes to these kinda things, because when one piece didn’t fit perfectly he moved it slightly until it slotted in. Whereas I (Mrs Zero patience) would’ve just been like ‘Fuck it, they clearly sent me the wrong pieces!’ then stamp on it.

He loved the puzzle so much he took it apart and put it back together like a billion times throughout the day. He even helped me do it, when technically I was supposed to be helping him. It kept him occupied for a good 20 minutes. So I know what I’ll be investing in from now on, yep, more 3D puzzles!

OMG What a nightmare!

Since RD has turned 6 he has decided to see how far he can push his luck and has been really naughty and super annoying. He recently decided that he is not going to do as he’s told and is going to ignore me instead and do whatever he fancies. Obviously that doesn’t work with me, so it’s like an uphill battle to get him to do as he’s told. If I hold him and tell him off, he screams like he’s being murdered then runs off laughing immediately after which winds me right up. He will then go and do anything he can to irritate me and get my attention. So he’ll slam doors, lock himself in the bathroom or trash his bedroom. I completely ignore him thinking if I don’t give him any attention he will get bored and stop, nope! He is very relentless and will carry on for a good while till he feels like stopping, then without prompting he will apologise and go and clear up all his mess. But then maybe 5 minutes later after I’ve asked him to do a simple thing like brush his teeth somehow that sets him off again so he finds even more irritating shit to do to annoy me to death.
Also because he is so determined to piss me off it’s sooo bloody draining having to deal with his random outbursts as no form of discipline has any lasting effect on him, I literally been through everything from naughty corners and reward charts all the way through to a smack and nothing works so now I’m kinda at a lose end as there’s no other forms of discipline I can think of to try. I’ve even tried like overly praising him anytime he does the tiniest thing right in the hopes that he will carry on being good to get more praise but nope that doesn’t work either.

I’ve now made his dad get involved (because why should I have to struggle with RDs current behaviour while he sits back stress free not helping) so now that we’re both involved hopefully we can come up with a method between us that works for RD..

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Clean eating

So since December I've been on a mission to live a healthier lifestyle and try to drop some weight. So when I'm not having a shitty period and shovelling bollocks down my throat, I've been trying to eat more salads and drink even more water.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Do you love them enough to build-a-bear?

So Cali got this from Build-a-bear for her birthday. Apparently she's one of the Honey Girls and she not only sings, but plays the guitar. Cali loves her and they have been inseparable since 21st January. But as lovely as this bear is, it still makes me wonder why that shop has to be so bloody expensive. I know you're paying for the experience of actually creating and personalizing your own bear, but that shop just reminds me of Disneyland, everything looks amazing but costs the earth! I couldn't imagine having more than 2 kids OMG I'd bloody go bankrupt taking them there.