Saturday, 29 November 2014

One Outfit 2 ways

So I recently got this fab jumpsuit from Primark, I actually wanted to get it ages ago in the summer for when I went Barbados but refused to pay full price for it, so when I saw it go down to £5 in the sale I was like Yesssss! I think it's so versatile and can be dressed down to wear during the daytime or dressed up for a night out. Also if you're packing for your holiday this is a good buy as it's very light and will take up no space at all. As you know I love my accessories and here is a great example of how the right use of accessories can completely change an outfit.

So for the day look (above) I simply added my Mickey Mouse platform trainers, a chunky and very quirky plastic hearts and stars necklace and various colourful bracelets and a bright pink 2 finger bow ring.

For my evening look (below) I added huge blinged out hoop ear rings, an extra long gold necklace, gold rings and my black wedges, which I love but struggle to walk in.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Beauty Stuff

Now I’ve never bothered to get separate cleanser specifically for eye makeup before, because I spend so much on good facial cleansers I thought it was just a waste of money, but after getting this Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover by Nivea I must say it’s made a huge difference. It doesn’t sting or burn and actually takes out everything in a couple wipes and I’m not there rubbing my eyes forever like I have to with my normal cleanser, it even removes waterproof mascara and think heavy eyeliner which is normally a nightmare for me to remove. Also on top of its effectiveness and the fact that it says it doesn’t irritate the sensitive eye area, it’s also quite pretty, which was what drew my attention to it on the shop shelf.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Its Christmasssssssss!!

OK so as much as I love Christmas (The tackier the better I say) I always seem to miss out on fun Christmas activities. Like last year I missed the Coca Cola Truck and the Winter Wonderland in London, but this year I’m determined to make both and I actually can’t wait. I’m not sure how much the kids will like the Coke truck because sometimes they’re freaked out by them things and other times they love it but I’m hoping when I take them it will be the latter because mummy wants a picture in front of the Coke truck :)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Style

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I love experimenting with my hair and clothes. At the moment I’m really into the whole Goth/Grunge look, so I’m on the hunt for some really edgy buckled black knee high platform boots, the kind you see on them really cool Goths down Camden. I also wanna get a load of oversized vests/tank tops/wife beaters and wear them as a dress with some suspender or patterned tights and dark makeup. I also wanna try and incorporate lace into my wardrobe. I will probably experiment with this look next month when I change my hair back to the long Marley twists. But until I do heres some of my style inspirations so you can see what kinda look I’m actually going on about.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Beauty Stuff

OK so I very rarely post about beauty stuff, but I recently got some good buys that I wanted to share. So as my face is very sensitive it doesn’t take a lot to cause some kind of breakout, so I’ve always taken my time and spent real money on facial products, I think this is the only thing I won’t be like ‘Oh let me buy this because it’s really cheap’ I tend to more watch the ingredients than the price when it comes to my face. I look out for what’s best for my skin type and usually go for products that contain Tea Tree oil or Witch Hazel. Now I normal get a cleanser/toner from Boots that contains both of those but as they were sold out (I’m not sure if it’s been discontinued or it’s being repackaged as I haven’t seen it in stock in my local Boots for a while) so I thought I’d try something new. So I remembered being brought up to use Anne French and I only stopped using it when it started to get too expensive, so I thought I’d give it a go again and also got some B. Pure Micellar Water that doubles as a cleaner and toner. I’ve been using these along with my Garnier Dark spot Corrector cream and my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream and my skin has been feeling so smooth and silky which means I may stick to these products for a while and see how I go. But at the moment I’m absolutely loving the results.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Glamour & Glitter, Fashion & Fame...

So I may have mentioned this before, but, I’m totally obcessed with Jem. If you’re a real 80s baby you will remember this show and know every single word to the theme tune (whether you want to admit to it or not J) in my opinion there’s never been another cartoon like it. Anywayz I’d been looking for a Jem T-Shirt for ages and finally found one on Truffle Shuffle, they actually have most of the popular 80s TV shows on a T-shirt, I’m looking to get a Button Moon and Thundercats one next. Even though the show was in the 80s, I feel like I’m still influenced by their style, especially The Misfits. I remember loving their outfits although they were the baddies; they wore a lot of clashing animal print and bright colours and bold make up. I actually really want a Misfits T-Shirt too, well it’s only right as you can’t have Jem & The Holograms without The Misfits.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Now you too can fly fancy class ;)

If you’re looking to do Barbados for Cropover next summer and like me you love flying with Virgin, Virgin Holidays, seem to have a special offer on at the moment which makes it more affordable for you to upgrade.

