Monday, 30 November 2015

The Joys of Motherhood...

So since I got this bed the kids (particularly RD) have taken that as an invitation to invite themselves in more or less every night. Luckily it’s very rare that they both jump in on the same night so at least I get a tiny piece of space and I mean tiny. I still don’t get how someone so small can take up that much room in a bed. So basically this picture happened last night. I had just pulled back my quilt ready for me to jump in and by the time I had switched off all the lights RD was in my bed and sleeping hard like he’d been there ages. Now I don’t know how he does this but he does it a lot, I think I need to stop feeding him carrots because he seems to be able to see in the dark to find my bed. 
Sometimes I will roll over in the middle of the night and be like OMG what is that?! And its him all snuggled up in my bed with all of the covers and one of my pillows (I’m still baffled as to how he manages to steal my pillow) The 1st few times he did this I would actually jump out of my bed and switch on the lights with my heart pounding convincing myself  that someone must've climbed up the block of flats, slid through the window and quietly crept in my bed and was waiting with an axe to finish me off.
As you can see he is literally right in the middle of the bed and the thing is with him, because he sleeps so bad whenever I try roll him over so I can get some room he rolls right back and is literally hitched up at the back of me. Most mornings I wake up right on the edge of my bed while he’s there in the middle sleeping like a starfish. Oh the joys of motherhood...

Friday, 27 November 2015

OMG discipline your own bloody kids!

Do you know what really irritates me... Other than long ques and the wind and rain coming together... It’s parents, in particular mummies who leave it to others to discipline their kids instead of doing it themselves. OK now let me give you a scenario:
Child is continuously kicking the chair in front of them, a lady is sitting on that  chair, the mum says cheerfully and in an annoying voice:
“Tommy don’t kick the chair otherwise the lady will tell you off,”
She then waits for the lady in front to turn around and say something.
It’s like OMG grow some fuckin’ balls and tell your own child off! I mean my two are very hardears when they’re ready and can act up and just generally be little shits, but there’s no way I’d ever turn a blind eye to what they’re doing and leave a stranger to discipline them, hello that’s my job, I’m the mummy round here. If my child was kicking someone’s seat purposely to be annoying I’d be straight in there and would not only deal with my kids but they would have to apologise to the lady in front too.
It’s soo frustrating because I’ve had to be that stranger who had to discipline a child before because the mum was just standing there ignoring what was going on. I remember actually yelling at the little boy because he purposely fly kicked another little boy who then in turn fell on Cali and she dropped on her face. OMG I-was-livid! Because it wasn’t the 1st time the little boy had done something like that he’d done it all the way down the road .On top of all of that the mum still didn’t say anything apart from ‘See the lady is gonna be very cross with you,’ I was thinking, cross? I’m fuckin’ fuming mate, so I turned around and had a go at her too.

If your child is acting up, that’s your child and your responsibility, stop ignoring bad behaviour and stop relying on complete strangers to do your job for you.

Monday, 23 November 2015


Sooo, I always refuse to let the freezing cold weather stop me from wearing my beloved mini skits and dresses. I just accessorize them in a different way.

 I simply add 80/100 denier tights (normally get a 3 pack from Primark) and my super cool New Rock Goth boots.

 Also love wearing this furry trapper hat its soooo warm and comfy.. sometimes a little too warm, OMG it makes my head sweat sometimes. 

I also swap my normal bodycon dresses for knitted mini skirts to help keep me warm.

Coat - H&M
Boots - New Rock
Furry Hat - Primark (Mens section)
Mini Skirt - H&M 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Brrrr winter is coming...

So I’m the only one in our household who absolutely hates the cold, snow, rain and winter in general, the monsters love it because to them it means that Christmas is coming soon.  I can feel the temperature slowly dropping and know it won’t be long before I’m back in my warm furry trapper hats and thick knee high socks and boots again... although I never really stopped wearing boots... but still you know what I mean ;)Ooooh bring back the summer or let me win the lottery so I can jet off to some tropical island where it’s always summer!!! I’m a tropical creature, I have cold blood, I need sun... and cocktails... and maybe a few cute male models, well I need some eye candy while I’m sipping my cocktails J

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Why does the rain hate parents so much?

