Saturday, 28 February 2015

To drink or not to drink...

OK so I've always drank alcohol on the plane as I feel I’ve paid enough for my plane ticket and want to get my monies worth, but I know some people don’t like to drink as the alcohol effects them differently in the sky and makes them feel more dehydrated. But for those of us that do drink, how much should you actually drink? I mean there’s been times when my friends have been sleeping and I've ordered wine ‘On their behalf of my friends’ and drank it along with the glass I’d ordered for myself, now some people may argue that is way too much but I feel it’s fine for me personally as it’s not like Ism getting drunk and staggering everywhere or being a nuisance (Which I know can happen as I've seen videos on YouTube where people have had too much to drink on board then start fights)
Now I've never seen anyone drunk on my flight before but should there be a cut off limit or a line that you shouldn't cross, or should you just drink as much as you fancy? You are technically on holiday after all. Actually after saying that, I now remember being a bit tipsy on an Air Jamiaca flight once, but the main reason was because I had just come on my period (which basically turns me into a lightweight) and they kept giving me champagne, the champagne was free and in true Caribbean style they are not stingy with the alcohol. I remember getting up to go to the toilet and felt light-headed so I had to sit back down and try again later... But then if I had been drunk I'm not a rowdy hooligan drunk who shouts and swears and wants to start fights with random people. So should the cabin crew stereotype and refuse to serve certain people who they feel will be a problem if they get drunk or should it solely be the individuals responsibility to know their limit in the sky and stop once they've reached it?

Friday, 27 February 2015

Bagging a cheap holiday

If you are like me an early planner and are already planning your 2015 family summer holiday it seems like not a lot has changed since last year in regards to the cheapest time to go. I have noticed that just like last year the prices drop significantly from 30th August (Bank holiday weekend) and with most schools starting back around 8th you could easily get in cheeky 5-7 night holiday. I’m thinking that’s what I might do this year again and also the hotels won’t be as busy and beaches not as crowded but there will still be enough kids around for Cali and RD to play with. 

Weird holiday rituals

So no matter how far in advance I book my holiday I always pack either the same day or the night before I leave. I don’t know why I do it but somehow it’s become a ritual. It doesn’t even stress me out and I don’t even rush I always take my time and do it like I have all the time in the world. I normally pack up until the taxi comes. Saying that I always pack the kid’s bags way in advance but for some reason I can’t do this for myself. I remember my sister used to go out raving then pack within minutes of leaving to go on holiday and I used to think OMG that’s crazy and now I do the exact same thing (minus the raving lol)

Oh to be this size again...

When does your holiday start?

For some people it starts the day they booked their holiday and others it’s when they actually reach their destination, but for me it starts as soon as I get on the coach to the airport., so by the time I reach the airport I'm in full holiday mode and by that I mean buying things and not really caring about the price and doing things you wouldn't normally do like having a double shot of Malibu with your breakfast and buying that ridiculously overpriced water from WH Smiths when you know you could get it for 50p in Asda. Also while I'm in holiday mode I always find myself buying perfumes from duty free  ‘just because’ although I know I could get it much cheaper in Superdrug. So for me my holiday starts way before I even leave the country.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Crazy phobias

So I’m not a person who is scared of a lot of things I like to consider myself to be ‘Well ‘ard’ I’m not one of them females who goes running and screaming when they see a spider. But I’ve realized that that I do have a phobia of certain creatures that I can’t just swat or kill with a shoe. So that brings us nicely to Mice, I’ll admit I’m petrified of them (OMG and rats but I’m too freaked out to even write about them) they just make me paranoid, I just can’t deal with them. I once found a dead mouse  in my flat during my Uni days in North London and I was so scared I couldn’t even scream, I just started hyperventilating and needless to say I moved, because there was no way I was gonna continue to live there, the mice wanted the flat so I gave it to them. So because of this I hate piles and having things on the floor because I’m scared that something could be hiding at the bottom of that pile.
My other big phobia is mould especially when it’s on food. I’m totally freaked out by it which is why I’m super anal when it comes to sell by dates on food I will never eat anything on or near its sell by date just in case it has mould on it.
The other day I cut into my grapefruit and it was full of black mould, I was so scared I actually screamed and then I couldn’t bring myself to eat any of the fruit I had brought that day I just wanted it all gone. Even now I still feel sick thinking about it and can’t bring myself to eat a fruit (and I’m a person who eats fruits with all my meals)  but because I keep seeing the mould in my head I can’t deal with fruit. It’s actually put me off grapefruits and oranges and any other fruit you have to cut , yuck it’s disgusting OMG I still feel so sick.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Obsessed with looking perfect.... In a selfie

