Thursday, 12 March 2015

So much easier with just one

So during the last half term the kids were having one on one time with me, my mum and their dad and it makes such a difference just having one of them.  They were both so well behaved individually, I didn’t have to tell them off and they did exactly as they were told (without me having to repeat myself a billion times). Everything went smoothly; my life was stress free and chilled until... I had them both on the Friday. OMG it all went downhill almost instantly. They both stopped listening and started being naughty and rude and then the squabbling started, it’s like they egg each other on to be bad, it’s the most annoying thing ever. So basically if you value your sanity and want a stress free life then don’t have more than 1 child!!!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hot Tub Cinema

OK so this was something I really wanted to do last summer but never got round to it. But  the Hot Tub Cinema looks like so much fun... if the weather stays hot that is. If you’ve not heard of the Hot Tub Cinema it’s basically a load of hot tubs set up at various venues and you just hang out in them with your friends (or strangers if that’s your thing ;) have some drinks and watch a movie.  It’s something that’s a bit different to the norm and that’s why I like it. This year it has a tropical theme and is going to be screening some 80’s favourites like Top Gun, Ghostbusters, Grease and one of my all time favourite films Dirty Dancing.
The Hot Tub Cinema will be doing 5 date stints in London, Birmingham and Bristol throughout April, May and June. The tickets for the London date went on sale Tuesday so get in there quickly as it's very popular and a lot have already sold out it...
Also I nearly forgot that after the screenings they play 80’s music so you can really relive your youth while sipping on cocktails, which sounds like the perfect night to me :)


Now I love to get the kids lots of cute and colourful clothes. I treat their style the same I treat mine, the quirkier the better. I try not to follow trends and have them dressed like all the other kids and now that they’re old enough to dress themselves I love watching how they put their outfits together.

RD really cares about what he wears, so he will take his time picking things out. I love his little Hawaiian looking shirt, In fact I liked it so much that I went back and got a few more from Primark before they all disappeared, they’re great for parties or holidays.  I also stumbled across this cute denim bow tie and just had to get it as I thought it would go well with his colourful shirts and these are his favourite pair of jeans my dad actually brought him 2 pairs (I don’t think he meant to but you know how men don’t really pay attention to those things) so he just alternates them.
Shirt - Primark
Denim Bowtie - H&M
Dark Denim Jeans - George @Asda

Calis sense of style is slowly changing. Before she just used to throw on jeans and any old top but recently she’s really been paying attention to what I wear and now wants to dress just like me, which means lots of colours, characters and clashing bold prints. She loves her My Little Pony mini skirt; she also has the jumper to match. When I saw it in H&M just after Christmas I knew she would love it and keeping with her theme of characters and clashing prints she’s also wearing a very baggy Minnie mouse T-shirt that she decided to tuck in and puff over as well as her Minnie Mouse tights then she stole my socks, if you looks closely you can see that the heel part is pulled up by her calves lol

Minnie Mous T-shirt - George @Asda
My little Pony Skirt - H&M
Socks - Stolen from mummy
Tights - H&M 

Innotab v Innotab Max

So years ago the kids got an Innotab and have enjoyed playing the games and watching videos on them. I believe they’re an absolute must have when travelling long distances with small children. Anyways after all these years their Innotabs are still in great working order but the problem with the original Innotab is that it drains batteries quick, even the expensive Duracell batteries don’t last so you can forget trying cheap Poundland ones. So because of this I decided to look into getting them a newer model and was happy to see that the latest model, the Innotab Max was half price in Smyths.
It was such a good buy, it’s basically now a proper tablet but for kids. The screen is a lot larger, the graphics are 100 times better and most importantly it comes with a built in rechargeable battery, so no need to walk with billions of batteries, you can just plug it in and charge it. The Innotab Max also comes in its own built in case complete with handle and the case also doubles up as a stand. The pen has also been upgraded and has a soft rubber tip and a string to attach it to the Innotab so there’s no more problems with missing pens.

Also when you get a new Innotab, VTech gives you 3 free downloads to get you started. So as I already had got a lot of apps for their previous Innotabs I just added 3 more to their collection so the kids now have plenty of games, cartoons and music to be getting on with. Also after you’ve downloaded a game once you don’t have to pay again to put it on another device as long as all the devices are yours and linked to your account you can put them on how many you like but obviously they have to be the compatible VTech products.

I'm so glad I spent money of these and if like me you just had the older Innotab I would definitely recommend spending a little to get the upgrade as they have come in so handy and really keep the kids engaged to the point where I actually have to the kids to turn them off so I can feed and water them. They are also learning a lot without actually realizing as the games are educational. I wish I had something like this when I was little, the closest I had was a Wizz Kid and if you're a real 80s baby you will know exactly what I'm talking about :)

My fav protective hairstyles so far...

I think the best part of me cutting all my hair off and going back natural is the protective styling, I absolutely love trying out new looks. I've tried out quite a few since last year. I love experimenting with both style and colour. At the moment I'm really into my current neon green hair, but I also wanna try neon yellow too so my hair can look really different.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

LeapReader review

Now I’ve  wanted to get RD a LeapReader for a while to help encourage his reading skills because although he does love writing and is very good at it he’s kinda lazy with reading and will try to get out of reading his school books to me if he can (poor him I make him read them anyway ;) But the LeapReader  has changed all that. RDs one came with a Doc McStuffins and Finding Nemo 3D book and RD really enjoys sitting down with me and running the pen over the words to tell the story and as he’s getting more confident he is now saying the word before he runs the pen over it which is a huge improvement. There’s also quizzes and activities that you can do with each book. RD likes to learn about the keywords at the beginning of the book then say their meanings to me as well as pointing out the word in the story.
Also as well as books for the kids to read, the LeapReader pen also plays audio books so you can easily just set up an audio book to play when the kids are in bed. It also has a few learning songs on there, RD really loves the punctuation song. I've found that singing makes it stay in his head as he loves singing and dancing and as I'm writing this I can still hear that song playing in my head.
As well as using it at home as part of their homework its also perfect to take travelling as there’s so many activities on it it can keep the munchkins occupied for hours and really that's all we're are looking for so that we can get a bit of peace and quiet and maybe even read a magazine while the munchkins are engrossed in their LeadReader books. It makes reading and learning in general a little bit more exciting.

