Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Britmums live

So this was my 2nd year at Britmums Live and it was good to not be the newbie and kinda know what I was walking into. I’m so glad they didn’t change the venue cuz I’m crap at finding new places as I have the worst sense of direction ever. The 2 day event was at the very posh ‘The Brewery’ in London again and before I even went inside I noticed that they had 2 beautiful outdoor areas this year, OMG so pretty. It was lovely getting to catch up with Gailann from the blog MummaG and Kimmi  who writes Living with Mr M, who I met at Britmums last year who both looked fab and I got to see Kimmi's new baby who is the cutest little munchkin ever and I finally got to meet Charlotte the mummy blogger behind Berice Baby.
I really enjoyed the inspirational short by disability and disfigurement rights campaign manager Victoria Wright. Also attempting and breaking a Guinness World record was pretty amazing. Hearing how successful bloggers do it and hearing how top bloggers basically make their money was soooo helpful and I really took a lot from that. It was definitely a popular talk as the room was so packed people actually had to sit on the floor.
Also the wine and the BiBs party and awards was fun, oh and did I say the wine?
As always there was lots of interesting brands, although I did notice a few missing from last year.It was nice mingling with lots of mummy bloggers who, like me were just happy to be getting a break from the kids. The bloggers keynotes at the end were emotional but surprisingly I actually didn’t cry, I even had my tissues ready and no tears for once.  I also found out that Vicky who writes Being Tillys Mummy moonlights as a magician and magically made the 1 bottle of wine on our table turn into 3, I clearly have so much to learn lol
Loved the goodie bag lots of useful things inside, there was a chocolate that was meant for the kids but I might have kinda maybe eaten it, Shhh don’t tell them...

Monday, 29 June 2015

Santorini you now have my attention...

So after seeing loads of beautiful pictures on Instagram I’ve decided that I now need to visit Santorini. Seriously it seems like everyone is in Santorini at the moment and you know I’m not one to follow fashion but I feel like I’m missing out! I honestly don’t know that much about Greece/the Greek islands and I’ve never had a real desire to go there, but after seeing so much travel bloggers post gorgeous pictures and say how perfect it is over there, I’m now very interested. The pictures I’ve seen all look like a postcard with sparkling blue water and bright white small buildings. I need to do some research but Santorini now has definitely been added to my bucket list.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Mobile boarding passes

So when I went to Tobago, I noticed a lot of people using their phones to go through security at Gatwick. I was thinking, why are they showing their phones? So, me, being nosey, had a closer look and saw people had some kinda barcode on their phone, you know, them funny ones in a square and security were scanning their phones as opposed to scanning their boarding pass.
Now I’m in two minds about this whole mobile boarding pass thing. I think it’s a great that you can have all that information on your phone and not have to flap about with boarding passes that usually go missing at the very bottom of my bag which then causes me to have a mini heart attack thinking I’ve lost them and won’t be able to board my flight. But, my phone is sooo temperamental, what happens if it randomly crashes/freezes and refuses to switch back on (which my phone is known to do) then what would I do? Or what happens if the scanning has some kinda affect on your phone or customs/immigration bug your phone? Or am I being too paranoid hahaha
I’ve done a mobile check in... No wait.... Have I? No, sorry I’ve done an online check in. Actually I always check in online, I find it makes everything easier as I can then relax knowing that once I reach the airport all I have to do is a bag drop. I also like knowing that I’m sitting somewhere that I’ve selected as opposed to being handed whatever seat is available.
But I am planning on doing a big trip with the kids next year, so I think I may actually consider mobile check in and a mobile boarding pass to avoid the stress of keeping track of lots of bits of paper and hopefully by that time I will have a new and more reliable phone.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Reliving my youth :)

Now when I was in my teens and everyone was all about clubbing holidays to Ibiza, ‘Napa and Faliraki, I wasn’t the slightest bit interested as I was going on holidays to Barbabos with my family. My 1st experience of a clubbing type holiday was’t until I was in my early 20s and studying at university in Spain. We lived on the strip in Benidorm so most weekends we got to kinda experience the whole clubbing scene and it was actually a lot of fun. But I’ve not been on a clubbing holiday since.
But now that I’m maybe having some kind of premature midlife crisis, I really wanna go to one of those countries that I turned my nose up at in my teens just to experience it for myself and in some ways relieve my youth. Theres no way I wanna go for more than a week though, just a long weekend would be fine, so 2 nights of raving and drinking excessively is fine, I’m not trying to go crazy and completely ruin my liver. I really wanna experience that watermelon drink and take advantage of the cheap/free alcohol.
But I’m concerned that as an 'older person' and a mummy I may watch all the ‘kids’ with my mummy eye and wanna look after them especially if they’re completed wasted or get separated from their friends and it’s their 1st time away from their parents. Which means I wouldn’t wanna drink as much or go crazy which kinda defeats the whole object of going.
 But if I do go I wanna go before Cali and RD are at the age where they might wanna go, so I’ll know 1st hand exactly what they may get up to out there... Ha! Forward thinking. Nothing gets past mummy, can we say sun, sex and suspicious parents J

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Why I wont be training my waist

So as someone who is desperately trying to loose weight, particularly from my saggy C-section belly, I was really intrigued when I started to see this whole corset/waist training craze. I thought, Yes! I can put this on everyday and exercise and my waist/belly would magically disappear. Then due to the price I decided to start really looking into this new fad and became sceptical. After reading various articles and watching ‘expert’ videos on YouTube I found that these magical corsets can’t actually shrink your waist smaller than what it’s supposed to be. So if for example you currently have a 38 inch waist and your body type can only physically go down to a 32 inch waist you will never shrink it to your ideal 21 inch waist without causing some form of internal damage.
So I’m glad I didn’t spend my money on one and although I am always looking for any quick fix to cheat my into a small waist and flat stomach, I know this particular method isn’t for me. Also I wear shapewear everyday which can sometimes be uncomfortable if you wear it all day, so I can’t imagine wearing a tight corset would be comfortable at all and I’m not about to walk around in pain all for the price of beauty.