There’s a new group of slightly neurotic people who have taken the whole idea of taking the perfect picture to another level. They are now getting extreme plastic surgery procedures done just to look good in a selfie, Hahahahaha, no seriously I’m not even joking (although it so ridiculous it’s actually laughable)
Clearly these people either have some rubbish brick phone with some oldschool low quality camera or they don’t have Google Play therefore are not aware of the billions of apps you can download that give the illusion of the perfect selfie, some apps will even make you look like some flawless super model. Also hello, what are filters for? Seriously if these people haven’t even figured that out then surely selfies are the least of their problems.

Why are people so obsessed with this anyway? OK OK, I’ll admit my Instagram page is full of selfies but I have 3 brilliant apps that I use simultaneously to make me look fabulous which then inspires me to post more just so I can try different effects on them. But what is a selfie in the real world? Let’s face it; the perfect selfie is not going to enrich your life. It’s not going to get you a better job, more money or more friends. Sure it might make you happy for a split second while you receive lots of attention and yeah, it might get you more followers. But realistically what can followers do for you?  When you sign out of your Instagram/Twitter account those people are no longer there. Which means that feeling of security and acceptance you had won’t last long as it’s soon replaced with a new obcession of trying to beat the number of likes you received on your last selfie to gain acceptance from even more people. Which then puts you in some kind of weird competition with yourself where you end up putting unnecessary pressure on yourself just to win, but what is the prize? Your picture posted on the most popular page?

Also I’m sure if you googled it or spoke to any narcissistic person you would pick up many helpful hints and tips on how to up your selfie game. So before running out and spending your life savings on some stupid surgery (and it is stupid, when you could’ve used that money to just invest in a better phone or even a high quality camera) here’s some of my tips on how to take a good selfie:
1.       Download an app that specializes in beauty shots and making you look flawless.
2.       Find somewhere with good lighting (trust me it makes a huge difference)
3.       Decide what your best side is, left/right or do you look better straight on
4.       Hold the phone at an angle so it’s pointing downwards, NEVER hold your phone below your face and shoot upwards you WILL look terrible.

See how much money I saved you, yes, you’re welcome :)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Feeling like Handy Manny (But the girl version ;)

So as I had prematurely gotten rid of my old bed (OMG the most uncomfortable bed ever made) I wanted to get my new one put up the same day it arrived so that I could sleep in it that night. Because I have zero patience and like to get things done Now Now Now! I didn't wanna wait for anyone to be free to help me, So instead on relying on other people I laid everything out and took my time putting my new Four Poster bed together.
Now I'm normally crap at following instructions and tend to get confused and frustrated then hate life, but these instructions were very simple. All the pieces of wood were supposed to be colour coded to make life easier, but they weren't, so I had to colour code them myself before I could even start.
It took me around 3/4 hours to put it up but I'm glad I did it, it just goes to show that you don't need a man for everything. Also now that I have my dream bed (I've wanted a Four poster bed since I was little, so it's ony taken me what near 30 years to get one) I can look at it and feel some sense of pride knowing that I managed to make it all by myself (Although RD did help with the top parts). I do normally get the ex to put together these kind of things but because he had pissed me off that week I didn't want his help lol
Also after I put up the bed I was on a roll and managed to put up my new corner desk too so now I'm feeling like Handy Manny... lets get to work muy rapido

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wishing my life away

I know I should treasure every single moment while they’re small but I really can’t wait for my monsters to grow up. I’m so fed up of the squabbling and screaming at each other, I just want them to be older.
I'm also looking to the day when I can take them on holiday and be like ‘right mummies gonna be here on the beach with her book *cough cough cocktail* go have fun’ and they will be old enough and responsible enough to go in and out of the kids clubs or teen entertainment rooms (yes I'm thinking that far ahead) and hang out with other kids around the hotel or go in the pool without me worrying about them drowning.
I have seen families leave their young children to fend for themselves in all inclusive places, which I've never understood and by young I mean my kids age. I don’t know why you would leave a 4/5 year old to wonder round some big hotel by themselves when there are normally kids clubs you can dump, umm. I mean lovingly put your kids in.

