Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Was this some weird prank?

Ok so I was in London over the weekend and was walking to get the mandatory chicken and chips. Now I'm walking down a busy street and it's still bright, some Asian guy comes up to me and was like "sister omg I need to tell you something," in some really exaggerated 'I'm taking the piss out of an asian' accent. Then he came in really close and kept going on in that accent so obviously I moved and he came in closer and started walking right up behind me I was like "why are you still talking to me?" And I Carried on walking. So then he carries on following me, now I hate people walking behind me it just makes me mad instantly, so I stopped turned around and was like 'Don't follow me' and he still carried on I ended up screaming at him then he quickly left me. But I was thinking that was so surreal like what was he trying to achieve like was he just taking the piss and maybe filming some prank for YouTube or was he really crazy and was actually looking to do me something. Either way he picked the wrong one cuz my mouth is big and I have quick reflexes, I grew up fighting boys (cuz I used to think I was a boy lol) so that would've been silly of him. But it still freaked me out a bit when I came home and sat down and thought about it.... very weird....

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Another annoying phase.. Fun,Fun,Fun...

So we have now passed and survived the Epic tantrum throwing phase and we have now entered the screaming and the ‘Let’s not listen to a word mummy says and do what we wanna do’ phase and let me tell you these are the most annoying phases so far.

Let me start with the screaming. They seem to use it as a way to communicate with eachother, so they won’t talk they will just be like Aaaaaaaaargh! Literally every 10 seconds. Sometimes they will randomly scream for nothing and I’m like Why did you do that for? Even when we went on the plane they both fancied screaming so they screamed after I told them you don’t scream on a plane, and what’s worse is its one of them irritating high pitched screams that feels like its piercing through your head while making your ears ring. Most days I can be heard yelling at them STOP THE SCREAMING, JUST STOP THE SCREAMING!!!!  Then they scream again just to piss me off, I'm seriously so thankful for the duty free rum I brought back from Barbados, because if it wasn’t for the Cockspur and Malibu I’d seriously be rocking in a corner somewhere muttering nonsense to myself.

This then leads me to THE most annoying thing they are doing at the moment and that’s

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

1st Day of school

So RD finally started school and it was such an emotional moment for me. My last baby (because there’s NO way I’m having anymore kids) is all grown up now. I remember when he was just starting nursery couldn’t talk and was getting really frustrated with anything, then when he began saying a few words he had a bad stammer and now he talks well, a little too well, he basically doesn’t ever shut up, which is obviously a lot of fun for me...
He looks sooo cute in his little school uniform and his teacher is actually new to the school, but one of the teaching assistants (he has 2) taught Cali last year and she’s brilliant so I know he will be well taken care of and will learn a lot. He also seems to be really enjoying it although every morning he won’t go in the classroom and clings to me, which is exactly what he used to do everyday at nursery and I don’t get why he does it because once the teacher takes him in and I’m gone he’s fine and goes off to play happily (as I’ve watched him do this at nursery).
He doesn’t like the fact that he doesn’t know everyone’s name in his class as he is used to knowing everyone’s names at nursery but I told him he’ll get to know them in time. He also has a few of his nursery friends in his class which is helpful. I’m especially pleased that my next door neighbours daughter is in RDs class as she’s  the total opposite to RD she comes in and just gets on with it, she’s like his older sister (although she’s only a few months older than him) and she will really help to bring him out of his shell, she’s lovely.

Now I officially have no more babies, I now have to use my time wisely to prepare myself for when I get thrown back into the lions den. So I’m gonna do as much writing and blogging as I can and I also wanna take an English and Maths course just to brush up on my skills. But, yeah school seems to be a success J

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Longhaul Makeup

So no matter how early my flight is I always have a long shower and put on a full face of makeup before I reach the airport, partly because I wanna look cute just in case I run into Mr Perfect (Hahahahaha) but mostly because I need to cover up the fact that I’ve had no sleep and feel like shit. So you can imagine how chuffed I was when one of the MAC ladies told me she loved my makeup. In my head I was like screaming and so excited. I’ve loved MAC since my sister forced the super glittery ‘Oh Baby’ Lip gloss on me when I was 19 (I’m actually still wearing it over 10 years later) and I always stop at the MAC stand when I pass through duty free at Gatwick to stock up on my make up as I buy everything apart from eye makeup from there. The ladies (and the guys) make up in there is always so on point whether its neutral shades or completely wacky and out there, so for one of them to compliment my makeup at like crazy o' clock in the morning was like the biggest ego boost ever! I even asked for tips on how I could improve it the next time and she said she wouldn’t change a thing *excuse me while I do my happy dance*  OMG how much did my head swell, I’m surprised my head fitted on the plane, it was seriously that big. So now obviously I’m feeling like some make up pro and to think a few years ago I was totally clueless when it came to make up and my attempts at being creative were always a big fat fail. It definitely helps if you ask like a billion questions when you’re getting a makeover. Oh also my makeup stayed put for the 8 hour flight the only thing I had to refresh was my lippie.