Annoyingly I will just stick to the good old fashioned method of diet and exercise and I will lose this bloody belly!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Everything is not a competition

So Cali has always been fiercely competitive but now it’s getting out of control. Everything is a competition to her (even when no one is actually trying to compete with her.) She always has to be first and will literally do anything to win.
Take the other day for example, I let Cali and RD ride their scooters to dance class and straight away Cali had to barge past RD to get away first. Now RD wasn’t even trying to race her he was just happy to be on his scooter, but Cali kept waiting for him to catch up then swerved all over the place purposely so that he couldn’t pass, then when he finally passed her she was like 'STOP! We have to wait for mummy.’ So when RD stopped, she mumbled ‘We can go now,’ quietly so he couldn’t hear and she then sped off ahead of him. I explained to her numerous times that everything isn’t a competition and stop trying to hurt RD and herself just to be first. But she still continued to barge RD out the way and she’s happy to mash up herself while trying to win, which is something I will never understand. Needless to say she is the biggest sore loser ever. I’m just hoping it’s something that she grows out of.

Friday, 12 June 2015

3 Kids...

So after losing a baby, for a long time I believed I needed one more child to feel complete. I even said when I was in a better financial position that I would adopt a baby (as I didn’t want to be tied to another potential jackass babyfather for another 18 years) But now I’ve come to the realization that although I’d love to adopt and give a child a chance of a better life, 2 is enough for me. My monsters are such a handful and take up so much of my time and energy that 1 more child would just be a struggle. My two are growing up quick and I’m actually looking forward to them becoming more independent and RD not waking up the whole house at the crack of dawn. As selfish as it sounds, I’m looking forward to getting my life back and having some kinda social life outside of the kids. I know that I’m a mummy but I’m also Jade and I haven’t been simply Jade in a long while. So no more kids for me thanks J

Thursday, 11 June 2015

My little water babies

So as I really can’t afford to send both of my monsters to swimming lessons, I thought I’d teach them how to swim myself, which was part of the reason why I joined the gym as the kids get to swim there for free. The aim is for them to be confident swimmers within 6 months (even if it’s with armbands) I want them to be proper water babies as I knew how to swim from a young age and I don’t want them to end up being scared of the water. So I have started them off with a swim ring and armbands and will then gradually take away the swim ring and introduce a float, then take away the armbands, then, we will start doing underwater stuff. Even though we all have goggles I’ve realized that RD doesn’t like water splashing up on his face, so when he tries to swim he does it very upright, he reminds me of the famous 200m American runner Michael Johnson, but a swimming version. He has mastered kicking his legs and is always so amazed that if he kicks his legs it makes him move. Cali doesn’t care, she loves to splash about and dip her head under the water and look at our legs. She has grasped the arm movements of the front stroke but she struggles to coordinate her legs. She’s able to swim a little with just her armbands, but she gets so excited that she loses momentum halfway through then struggles to coordinate her body again. Also her mouth is always open catching water. I really need to film them both swimming because watching them is hilarious.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The most important part of travelling... Choosing a cute outfit ;)

OK so obviously after packing your holiday clothes the next most important outfit to plan is the one you will travel in. Now I plan my travel outfit from early and as I wear more of less the same kinda thing when I fly it’s a pretty easy process.
Now here’s a typical outfit for me:

1.  Leggings 
I always wear leggings because I think they’re super comfy and flexible which is perfect for a long haul flight. I don’t wear jeans as I find them quite restrictive and can dig when you sit down.

2.  Baggy Vest Top 
I purposely wear a baggy vest as the last thing I want is a tight top showing off all the rolls on my belly when I sit down. I also find that I can sometimes get bloated on a long flight so it’s nice and roomy and hides everything. Also when I’m travelling to a hot country I can just peel off the rest of my clothes and keep cool in my vest until I reach the hotel.

3.   Oversized scarf 
This is more for comfort and to help keep me warm as it’s normally quite cold at the time when I catch the coach to the airport.

4.  Biker Jacket 
I’m not gonna lie, this is more of a fashion statement as the jacket alone doesn’t really keep me warm but it looks cute and kinda dresses up a seemingly casual outfit. Also as its light I can just chuck it in my suitcase or bag or even hold it with no problems.

5.  New Rock Boots 
 These are my favourite boots and are very comfy which is important if like me you love to wonder round duty free for ages and walk to your plane at gate 10 billion. The last thing you want is shoes that kill your feet and are so tight that you can’t even get them back on your foot after a long flight. Also they make me look tall and thin (in my mind) which is a bonus J

6.   My big yellow handbag 
I always take a big colourful handbag with lots of compartments so that it can hold everything securely and minimise the amount I actually have to carry in my hand. I used to have a big bright green bag, now I have a yellow one. I just feel it brightens up my whole outfit.

7.   Black cardigan 
 I always wear a cardigan to help keep me warm especially on the plane as I couldn’t imagine keeping my jacket on or just sitting in my vest. It’s also for comfort too. I tend to wear a black cardigan just in case anything drops on it, it won’t stain.

8.   Sunglasses 
 You can’t go on an exotic holiday without your fav pair of stylish sunnies. I also use them to hide the crazy bags under my eyes while travelling super early hours of the morning.