But yes I am looking forward to those days although I’m sure when ‘those days’ come I won’t like it and won’t want them to go off by themselves lol

Trinidad Carnival

So for the longest time ever I've wanted to go to Trinidad Carnival and never reach. Although it's one of the biggest carnivals in the world I find it strange that there doesn't seem to be enough hotels/guest houses etc on the island to accommodate everyone who wants to fly in. My bestie and I were looking to go this year and were searching for hotels since May/June (baring in mind carnival is in February) and everything was sold out. So what I think people do is rebook for the following year in the same hotel before they check out which means it's always gonna be hard finding accommodation there no matter how early you look. So because I couldn't go I'm now super jealous of all the lucky folk out there now to enjoy Trinidad Carnival :(
So if you're in the same boat here's a clip of last years carnival so just like me you can feel even worse about what you're missing.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Macaroni Cheese for fussy eaters

If your kids are fussy eaters like mine and refuse to eat anything that remotely resembles a vegetable here's one way of hiding them in the food so the kids will never know they've eaten part of their 5 a day. I do this all the time and the kids are happy thinking that they just ate yummy macaroni cheese and didn't have to eat any vegetables. It's also very easy to make and is a good meal to put together when you're in a rush *cough cough or can't be arsed to cook anything big*

Once you go luxury All Inclusive can you happily go back to budget B&B?

OK so since I've been taking the kids on holidays we have always gone all inclusive just because it makes life easier for me (See why here) and they normally have a lot of kids activities, so all inclusive is all my kids know, but I'm wondering if I've now inadvertently made the whole holiday experience difficult for me in the long run because what happens when we do have to go self catering in a budget hotel (actually I would never go self catering until they’re a lot older like secondary school age if I can help it)  but yeah what happens if we reach that time and they’re really disappointed as it’s not the all inclusive luxury holiday they’re used to?
I even think that about myself, as I am in the process of organising a girly weekend getaway and the 1st thing I looked at was all inclusive hotels (like I’m rich) and kinda turned my nose up at the B&Bs but then I have done B&B before and it ended up working out more expensive than if we would've gone all inclusive or half board. So in my head I'm always thinking well why end up spending more in the long run going B&B when you can just spend one set of money now, go all inclusive and not have to really spend when out get out there.

 For me (when travelling with my kids) I find that going all inclusive is the most economical way to holiday because even if you don’t wanna leave the hotel too much you don’t have to pay for anything and I've found having such a choice of free food makes the kids more open to trying new stuff, which is a huge help when you have 2 fussy eaters.
But I do worry that I've set the bar quite high with regards to family holidays because my kids are already thinking the same way I used to think when I was little ‘It’s not a holiday unless you go on a plane’ and with my mum being from Barbados I used to go a lot when I was little so would always aspire to go to exotic islands and far flung holidays, I would never understand my school friends who would get excited about going to stay in a caravan in Devon for the summer holidays while I was jetting off to Barbados. Now the kids keep asking to go back on holiday to Barbados because that’s all they know too.

Obviously I’m not rich and don’t have a lot of disposable income and always have to save a whole year (and of course I love to haggle down prices) to take my kids on holiday so I'm wondering have I set myself up for being broke in the future by trying to always give the kids that luxury exotic holiday that they have grown accustomed to?

Worst time for a female to go shopping

So you should never ever go shopping when you’re hungry or on your period and unfortunately for me I had both of those things going on when I went shopping at Asda the other day. I picked up a load of bollocks that I was convinced looked tasty, then when I brought it all home I realized that I don’t even normally eat half the crap I brought, then I was just angry with myself for spending a load of money on food that probably won’t get eaten. I always do this but it’s like when you’re on or hungry you just seem to have zero self control when it comes to choosing what food goes into your trolley. I think I’m just gonna stick to online shopping so at least I won’t have to physically go in a shop and get tempted.