Thursday, 5 March 2015


OK so I know I spoke about my phobias  I’m not sure if you would class this as a phobia as I’m not scared of grass I just don’t like it. You will never find me laying out on grass in the summer or having a picnic, I really hate grass I don’t like to walk on it I don’t like the kids to walk on it either. Luckily their dad or my mum are happy to take them through the woods because I will not be doing that. I don’t know what it is about grass that I hate it so much, I know part of it is the fact that I’m convinced there will be some kinda animal shit on there and I just don’t wanna step in it because the last time I stepped in shit (when I was in Primary school) I chucked my shoes out, my mum was not amused. I can’t deal with cleaning that kinda mess off a shoe I just can’t. So yeah I just do like grass. I also don’t like pigeons either as they’re dirty flying rats and I hate rats therefore I hate pigeons too. They always wanna flap near you or fly towards you and make you look stupid trying to get away. I think they do it purposely, I think pigeons secretly hate humans...

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Sooo claustrophobic

So for as long as I can remember I’ve been claustrophobic. I can’t go in lifts, ride the tube or be in a room with no windows. At my worst I can't even go on buses or planes and trains freak me out. I have to sit in a particular place on a bus or train that has a full view of outside, the window can’t have an obstructed view or have that window divider thingy there otherwise it just makes me feel really closed in, which then makes me have panic attacks. It seems to be getting worse and more irrational as I get older and I find myself totally avoiding these things if I can, I haven’t been on a tube in over 10 years and I will only use a lift in an airport because I know there’s always lots of engineers about fixing stuff so if the lift ever got stuck someone could get us out quickly.

I also deal with my plane phobia by

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Worst part of flying

So I  hate take off, that is my absolute worst part of flying. It’s from when the plane turns then stops, you hear the engine roar and it speeds down the runway. As soon as I can feel it lifting off the ground I just turn into a nervous wreck. It’s been a bit better since I’ve been flying with the kids because I’m more concerned with making sure they’re ok than focusing on the fact that we are actually taking off. Once the Cabin crew come round with the drinks trolley I’m fine, it’s almost like a relief to see them as it makes me feel that we took off safely and everything’s fine so I tend to stop worrying from that point and get myself a nice glass of wine and plan what movies I’m gonna watch. 

Weird holiday rituals

So another thing I always do (also due to my claustrophobia problem with planes) is to make sure I'm either the last one of the last people to board the plane. I can’t take getting on a plane early and sitting there for ages before it takes off, it just results in a panic attack because then I have a lot of time to take in my surroundings and realise I'm in an enclosed space and can’t escape. So on top of not sleeping the night before and taking a double shot of liquor I always make sure I have to run for the plane so that when I get on I'm so puffed out that I'm more concerned with having a drink and cooling myself down than feeling claustrophobic .

Monday, 2 March 2015

Best way to heal a piercing

Well a nipple piercing to be exact (Sssh don’t tell my mum because she will be convinced that I’ve now given myself breast cancer and yes she is that dramatic :)
So I had my nipple pierced a few years ago but because I didn't go to my regular piercing shop (as they were closed that day) they pierced it with a metal ring and it just went funny and wouldn't heal. I then went to my usual piercer who then tried to save it by putting in a flexible bar. That still didn’t help as the damage had already been done, so sadly I had to take the piercing out as it was painful and infected and weeping.
Anyways after taking it out I had 2 lumps on each side of my nipple from where it had been pierced as well as a load of scar tissue that sea salt baths and Savlon etc couldn’t help. I then read in some online body mod forum that if you massage the nipple with tea tree oil it will help break up the scar tissue and heal the nipple. So I did just that and within weeks my sore nipple was healed, both lumps disappeared as well as the hard lump of scar tissue.
So after debating for a while I decided to get my nipple re-pierced late last year and made sure I went to my normal piercer and although she pierced it with a flexible bar I soon started to see the same problem arising with my nipple that had happened before. I immediately went out and got some pure tea tree oil and massaged my nipple morning and night and within a week or so it was fine and I’ve not had any problems with it since. I just need to go and get them to put a new shorter bar in then I’m sorted.

Also FYI your nipple is in my opinion one of the most painful parts of your body to pierce so if you have a rubbish pain threshold I wouldn't bother. But if like me you have some stupidly high pain threshold and can go through 5 hours of labour on just gas and air then this probably won’t phase you but be sure to pick up some tea tree oil it’s good stuff and maybe request to get it pierced with a flexible bar as opposed to a ring then when it heals you can change it to whatever you like :)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Too Old for the naughty corner

So I've always used the naughty corner with the kids as my main form of discipline, but now that Cali is 6 I'm wondering how much longer I can use that method for before it becomes unaffective and how old is too old? Then what method do I switch to when they do get older?

I know some parents will take away treats from older kids like TV, Computer etc but RD in particular has never been attached enough to anything for it to have an effect on him if I took it away. I mean that method would work well with Cali as she loves all her toys (especially her Queen Elsa doll) so if I took them away she would definitely feel it, so that would be the next logical step for her, but what would I do with RD once he's too old for the naughty corner?