Why is it that the weather can be calm all day then as soon as it gets to school run time it literally starts pissing down. Take yesterday for instance, as soon as I stepped through the school gates the rain decided to get progressively worse, then something I absolutely hate happened; strong wind and rain simultaneously. So this meant that the kids were fighting with their umbrellas everytime they turned inside out and getting blown all over the place. I then realized it was pointless trying to keep them up so just took them all down including mine. 
At this point the rain really decided to chuck it down so we secured hoods and hats and started to run home. Then, I realize RD’s book bag that was supposed to be in my hand, was no longer there. So then I had to run back up the road only to find his bookbag in a big puddle, then turn round and try to run home with the kids again. We got absolutely soaked, rain was hitting my eyes and making them burn, the kids were squealing with excitement as they’ve never been in that kinda rain before then on top of that all of my big hair couldn’t fit under my hood so my curls were dripping down my face too, OMG what a nightmare!
Now today although I thoroughly dried all the coats the same way the kids ones stank of stagnant water so I had to chuck all of them in the washing machine, so lucky the kids have 2 sets of winter coats (1 for school 1 for outside of school) otherwise we would’ve been stuck because their other coats are more, Spring/Summer coats/Car coats.


Why is it that little kids love to put on as many clothes as possible as wonder round the house in them? Cali used to love doing this and filling bags with toys and putting on my shoes and basically looking like a mini bag lady, to be fair, not much has changed lol

Friday, 13 November 2015

Walk in front of me

So something I see a lot of on the school run is parents power walking and their kids lagging behind. Not only are they power walking but they're sooo engrossed with their phone that they don't even bother to turn around to check if their child is even still there. My 2 know they either have to walk by my side or in front of me where I can see them, anything can happen to your child behind you and you wouldn't even have a clue. I'm not just talking about sinister stuff like some weirdo kidnapping them, but they could've fallen over and hurt themselves or need some help and you wouldn't even know. I really don't get why parents do this. I've seen some just stroll across the road on their phone leaving their little kids to wonder into the road and narrowly miss getting lick down by a car. I even had one motorist shout at me because Cali's friend decided to bolt across the road while her mum was busy gassing and nearly got hit. I was like "That's not my child, my kids know how to cross a road don't assume she's my child just because we are both black!"
You will never see me walking along and my kids are behind me and if they do try that you will see me turning round and telling *cough cough shouting at* them to walk in front. You should always be aware of your kids and what they're doing when you have little ones. I love a good gossip as much as the next mummy but gossip with your kids in front of you where you can see them.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Well why don’t you just leave then...?

After seeing way too many videos on Facebook of men beating up their women, I felt the need to write a post about domestic violence. Now the video I’ve posted on my Facebook page (as I can’t manage to post it on my blog) is the most recent video I’ve seen. This man is savaging beating his woman in a bar in full view of other people and although this disgusted me, what actually pissed me off even more was that after this video had been shared a lot of times the actual guy got arrested, it was reported that that the lady he had beat had gone to the police station with him when he surrendered, leading everyone to speculate that she had gone with him to get him off the hook and say that she wasn’t pressing charges. Understandably a lot of people, especially women, were outraged by this, but I think until you’re in that situation you won’t understand how hard it is to get out of it.
With 1.4 million women suffering from domestic violence last year it shows that this very serious problem is still effecting a lot of women and it’s not just the victim that suffers it’s also their kids and sometimes their close family/friends who may be affected by it.
Now, it’s very easy to say ‘He’s a violent bastard why don’t she just leave?!’ But, with some women, getting beat has become a way of life. Some women even believe if a man hits them it means that he really loves them and only wants the best for them.
Then you have the women who are too scared to leave the relationship as the man has already threatened to beat her even more or to kill her/him/the kids if she leaves, so she ends up staying to save everyone’s life.
You also have the women who are in denial and think everyone is against her man, so rationalizes every hit he gives her. She then gets defensive and even alienates herself from the friends/family members who have tried to help her to leave.
Then you have the weak ones, who physically can’t leave as maybe they’re a house wife or have moved miles away from their family; and rely so heavily on their man for support/money that they don’t know how to function or live without them.
Then there’s the gullible ones who get abused, threaten to leave, then the man apologises, begs for forgiveness and promises not to do it again and they believe him. The man will then be lovely to them and on his best behaviour for a little bit then eventually the violence starts again.
Then you have the ones who hit the man back so don’t even consider what the man is doing to be domestic violence.
So with all these different types of women it’s now more understandable why a lot of these women either can’t leave, or leave and come back and sometimes then end up getting beaten to death. A lot of women are afraid to speak out about it as they don’t want to suffer from any repercussions if their partner happens to find out. But something more really needs to be done to help these vulnerable women. Domestic violence is such a horrible thing and these ladies not only suffer physically but a lot of the times the mental scars are harder to mend than the physical ones and the women can end up feeling like they deserved to get abused because they feel so worthless. Also because a lot of the time these ladies are isolated they have so many random thoughts with no outlet to express them which can then lead to some kind of nervous breakdown.
There’s such a stigma attached to domestic violence that people prefer to just keep it quiet behind closed doors and pretend it doesn’t exist. But women are dying from this, when are we going to take a stand and put an end to this and also when men are going to learn that they can’t put their hands on a woman like that.
Ladies don’t be scared to speak out, please for your own sake, don’t leave it till it’s too late and you’re on the brink of death, you are worth so much more than that. Also don’t be fooled into thinking it was a one off, it’s not! It never is. It will happen again and it will get worse and I’m gonna tell you why it will get worse; because if you don’t leave he will think you will never leave so he has no reason to stop because he knows he can get away with it. If you have kids, think of them, kids learn from what they see and you don’t want them thinking abusive and aggressive behaviour is the norm.
If you are in an abusive relationship and need someone to talk to you can call the 24 hour national domestic violence helpline that’s run by both Womens Aid and Refuge. Its available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and it goes without saying that all calls are confidential.
Here are some other helpful organisations:
LWA - Living without abuse which gives help and support to anyone suffering abuse.
Refuge - For women and children against domestic violence.
Womens Aid – National charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children. 