So here’s what I used:
-MAC Skin Base Visage (Primer) it makes all of your makeup look shimmery, OMG its fab
-MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
-MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder
-MUA Eyeliner in Royal Blue from Superdrug only £1 comes with a built in sharpener, I have every single colour
-MUA Eyeshadow Palette I used a mixture of Crystal Blue and Sonic Blue
-MAC Fix+ (Finishing Mist)

Time to chill out

What in the world by Jon B

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Large Hoop ear rings - Random shop in Peckham
Necklace - New Look
Grey Slouchy Vest - Primark
Denim Shorts - Primark
Yellow Watch - eBay

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Monday, 15 September 2014


Flower Headband - Primark
Black Slouchy vest - Primark
Denim shorts - Primark
Funky necklace - Primark (Super Old) 

Sunday, 14 September 2014


So while I was away in Barbados I thought I'd do a few Outfit of the day pics.  So this is what I wore on my flight. I tend to wear the same kinda thing when I fly as I love to be comfortable but also wanna look cute too. I always always always wear leggings just because they're not as restrictive as jeans.

Slouchy beenie hat - H&M
Star Scarf - Primark (very old)
Black Vest - Primark
Mesh Basketball Jersey - Primark
Biker Jacket - New Look
Black Leggings - Primark
Yellow watch - eBay

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Turtle Beach Resort Review

So at the end of August Cali, RD, my mum, my auntie and I went on holiday to Barbados. We flew with Virgin Atlantic and I’m not gonna lie the ride up was kinda bumpy, the bumpiest ride I’ve had to Barbados. Luckily both the kids were completely into all the movies showing on the plane so they were no trouble at all.

The Transfer
Now we didn’t have a transfer included in our holiday so we basically grabbed a cab outside the airport. Now as we had a lot of luggage we got a mini bus kinda cab and paid $47 (Barbados) for it, so don’t let them charge you more than $50.

The hotel
We stayed at the all inclusive Turtle Beach Resort on the South Coast; it’s basically at the bottom end of St Lawrence Gap. It was such a beautiful hotel. Very family friendly and so much for kids to do there, it’s hard for them to get bored. The staff were lovely and friendly and always had time for you.

The room
We had an Ocean front room on the 4th floor (We got upgraded woop woop!) and the room was HUGE! We had a good sized wardrobe, a dressing table, huge chest of drawers, massive TV (with like a billion cable channels on it), like a super King bed, a sofa bed and a single bed and there was still room to wonder about. We also had a drinks chiller and a good sized balcony with 2 sun loungers and a table and chairs there too.

Kids activities
There’s a small kids pool that the kids can have a paddle in as well as the normal sized pools. There is also

My Holiday in Pics


Nottinghill Carnival 2014

 So my Nottinghill Carnival Weekend began on  the Friday night. As per usual me and the bestie attended the Poison UK Neon after party... Well... This year the Neon after party was particularly bad. It was supposed to start at 2am, we actually arrived after 3am and the actual club wasn’t even open yet. Even the promoters hadn’t reached. So we had to wait around, luckily the bouncers were cool so we had a bit of banter with them. Then after waiting a good while we were allowed in and were like the 1st 4 people in there. To make matters worse, they had the Air Con on max so it was freezing! OK now it gets worse, we asked for our usual shot of tequila and had to wait 20/30mins for them to bring lime and salt, and by the time they brought it out we were like we’re not paying for our drinks! Luckily after that I stuck to my Malibu and Coke (as they had no real mixers) and my friend got Vodka and Orange, the Orange stank and was clearly off yet they were happily serving it to people *smh*

 Carnival Sunday we jumped with our usual band, UK Chocolate Nation. As always it was sooo much fun I tried to protect my hair as I needed it looking good for my holiday, but it didn’t work it still got completely covered in chocolate. Also for some reason none of the bands had ropes to separate the masqueraders from the general public (like they normally do) so literally everyone was in our band which got really silly and a bit unsafe because there was just too much people.

Carnival Monday was soooo cold. Also due to our normal band being particularly shit/disorganised this year we decided to jump with a completely different band, so we chose Eclipse Mas. It was sooo cold we had on our T-Shirt, thick hoodie and our disposable rain macs on. It literally didn’t stop raining for the whole day! It didn’t kill anyone’s mood though we still enjoyed ourselves same way and happily danced down the road. I think everyone had the same idea to drink a lot of alcohol to keep warm as I saw soooo many people passed out/slumped down at the side of the road. Once again, hardly any bands had ropes which I didn’t understand. Hopefully everyone involved sits down together and re-evaluates this year’s Carnival so it’s not so all over the place next year.