Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year less wobbly me :)

So instead of waiting for new years eve to declare ‘My new years resolution is to lose weight’ then fight myself trying to lose all the extra lbs I piled on over Christmas, I thought why not start before Christmas and just continue into the new year. So I’ve been doing a combination of Zumba, my hula hoop and my weights everyday and I actually ate very well over Christmas. I didn’t stuff my face with bollocks and eat everything in sight like I normally do and it’s resulted in me not putting on weight for once. Also my IBS has gone nuts so basically most things that I have eaten have come straight back out so I guess you could say I’ve done my Christmas cleanse/detox lol I honestly don’t know what’s triggered the attacks this time but I hope it calms down soon because apart from the pain that comes with it, it’s just so inconvenient.

Getting back to my weight loss goals I figured if I work on my summer body from now, by the summer I may have even surpassed my personal goals and can then work towards new ones. Since starting back exercising I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my waist and have even gone down a band size in bras and up a cup size (Result!!) So as long as that area carries on like that I’m happy. But I think doing consistent exercising and living a healthier lifestyle is working much better than my usual kill myself within weeks of going on holiday routine...

So here’s what I look like now. As always I’ve not used any filters, I’ve just added a frame to make it look pretty:

 I mean yes I’m still a fatty but I’m a fatty on a mission and I have a long way to go, but I am definitely going to get there by next summer. Also on a side note I’ve found I’ve been getting a lot more male attention being bigger than I was before I was this big. I’m still a size 18 but with hard work I will make it down to a 16 and who knows I may shock everyone (including myself) and get back down to my pre kids size 14 body...

Watch this space ;)

Monday, 21 December 2015

Steak & Co Review

So after finding ourselves down Londons West End and really craving proper meat me and my bestie decided to head to Steak & Co which is just off Leicester Square. Now my friend had been before a while ago and recommended it so I was looking forward to it. Now when we got there, there was a host with a list, it actually reminded me of the hosts that stand outside those pretentious West End nightclubs judging everyone and not letting certain people in. So after a little wait we were allowed inside to the bar to finish waiting for our table to be prepared. So as we were at the bar we went halves on a bottle of wine, which was stupidly priced by the way, but it tasted good and we were down the West End so oh well.
OK seated at the table now, I looked around a realized the restaurant was completely ram and it's not  big place and I'm stupidly claustrophobic, but, as we were seated near the door I thought I'd be OK. The waitress comes to us to take our order, then the more questions we asked the more irritated she got, to the point where she was rude and hostile. The dumb thing is it's not your average restaurant where you order your food and they bring it out, they actually bring you the steak cooked then you finish off seasoning and cooking it on your own individual hot stones. Now my friend had been before and didn't fancy cooking it on the hot stone and just wanted it already cooked, as she had done that the last time she went there and for some reason that seemed to tip the waitress over the edge. She started to get angry and harassed then started banging the menu impatiently forcing her to hurry up.
We both ordered Rump Steak with mashed potato (I was baffled as to why the steaks didn't come as a meal and why you had to buy everything separately) The waitress told my friend her steak wouldn't be hot when she got it as they have to leave the steak on the side once they've cooked it. What a load of bollocks! So the steak comes out, mines with the hot stone and seasoning. So I'm trying to cook the steak on the hot stone and it keeps spitting at me, then the heat from the cooking and the hot stone was just too much and I started to feel faint. I tried the potato and it was luke warm which really irritated me, after all that fuss. My friends was luke warm too, so we sent it back. By the time it comes back out I feel even more faint from the heat of everyone cooking on a hot stone in a small restaurant and actually had to go outside for some air.
Came back in and drank some water and attempted to eat some food, which was OK, not worth the money we paid for it though. Then as people started to leave from the waitresses section she mysteriously started to be 'nice' to ensure she got a tip. Umm... no. She was such a cow to my friend. I was overly nice to her just to ensure no one spat in our food (I've been a waitress in a restaurant before I know what can happen with diners who piss you off) but for some reason she took a disliking  to us from the time we were seated and opened our mouths. Needless to say we will not be going back there.
Annoyingly we went TGI Fridays for cocktails after and thinking back we should've just gone to eat there.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Saturday night lights

If you've not experienced London's West End at Christmas it's definitely a must do. Although I wouldn't recommend going in the afternoon, unless you enjoy queues and big crowds of slow walking people, the evening time is lovely. I saw soo many beautiful light displays especially bond street I was like Wow! If you're taking the munchkins you could try Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park then maybe do what I did and end your evening in TGI Fridays in Leicester for a well earned cocktail.