Monday, 9 November 2015

How to curl Marley Hair

After seeing lots of cute styles using Marley hair on YouTube I finally decided to give it a go.

I started with this pack of Marley Hair, it’s my new favourite brand as you just get soooo much in the pack.


I used some small perm rods and took small sections of hair and wrapped it round the rods.

I then put the rods in hot water for around 1 minute, I then put them in ice cold water straight after to set them.

I left them over night to dry.

Once dried I then cut the unravelled the hair and cut each section in half. I then separated the curls.

It started out looking like this:

I then felt like it was too much hair, so I removed some of the hair on one side and trimmed it:
This looked cute but because I had separated the curls before installing them, by the next day a lot of the hair was matted and curls that were there were very undefined. Sooo I combed it out and put the perm rods in again, this time taking bigger sections of hair, dipped them in hot water. Then once my hair was dried I shook my head about and the curls kinda separated themselves.

So I am loving this hairstyle, but next time I definitely won’t separate the curls before installing them.  I’m not sure how long this style will last though and I don’t really know how to care for it so I’m gonna have to go search YouTube for some advice....

Saturday, 7 November 2015

I need a new suitcase!!!!

So now that my suitcase has finally broken (YES!!!!) I now have a real reason to get a new one. I've always wanted one of them fancy ones on 4 wheels, but because I had a fully functional suitcase I saw no sense in wasting money buying a new one. But, now my suitcase is broken (and no I didn't sabotage it) I'm all excited about getting a modern suitcase. Now I had one of them generic black ones that everyone has and if you don't put a billion colourful tags on it someone usually takes it, realizes its not theirs and literally dumps it back on the carousel. At least now mine will be easy for me to spot, because I must admit that sometimes even I let mine go past then I'm like shit that's my suitcase then pull a muscle trying to drag it off quick.
So I figured maybe I will look for one in the Christmas sales and pick up a bargain. Actually.. do suitcases even reduce in Christmas sales? I hope they do, I want a pretty colourful loud one.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Easily freaked out

OK so unlike a lot of girls I'm not scared of spiders but I do have a lot of weird phobias;

Broken cream crackers or crackers with an abnormal pattern on them really freak me out and I don’t know why I actually threw our more or less a full pack of crackers the other day as they had a strange pattern on them and I couldn’t take it, it made me feel sick.

Tiny holesTrypophobi
You know like the dimples on an orange, holes that size but not on an orange like tiny holes where there shouldn’t be holes like on peoples skin, OMG open pores freak me out they just make me feel funny. I can’t take small holes.