Before this you know the only hopes you had of flying anywhere other than economy was to either fork out hundreds (and dip into your holiday funds) or drop a penny down a well and make a wish that one of the lovely ladies (or gents) at check in takes pity on you and upgrades you for free on the day (which has never happened to me by the way) But now Virgin are making it easy by making it a lot cheaper to upgrade when you book a new holiday through them. It’s quite simple to do. While you are booking there is an option of changing classes and I found it’s actually cheaper to fly Economy there and Premium Economy back than it is to fly Economy both ways. Also because they have such good prices on their holidays it's affordable to upgrade to Premium Economy both ways and even Fancy Class (Upper Class) without blowing your budget.
So now you can have a fab start to your summer holidays and with the seats being a bit bigger and you having more room than economy the kids can get comfy quicker and hopefully go straight to sleep which means you have more time to just relax and enjoy the flight. As I always say, Single Mummies deserve a bit of luxury too, so why not treat yourself. 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Have you packed yet?

So I wanted to get these from Primark during the summer but left it too late. I did my usual thing and saw and loved them, went home procrastinated and then went back to Primark and they never had my size. I always do this and I don’t know why I never learn. So when these similar ones popped up on eBay I thought I don’t care if it’s autumn/winter and I’m not going on holiday I’m still buying them. I’m really into chunky heels at the moment because they’re super comfy and remind me of the 90s, so these will be perfect for next Summer. Luckily because I don’t strictly follow fashion I tend to be able to get away with it and pretty much wear whatever I fancy without really having to worry about being on trend. So basically regardless of if these chunky heel sandals are the latest fashion must have or not next summer I will still be wearing them J Also as they’re black they will pretty much go with everything so they’re definitely a good buy. Also if you can’t be dealing with doing up 10 million little buckles like me you’ll be glad to know these also have a zip at the back, basically the perfect summer shoe.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Flushing the toilet

It can’t be just my 2 who do this. OMG it drives me crazy especially when I’m bursting to wee and rush in the toilet and come face to face with a big pooh in the toilet it actually makes me loose my mind lol I’m always like “WHO-DID-NOT-FLUSH-THE-TOILET?!” and they will both blame eachother which then annoys me even more because it means that one of them is lying.

I don’t get why they always do it, it’s like they’re allergic to flushing the toilet or something. I’m always telling them that you use the toilet, you flush, you wash your hands then you come out and they seem to do all of the steps apart from flush. I don’t get it, it’s not even occasional, it’s every bloody day, you would think they would be bored of me shouting at them for it, nope, they continue to do it. I don’t know what’s gonna make them remember to do it because I’ve seen them both do it at school too. Is it too much to ask, bloodyhell please just flush the toilet (Can you feel the desperation?)

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Another annoying phase.. Fun,Fun,Fun...

So although he still screams sometimes RD has now started laughing anytime I tell him off, which is the most infuriating thing ever. I know he got it from his sister because she used to do it too (She is now is old enough to know better) So he will be really naughty and I'll send him to the naughty corner then when his time is up and I go there to talk to him and reinforce why he shouldn't have done what he did to get sent to the naughty corner he looks at me and starts giggling. So I'm like 'OK let me add on an extra minute to your time here then' then he starts whinging and 'crying' then looks at me and starts laughing again, it may not sound annoying but if you ever experience it you will know exactly how irritating it is. It's worse when I'm actually really telling him off or shouting at him for something and then he just drops on the floor and starts laughing hard. Even thinking about it is making me frustrated. Hopefully he grows out of this phase VERY soon...

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Love Love Love

I am totally in love with these shoes from Irregular Choice, they are sooo busy and have so much different things going on at once they are perfect. Also the best part, they both actually have flashing lights on the soles, it's like a party on your foot. I can't even decide between the two I think I need both!