Monday, 9 February 2015

My little ballerina

So Cali has recently started ballet classes as she reckons now that she's 6 she is too grown for her old class. In her first class she looked soo awkward as she's quite clumsy and unbalanced but she was trying so hard bless her. She's not graceful in the least, so while all the other little girls float around like fairies Calis like STAMP STAMP STAMP! She kinda reminds me of myself when I used to do ballet. I was not graceful or gentle at all I was always the one being told;
'Jade, stand straight, bottom tucked, point your toes!' but then I was a proper tomboy and didn't like ballet I much preferred tap. But unlike me Cali really loves ballet and is so enthusiastic about it and I also hope that the ballet helps with her balance as she's always tumbling down somewhere. Ballet seems to make her really happy so regardless of how awkward she looks doing it as long as she's happy and having fun then that's all that matters to me.

The Monsters Birthday

I feel bad that I’ve been so busy lately that I did’t even get the chance to post about the kids birthdays which were both at the end of January they are now 5 and 6 woop woop!. So as well as a trip to Pizza Hut I decided to throw them a little party at one of those indoor play parks. They both loved it and it was good to see how they each interact with their friends. They have some lovely well behaved friends (Although I’m sure their parents would beg to differ lol) and it was a joy having them there. The monsters are already planning their next birthday party. I’m hoping to save money by doing joint parties for as long as possible.

Knackered :(

So I’ve been soooo tired recently. The tablets that I take for my stupid IBS do make me very drowsy, but I’m getting really sleepy during the day and not at night (when I should be getting sleepy as that's when I take them) Sometimes when I get home from the morning leg of the school run I'm so tired that I just pass out on the sofa, I've actually had to set a continuous alarm for 2pm for the times that happens just in case I over sleep and I’m late collecting the kids.
Also if I haven't slept then just before I collect the kids I’m so tired that I have to force myself to leave the yard. Then when we get home I’m finding that I’m dropping to sleep while doing their homework with them. Last week was particularly bad and I remember one time when I was soo tired I had nodded off while Cali was reading to me and I was actually talking stupidness, like I was so tired I must have been in the middle of a convo in my dream and just continued the convo out loud when I woke up and I was only dropping off for may seconds at a time so how I managed to be so deep into a dream, I don't know.

It seems like no matter how early I go to sleep I still feel exhausted the next day, almost like I haven’t had any sleep. It's really not fun being this tired allll the time.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Adult Ball Pit

OMG a ball pit has opened recently in London and best of all its just for adults! How many times have you taken the kids to an indoor play park and wished you could jump in and swim through the balls in the ball pit, well now you can. OMG it sounds like so much fun and it’s free too and you know that is one of my favourite words. But if you wanna go you need to move quickly because the pop up ball pit is only open until 13th February from 10am-5pm and you would need to email to reserve your space.

Take Me Out

So I absolutely love this show, I actually look forward to Saturdays just so I can watch it I just find it really entertaining and Paddy is hilarious. But last nights show was a particularly good one, it was quite emotional. First of all there was Georgette who cried when she found out she was the ‘nice guys’ love at first light, then there was Looci’s ex, now that was a shocker. Now I noticed Loocis face when her ex came down the lift as she looked completely shocked then tried to fix her face and pretend she wasn’t shocked, but still came off as looking shocked lol I think it was cute how out of respect all the girls turned out their lights for him so he could choose her. But although it was lovely that he chose her I have a feeling that she's not a very nice person, I feel like she could be a bit like that tall girl with the short blonde pixie cut who was on a couple weeks ago who was convinced that everyone fancied her when they didn't at all
and I reckon she may also turn out to be a bit of a bunny boiler. I can’t wait for Take Me Out The Gossip next week.
Speaking of TMOTG what was up with Rob? He was so on himself he didn’t even realize he was being rejected by his own date. I also loved how he believed he was some big celeb and couldn’t live a normal life because of all the attention he gets hahahaha genius! Also a word of advice, if you are a professional dancer on a date or looking to get girls NEVER dance like you’re in Janet Jacksons Rhythm Nation video doing a choreographed routine, it’s just weird and a complete turn off. Also if you’re gonna go on a dating show such as Take Me Out it’s probably best to not have a girlfriend either...