Like groups of loads of ants together freaks me out too. 

Drinking from a can
Yuck! I can’t! Just cans and the noise they make, OMG I hate it, it makes me wanna grind my teeth. Even writing about it is really bothering me. 

If you know or have seem me you will know how much I hate grass. I will happily walk around some long way just to avoid grass, I don't even like the kids being on grass I will actually shout at them to come off the grass. Grass has freaked me out since I went camping in the South of France when I was about 9.

Enclosed spaces - Claustrophobia
I've been highly claustrophobic since my sister used to trap me inside the duvet covers when we were little and then having a very frightening experience in a lift soon after didn't help at all. I avoid lifts like the plague.
But although my phobias may seem random I've found some even more bizzare so now I feel a little less like a freakshow.

Fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis.
Fear of vegetables.
Fear of rectums.

Fear of long words.
Fear of being out of mobile phone contact

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Time to chill out

Will you try Floga before your next flight...?

Celebrity trainer Shona Vertue has been working with Gatwick to set up the world’s first pre-flight yoga (otherwise known as Floga) lounge at Gatwick Airport, designed to help passengers relax and de-stress before they fly.
So as we all know holidays can sometimes be quite stressful, especially if you’re travelling with the munchkins; so now Gatwick has found a way to help you to chill out before your flight. Trainer Shona guides you though all the moves in a 20 minute pre-flight yoga video. The video plays on a loop on TV screens in the new Floga area in the South Terminal so you can just drop in whenever you are ready as it’s not at a specific time. Yoga mats are included AND it’s completely free and you know how much I like a freebie ;)
If you can’t manage to get to the Floga area before your flight then here are a few recommended moves you could maybe try at your house before you leave:

The reclining twist
The twist is reclined, which is something you don’t really get a chance to do on a flight (unless you’re flying business or first class). It has a massaging effect on the digestive organs and releases the muscles either side of the spine.

Viparita Karani
Viparita Karani is great to help prevent deep vein thrombosis because of its encouragement of venous return (getting deoxygenated blood from the feet to the heart). There’s no chance to do this one onboard, so best to do before.
But don’t worry, If you don’t have time to do these before you leave home because like me you decided to soak in the bath till you’ve gone all wrinkly then spend 2 hours on making your nails look all fancy then Shona recommends doing some deep/conscious breathing on the plane as it can really help to encourage better circulation and calms the nervous system and you definitely need to be calmed down when you’re travelling with kids so this may be very helpful.
But as helpful as this seems, I know that when I do Yoga at home I sweat hard, so I don’t know how much I would like being that sweaty before boarding a long haul flight. But saying that I definitely think it’s a good idea and as you know I know I love the South Terminal so I will probably have a nose the next time I fly. Now thinking about it, it would be interesting to see if families/children are welcomed there...

5 reasons why you should go to Panama

Ever since my mum’s cousin told me we had family in Panama I really started to take an interest in it, probably more so than anyone else as I know they speak Spanish out there and obviously I speak Spanish...well... more Spanglish but I can get by J So now I’m really happy that I have family that I can visit in a completely new country in a part of the world that I’ve never been to before and speak Spanish with them.
So Panama is in Central America, now I’d never heard of Central America till I met my friend Gabz who is from El Salvador (in Central America) in my teens. So basically I thought all of Central America was actually South America it took a while for my friend to break it down to me and I still don’t really get it, but at least I know that Central America exists and it’s on the border of both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean between Columbia and Costa Rica.
So when my mum’s cousin told me about having family there I couldn’t really understand the connection between Barbados (where we are from) and Panama, then I saw that one of the ethnic groups in Panama is the Afro-Panamanians which includes many Caribbean nationalities, notably Bajans and Jamaicans who were brought in to help with the construction of the Panama Canal in 1914. So I’m guessing after that time they didn’t bother to return back to Barbados so just stayed in Panama and called it home.
It’s all so fascinating to me because before I was told this I just assumed all our family (on my mums side) were in Barbados, America and England and maybe Canada... I would never had guessed I had family in that part of the world. So the thought of having to go on a long haul flight to visit family in a warm place with beautiful beaches where I can practise my Spanish really excites me!!!!
OK OK so enough of my excitement. I want you to be as excited as I am about this place, so here’s the 5 reasons why you should visit Panama...Although this list could change the more I learn about Panama:

Bocas Del Toro
This destination is well known for its beaches and islands and is perfect for nature lovers. It features pristine coral reefs, deep sea fishing, boating, kayaking and snorkelling. Also the long sandy deserted beaches are perfect for a romantic stroll.

