Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hair accessories

This is something I'm really into at the moment, especially flowery ones and big statement pieces. I found a few cute one in Primark reduced to £1 and 50p. As well as messy/festival hair these also work well with a simple up do and are also great for keeping your hair out your face during the summer season.

Friday, 25 July 2014

NY in NY

I’d love to take the kids to New York for New Years Eve. Every year I watch the big ball drop in Times Square and wish I was there. I’d probably wait till the kids are a bit older though, maybe coming up to secondary school age so like 9/10 or 10/11 just so they would understand it a bit more and appreciate what’s going on. I just want them to experience the whole New Years Eve buzz in another country. Because Americans make a big deal out of these kinda things I think it would be an exciting time for the kids. I’d probably do a long weekend, so just enough time to take in a few sights, do some shopping, ring in the New Year and be back in time for school.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Living abroad

For a while now I’ve been thinking I’d love to pack my bags and take the kids to a new country and stay there. Not permanently, but for a few months at least. I’d love to go somewhere that’s completely different to the kind of places we are used to. I’d love to go and completely immerse myself in their culture, learn the language and just be one of them for the duration of my stay. I’d love for the kids to experience school life in a different country and see how different it is and how much more they learn.

But, I’m sure the kids current school would never allow me to just randomly take the kids out of school for a few months and hold their space for them until we get back. So my only other option is to save and travel during the summer holidays.

Now I love Japan and have always always wanted to visit there plus I’m sure they have a Disney World there too as well as other cool things for the kids to do so I’m sure they would love it. So maybe we could start there and use the whole 6 weeks travelling to neighbouring countries like maybe Thailand, Malaysia, China and Singapore.
Or another option would be to travel around America because I’d love to take in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I would obviously have to be super organised and pre plan a lot of activities to keep the kids entertained and I could also keep the costs down by travelling via bus and train as opposed to taking lots of domestic flights. It would actually be a nice little adventure and something cool to blog about.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bagging a cheap holiday

As you know, it’s very hard to go on holiday during the very expensive summer (or as Americans say Spring Break) season. It’s even worse if you have more than one child and really want to go further afield than Europe. But I have good news. If you’re still looking to book for this year I found that if you’re willing to wait till the end of the summer holidays and don’t mind not taking a 2 week holiday then you will find some good deals.
I’ve seen that after 27th August (Bank holiday) prices drop considerably and if your kids don’t go back to school till the week beginning 8th September you can easily slip in a cheeky 10 night break and be home with enough time to sleep off the jet lag and get the kids stuff ready for school.

As always when checking prices, don’t take the 1st quote you’re given, always try and haggle down the price. You will be surprised at how much travel agents are willing to bend to accommodate your needs and budget. Also if you haven’t already once you’ve booked your flight be sure to sign up with that airlines flying club so that you can begin collecting air miles and also as a club member you will be sent exclusive holiday deals too so it’s a win all around really.

Monday, 21 July 2014

I feel so helpless :(

So last summer I got really bad food poisoning to the point where I got very very ill and lost weight. I went to sooo many specialist Doctors who ran like a billion tests on me, I even had a colonoscopy which was the worst experience of my life, I kicked and screamed and cried and went on like a big drama queen because of the pain, my behaviour even shocked me lol I was eventually told I had IBS and was put on Amitriptyline (which in higher doses is used for depression) and was referred to a dietitian who put me on a LowFodmap diet which basically eliminates a load of food groups then slowly reintroduces them to you so you can see which food group is causing problems.

Now for the past few months my stomach had actually been getting better because previously my stomach had been sooo bad I couldn’t leave the house or take the kids to school and if I did manage to take them they would always be late, my stomach would be bubbling and everything, which then made me anxious to leave the house which then made me stressed.

So you can imagine my annoyance when

Friday, 18 July 2014

Bagging a cheap holiday

So if you still haven't booked your holidays yet Virgin have got up to 40% off Luxury Beach holidays till 22nd July. Even us single mummies need a bit of luxury in our lives. Theres a big of choice of beautiful islands to discover including Barbados, St Lucia & Jamaica and if you fancy something different Dubai is even included in the list . I actually really like the sound of Dubai, it's on my list of places I'd love to visit.
Oh also most of them include some kind of all inclusive option so once you've used most of your savings paying for for the holiday you then don't have the stress of trying to find a load of spending money or suitable places for the kiddies to eat as it will be right on your doorstep. #Result

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Mummy am I fat?

So this is one conversation I didn’t think I’d need to have with my 5 year old. I know Cali is quite forward and will probably develop quickly because I did but I still wasn’t expecting to be talking about weight and body issues until she was around 7/8ish.

A couple weeks ago I was drying Cali after her shower and she looked at her stomach and sucked it in I was like what are you doing (thinking she was just being silly) she was like if I do lots of exercising will my belly look like this? she then sucked her belly in again. She then went off on one about how she needed to do a lot of exercising before she went to bed. I explained to her that we exercise to be fit and healthy and said exercising helps to give her energy to play at school and walk up the stairs without getting tired.

Now she’s always seen me doing exercising and both Cali and RD enjoy joining in and I thought she was doing exercise to bond with me because I was doing it, I didn’t realize she was doing it as she thought it would help her get a small belly and I’ve obviously never told her I’m exercising to lose weight. But what’s the most shocking is

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Playground Politics

So I’ve recently found out that a group of women at Calis school don’t like me because of how I dress. Apparently I’m stuck up and I think I’m too nice with my green hair lol also they’ve apparently confronted me about it (news to me) so goodness knows what they said the outcome was, maybe they beat me up... hahahahahaha

So clearly because I actually bathe before I leave out in the mornings I think I’m too nice, well I’ll take that title gladly because I’m not gonna take my children to school stinking like some big mans sweaty balls just to make a group of insecure women feel better about themselves.

Also what they also haven’t realized is that I don’t have a lot of clothes, so clearly I’m working them well for these women to be jealous... I have like 7 different bodycon dresses and maybe the same amount of cartoon character t-shirts and I literally just mix and match them everyday and change up my accessories so they look like a billion different outfits when it’s really just 7. Also my clothes are not expensive so if they would stop hating and simply ask me I would’ve told them most of my clothes come from Primark or the sales in H&M so they could easily buy them.

I’ve seen how a lot of women stay at Cali’s school and it’s completely different to the set up up RD’s nursery. At nursery all the mums are friendly and we all kinda talk to eachother at Cali’s school it’s very cliquey. If you look around you will see lots of different groups of mums, one minute they’re all friends, the next minute someone has called someone a slag on Facebook so one group isn’t talking to the other group. I go to school to make sure my daughter gets there and back safely/on time, I have absolutely no desire to get involved in their mix up so if that makes me stuck up or snobby, well I will proudly take that title too.

They blatantly have nothing better to do with their time and I really didn’t realize I was having such an impact of their (sad little) lives, I kinda feel like a celeb now lol but they should probably get over it as my kids are gonna be at that school for a long time and I have no plans of dressing like a tramp in the foreseeable future (unless it’s a Sunday and I have no plans to leave the yard and fancy being a bum)
But I would love to know who these women are and not because it affects my life but because I’m a nosey bajan J

Also strangely after I heard about this I discovered this song and thought OMG this is my life at the moment:

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Finally published my first short story :)

So I finally did it, I published my first short story it's called Silver Sequinned Mini and it's Erotic fiction. So if you loved your 50 Shades then this would be right up your street *wink wink* it's available on Smashwords an it's short enough to read on your phone without your eyes going funny. I would recommend you read it at night with a nice glass of wine ;)