Saturday, 7 February 2015

1st pair of jeans in over 4 years

OK so I'm not normally a trousers wearer anybody who has seen me even on the school run will know that I live in my bodycon dresses and will just wear thick tights with them in the winter and occasionally I will wear some cute leggings but never trousers. But when I piled on so much weight that my bodycon dresses started riding up waaay past my ass and my leggings were starting to dig and with the increasingly Arctic type weather I thought why not get some trousers. Now I knew I would struggle with normal jeans and saw a pair of cute Acid Wash jeggings in Primark, I tried them on and thought OK why not. Now the last time I wore a pair of jeans I was a size 14 (I still have the jeans in my wardrobe, I refuse to get rid of them and until now had also refused to buy any more in a bigger size) well the new jeggings are a size 18, yes a size 18. Now no one ever believes me when I say I'm a size 18, I dunno, maybe I just hide it well or maybe my crazy hair takes the attention away from all the extra weight I'm carrying. I have actually been a size 20 before and no one believed that either I was somewhere near 14+ stone I was huge, after I had RD I just ballooned, because I was a size 12 just before I had Cali. But yes I'm a size 18 and my 1st pair of jeans in around 4-5 years are a size 18, but, they are extremely comfy. I did try on a size 16 just to make me feel better about myself but they just cut my belly in half, I was literally spilling out everywhere.
So I got myself 2 pairs an Acid Wash pair and an Indigo pair and that's all I'm getting as I plan on shrinking. I also have a pair of size 16 jeggings that I got years ago (and never wore as they were too tight) then after that hopefully my original size 14 skinny jeans will fit me again. I just need to get motivated to start exercising hard again...

Friday, 6 February 2015

New Hair End Result :)

New Hair Crochet Braids Tutorial


OK so I loved this outfit sooo much I thought I'd come back and do a post on it. Now that day was freezing so I was just trying to layer up and keep warm. I found this powder pink oversized coat randomly in Primark, now it said size 14 (which is clearly a lie because its huge!) so I was pleasantly surprised when it fitted me and even happier to find out it was in the sale and you know how I love a bargain. I had been eyeing these style coats in there since last year but just didn't wanna pay full price so just forgot about it. Also as it's like a woollen coat it is sooo comfy and most importantly super warm and seemed to be the last one, like it was just there waiting for me to buy it. This whole outfit had me feeling very late 80's it just reminded me of Curiosity Killed the Cat and those kinda bands who used to wear these thick shapeless coats with boots and I also feel like I'm channelling my inner Tia, you know the moody teen sister in Uncle Buck, that was late 80's wasnt it? I loved that movie all the teens were quite grungy although I may need this coat in a darker colour to fit in with them.
Pink Coat - Primark
Chunky Goth Boots - New Rock
Green Flannel Shirt - Primark
Acid Wash Jeggings - Primark
Leopard Print Scarf & Rings - Primark

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Problems with C-Section scar... 5 years later

So I've had 2 emergency c-sections, 1 with dissolveable stitches and 1 with normal stitches and both got infected. So for a while I did have problems with the scar opening, itching, smelling funny and weeping, but for some reason within the pas
t few days that feeling has started up again, which I find weird as my last c-section was 5 years ago. I found the scar to be painfully itchy (my scar is a small horizontal one at the top of my bikini line and is hidden by my 2nd belly that flaps over it) and when I've looked at it all around that area looks very red and sore and the stretchmarks look very inflamed. But, strangely, around that area and the flappy hanging part of my belly are still quite numb, so even if I scratch it I really cant feel anything, yet bizarrely I can feel the itching.
I've been reading lots of mummy forums with ladies who have had the same problem years later and a lot of ladies suggested to treat it as a fungal infection. So luckily I still had some anti fungal cream from when Cali had Ring Worm, so I cleaned the area with sea salt water and put some anti fungal cream on and now it's feeling soo much better, thank goodness! Because that itching was driving me crazy, but I'm still baffled as to how I would randomly start having problems with a 5 year old scar.