From unique boutiques by the ocean to modern malls, shopping in Panama is a laid back experience. Multiplex Pacific Mall has over 300 stores featuring top North American and European brands. Albrook Mall is the largest mall in Latin America with over 700 shops and exotic animal decor throughout and there is also cinema there too. Also if like me you like to stay away from commercial tourist places and do it like the locals they also have plenty of colourful bustling outdoor markets including Avenida Central in Panama City which is a pedestrian street and market. According to Frommers it’s a ‘Scrappy, run-down neighbourhood, with cheap stores, outdoor fruit and vegetable markets and a bustling fusion of ethnic groups shopping for a bargain’

San Blas
This is a small paradise that consists of 378 islands which lie along the Caribbean coast of Panama and is perfect for those looking to do swimming or snorkelling.

Source The Real Deal Tours

Festivals and Celebrations
Every year on the 4 days leading up to Ash Wednesday (which is usually the 2nd week in February) the Panama carnival takes place and although it’s not an official national holiday it’s one of the most celebrated Panamanian festivals.  Also the Christmas parade El desfile de Navidad is celebrated in the capital, Panama City and actually takes place on Christmas day. The floats are decorated in Panamanian colours and the women dress in a Pollera while the men dress in the traditional Montuno. There’s also a marching band that keeps the crowds entertained. A big Christmas tree is also lit in the city and everyone surrounds the tree and sings Christmas carols.

National Dish Sancocho 

With a mix of African, Spanish and Native American techniques Panamas food is mildly flavoured compared to it’s Latin American and Caribbean neighbours. If you’re into your seafood then you will be in your element here because Panama is surrounded by 2 oceans so seafood markets are commonplace. For a true taste of Panama you could try their national dish Sancocho which is like a soup/broth which has various ingredients including meat, corn on the cob, carrots and plantains, it actually looks like the traditional West Indian soup my mum would make when we were growing up and I like most kids would just fish out all the dumplings and eat them.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Is BA turning into EasyJet?

Now, me and the kids love going on long haul flights because everything is included in the ticket price. So unlike airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair you don’t normally have to pay extra for your luggage, in-flight meals or entertainment. But it seems that BA are now kinda taking a leaf out of the budget airlines book and are charging for meals. Now they’re not charging for the standard meals (which remain free... for now) they’re now giving you the extra option of pre booking an alternative meal at a cost on their flights from Heathrow.
I mean I’m sure we’ve all been there before when you’re flying economy and are looking forward to your beef in-flight meal and by the time they get to you they only have a veggie option left, but is charging people to guarantee their choice really the best way to go?
BA say that you can purchase an alternative to the complimentary in-flight meal, which I think is ridiculous why should people who fly in economy have to pay for better food, why not just make the food more tasty then there’s no need for an alternative. Because surely if you really wanted gourmet food on your flight then you would’ve already paid the extra to fly Premium economy and upwards.
Meals range from £15.00 for a full English Breakfast to £18.00 for gourmet dining and you can pre order them 30 days to 24 hours before flying. Now I must say they are only charging economy passengers for these pre-booked meals because if you’re in Premium or Fancy class although you can pre book the meal it’s a meal that they would already be serving you so there’s no extra cost. But even that doesn’t make sense to me because why pre book something you’re already gonna get?
I’ve flown both premium and economy and when I fly economy, I do so because it’s cheap and I’m on a tight budget and I’m trying to save money so I have more to spend on holiday, so why try make more money from these kind of people. I really don’t get it, what else are they’re gonna bring in that economy passengers have to pay extra for, clean toilets? Better movie channels?
It just baffles me that a proper scheduled airline, not even a cheap charter one, wants to charge for these things when you’ve already paid an arm and a leg for the ticket. Now I know it’s just an option and you don’t have to spend the extra money on it but like I said before why not give economy passengers good food then this wouldn’t even need to be an option. This just makes me feel that BA have no plans on improving their in-flight meals as they can say if you don’t like them they’ve given you an alternative, regardless of if you have to pay extra for it or not.