No kisses please mummy

Ok..I think RD is now at that age where kisses from mummy in public are just embarrassing L So now when I walk him to his class I’m only allowed to give him a quick hug then he runs inside. I remember the days when he didn’t wanna let go of me and needed a tonne of kisses and hugs before he would even contemplate going inside and most times the teacher actually had to take him in the class as he wanted to just stay with me. Now he doesn’t really care if I’m there or not. I guess he’s gonna be 6 soon and that’s obviously a very old and grown up age... lol so he doesn’t need me all over him in public, I don’t wanna ruin his street cred or anything hahahahaha. Although he’s like that outside he’s still exactly the same when we are at home, he’s still the same cuddly RD and is happy to get loads of kisses and hugs. This just emphasises the fact that my baby is growing up, which makes me feel really old, oh why couldn’t he stay as my little dolly forever.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Last day of term, Noooooooo!

So as it was the last day of term the kids were allowed to wear Christmas jumpers today. Now I had a look at Christmas jumpers but they’re so bloody expensive and I refuse to pay out for something they will wear once. So I found a cute Minions Christmas t-shirt for both of them from Primark which was much cheaper than a jumper and they loved it. They both wore their shirts underneath to make it look a bit smarter and they were the only ones who decided to do that, which is great because we love to be different.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Did my baby just drop the F Bomb?!

Soooo I knew this day would come and I knew it would happen with RD; He said his first swear word. Although I do swear like a sailor I never swear in front of the kids, so I know they didn’t get it from me so before RD even told me where he got that from I automatically knew he had to be school. I was in the kitchen checking on the dinner with RD, as he loves to help cook and clean and this happened:

RD: Fucking?

Me: (thinking) Did he just saying fucking?

 So I just carried on with what I was doing in the hope I misheard him.

RD: Mummy what’s fucking?

Me: What is it?

RD: Fucking, is it a swear word?

Me: Ummm... (thinking shit how should I play this, should I say it’s a swear word and hope that doesn’t make him wanna say it more or do I act like that word doesn’t even exist)

RD: Is fucking a naughty word mummy?

Me: (very calmly) Yes it is it’s not a very nice thing to say to people OK, because it will make them sad.

RD: Ooooh, is it very very naughty mummy?

Me: Yes so it’s best not to say it munchkin, you don’t like that word anyway do you?

RD: No mummy, my friend was telling me swear words at school and he said Fucking, he told me.

Me: Did he swear at you?

RD: No mummy he just told me it

Me: OK well if he tries to tell you more bad words tell him shut the fuck up!

Hhahahahahaha, nah I’m only joking I didn’t say that (I thought it though) I told RD if his friend talks like that around him again tell him to stop talking and move away. I also emphasised what I always tell them, which is that we are not followers in this house, especially if someone is doing something wrong. I also stayed very calm, although inside I was like WTF!! But I thought that if I acted like it wasn’t a huge deal he’s less likely to repeat it as he didn’t get a big reaction from it.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide 2015

This year I thought I'd switch it up a bit, so here's a gift guide for the jet setting families who are lucky enough to be flying somewhere fab for Christmas.

1. Olloclip 4-in-1
Quick connect lens solution for smart phones that works on both the front and back camera. It includes fish eye, wide angle and 2 macro lenses.

2. Glamorizer Free-Styler
Tiny, cordless and easy to travel with, these hair straighteners have black diamond infused plates to reduce frizz and give an intense shine.

3. Scott & Lawson all weather waterproof note book
Keep up with your writing by the pool without worry about your cocktail spilling and ruining your work.

4. Mini Dominoes
These tiny dominoes come in a neat little tin and can be whipped out anytime you need to keep the munchkins entertained. They’re actually small enough to play on the fold down tray on the plane.

5. Huggies Wipes
These are a must have when travelling with the munchkins. They come in a handy, colourful, waterproof pouch, making them easy to chuck in your bag and carry everywhere.

6. Miracle balm
This multiuse cream is not only a skin rescue for dry skin, but is also good for minor burns, grazes, bites and stings.

7. Man Crates
Designed with nostalgia in mind, this Man Crates features a portable games console that comes with some classic Nintendo games, perfect to keep the gamers entertained. Also did I mention the Crates features a load of sweets too so that everyone travelling benefits from it.

8. Argan Oil hand & nail cream
Containing Argan oil, pro vitamin B5, sweet almond oil and shea butter that deep conditions skin creating a silky soft finish, this creams perfect for moisturizing dehydrated hands on a long flight.