Already planning next years holiday

Although I normally do a long haul holiday with the kids, I’m actually looking forward to taking them somewhere a bit closer next year, like maybe somewhere like Tenerife. Although it’s not really gonna be much of a holiday for me, I’m actually looking forward to having some early nights and spending days in the pool or by the beach (which is really all the kids care about.)
Although it’s not the Caribbean, the weather is normally lovely there (well better than our crap weather anyway) they have real beaches, it’s not too far and it gives the kids a chance to practise their Spanish. Also because it will be more of a kids holiday it won’t take as much planning as a trip further afield, because all I need is somewhere clean, with a pool and good food reviews (because I refuse to get food poisoning again on a holiday) I would probably go Half Board and eat breakfast and dinner there and go out somewhere for lunch. Also I don’t need to look for a kids club (which saves money as hotels with kids clubs tend to be more expensive) because my 2 will be happy to be in the pool all day and explore in the afternoon.
I don’t know that much about the Spanish Isles as I am probably one of the few people who didn’t go there as a child, so need to see where exactly is best to stay. But it should be a fab holiday.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Kinda lovin' Ocado at the moment...

Did my first shop at Ocado yesterday and to be honest I only shopped there because they were offering £20 off my 1st shop. I’m not loyal when it comes to supermarkets and my monthly shop; I always go with whoever is offering some money off a shop. But after receiving my delivery I think I would shop with Ocado again just because of their customer service alone.
First of all after I had placed my order I received an email from my driver introducing himself and telling me what van he would driving as they have a few different vans that have different colours or fruits on them, he also confirmed my delivery slot, which was 11-12.
On the day he turned up 11 on the dot and once again introduced himself and was happy and friendly and as he knew I was a first time customer he explained how everything worked. They have colour coded bags that tell you if those items go in the Cupboard, Fridge or Freezer etc which saves you a lot of time and you don’t have to dig through guessing. Also their bags are recyclable so on the next shop they will collect the bags from my previous shop which is great!

Also I felt a bit posh shopping there because some of their items are Waitrose and to me Waitrose is posh and expensive but this wasn’t expensive at all, in fact it was the 2nd cheapest shop (I always compare on My Supermarket) It feels like they pride themselves on customer service . I’m actually looking forward to doing future monthly shops with them... unless someone else offers £15/20 off a shop next month ;)

Mouth Almighty

OK so I knew that Cali could talk for England but OMG she never stops, she actually never gives her poor mouth a rest. Her mouth is always running, either she is talking or eating or asking for more food. Now she iss talking so much she won’t give other people a chance to talk. She always talks for (and over) RD. I’m always having to tell her ‘OK, let RD talk then you can talk again when he’s done’ and she struggles to do that and ends up talking really loud over him. Now I thought she

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Get down, Boogie Oogie Oogie

I really wanted an activity that the kids could look forward to every week and that they would enjoy and get to do something creative and fun and I’m so glad I chose dancing. They both always sing and dance around the house and both wanted to try dance school. They absolutely love it, especially RD who really comes out of his shell when he’s there. Normally it’s a struggle to get him to go anywhere without clinging to me, but as soon as class starts he’s like the first one in there and doesn't look back which is great, although I wish he would do that at school, because every morning we have the same problem, he will not go into class and will cling onto me and the teacher has to take him in. This happened at nursery, football and holiday clubs. He’s loving it even more now that his dance shoes have arrived (Cali had hers but we had to order in RDs size) he really seems to be in his element when he’s there which actually makes me feel really happy, like I’ve found something he genuinely likes and is interested in.
I also really really want them to both learn Salsa dancing but I can’t find any kids classes locally so now I’m wondering if I’d have to enrol maybe in ballroom dancing, because I’m sure ballroom covers all the different dancing styles.... I think... I’m gonna have to look into it. I recently saw a video of some little kids doing Salsa and showed it to the kids and we were literally all like WOW! I’d love for them to be able to do that.
On a side note if you're not old enough to know about the song I'm referring to in the title here it is, I love this song, Oh and BTW I'm not old enough to know this song either.... well that's my story and I'm sticking to it lol

Monday, 3 November 2014

Turtle Beach Resort Review

Barbados 2014

OK so I meant to do this from ages ago... anywayz finally got around to putting this together. Although I put up some pics when I first came back it's always nice to watch a little movie.
Oh and I also recorded a review of the hotel... I will have that up soon too, it will be worth the wait, I promise :)

New hair