9. Scentered
100% natural fragrance therapy balm. Perfect for calming down the nervous flyers or helping you to sleep that first night in the hotel.

10. incognito insect repellent
Available in a roll on and spray these 100% natural and DEET free repellents not only provide 100% protection against mosquitoes, but also protection against biting insects and many arachnids like spiders and ticks.

Monday, 7 December 2015

St Phillips Carnival

So following on from one of my previous posts about alternative carnivals to go to in Barbados, another one is St Phillps Carnival in late November, it actually just took place on Monday. Situated on the South East coast of the island it's obviously a lot smaller and more local than the grand Kadooment during the Crop Over season but it's still a reason to go listen to some Soca, have a dance and enjoy yourself. 
For more info on St Phillips Carnival:

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Life as a single mummy with IBS

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So as if life wasn't hard enough as a single mummy to 2 kids under 7, I also have Irritable Bowel Syndrome ‘IBS’ to add to the mix. Now I touched on this subject in my post about flying with IBS, but today something happened which made me feel so guilty about my IBS that I had to write about it.
Just to give you the condensed back story; I got really bad food poisoning in 2013 which basically ruined my stomach. I then spent around a year in and out of hospitals seeing specialists, having x-rays, blood tests and scans. I even had an endoscopy (which is more painful than childbirth by the way) only to confirm what my GP had already assumed; that I had bad IBS.
So unlike the ‘standard’ IBS that may be triggered by one thing, like a particular food or activity, mine has absolutely no pattern so I don’t even know what to avoid to lessen my chances of having an attack. What’s an attack? I hear you ask. The main one is basically being confined to the toilet, imagine overdosing on laxatives, yep, that bad. My attacks also include my stomach bubbling and feeling uncomfortable, feeling heavy and bad bloating; it actually feels like someone is inside my stomach pushing it outwards, then there's the excruciating pain that leaves me unable to stand up straight or walk, then my heart starts racing which then leads to me have bad anxiety and panic attacks.
My IBS is so unpredictable I don’t even know how to prepare for it I only know how to deal with it when it comes. Take today for instance , I ate the same breakfast I have every morning; 50/50 toasted bread and herbal tea. Now yesterday I had this exact same thing and was completely fine, but today for some reason it triggered an attack.
So after retiring to the toilet I decided to take my usual mix of meds just so that I could actually leave to take the kids to school as none of us like to be late. Now I know this cocktail of drugs normally takes 30mins to 1hr to kick in, but because I just wanted to get the kids to school I decided to leave and hope they kicked in quicker than normal, which was obviously a really dumb idea. Halfway to school my stomach started to feel funny so we then had to turn around and rush back home so that I could be reunited with my best friend the toilet, again. So with there being no chance of me taking the kids, I then had to call their school and tell them I was unwell and running late, I then had to find someone to drop them as I physically couldn't leave home.
On top of me already feeling bad for making the kids so late for school, Cali told me the Pantomime was coming to school this morning and because of how late they were going to be they would probably miss it, which made me feel extremely guilty and annoyingly made my stomach feel worse. I know how much my 2 love the Panto and I felt terrible that them missing it was all my fault.
Luckily although Cali was upset and not my friend, RD took it all in his stride, he wasn't all that fussed about being late or the Panto, he was more concerned with trying to look after me and help me feel better. That’s definitely one of the good things about having a son, they are very loving and protective.
Now it pisses me off when my IBS prevents me from doing things for myself but I absolutely hate it when my IBS effects the kids. I also don’t like the kids seeing me sick, especially RD as he worries a lot about me and I don’t want him stressing, he’s only 5! Most of the time I will hide when I'm in pain but the times I can’t even stand up I can’t even pretend I'm fine when I'm in that much pain. So in conclusion, this stupid IBS is slowly ruining my life :(

For more info on IBS:

New hair

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Joukanal Spring Break Carnival

So if you couldn't afford to fly out to Barbados for Crop Over don't be sad there are other carnivals and festivals going on around the island throughout the year including Joukanal Spring Break Carnival which used to be called Kaduwival and was originally started by the Guild of Students at the Cave Hill Campus of The University of the West Indies and happens around Easter. Don't be put off by the fact that it's essentially a uni event the general public can also purchase a costume and join in. Also if you're young at heart you'll be fine. In my head I'm still a student so I would definitely go to this if I got the chance.
For more info on Joukanal: