Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Tattoos and Piercings

So I absolutely love tattoos and have quite a few so I decided to record a video for the tattoos and piercings tag on YouTube. If you're thinking of getting a inked or pierced this may help as I have a lot of experience with both ;)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


So since I've been getting a bit more confident with my body I've been wearing things I never used to be able to wear so have started doing the whole #ootd thing on Instagram. I thought I would continue it onto my blog. I am really obcessed with cartoon character t-shirts at the moment and I'm slowly building up my collection, I normally team them up with a bodycon skirt. This seems to be my 'uniform' at the moment.
I got the bodycon dress from H&M maybe last year (Obviously I was too fat to wear it then) its £7.99 and has been that price for years. The Muppets T-Shirt is from Primark and was £6 and unlike some Primark T-Shirts these ones wash very well and don't stretch out.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Have you packed yet?

With the sun finally deciding to show its face I had to rush out and get the kids some new hats as most of their hats from last summer don’t fit them at all. Because RD has a lot of hair it’s hard to find caps that fit him as children sizes are too small and men sizes just fit funny so I prefer to put him in Pie hats. Now I don’t actually know the real name for these hats but I’ve always called them pie hats because if you was to take a pie say for eg a Steak and Kidney Pukka Pie take out the contents and the top then turn it upside that’s exactly what them hats look like. Anywayz they’re great and I found they fit RD’s head nicely so I found this beige one with blue anchors in Primark for £2 and I’m on the lookout for more colours. I’ve also rediscovered Visors and think they’re perfect for Cali as I have her hair plaited up in so many different styles sometimes a normal hat simply won’t fit on her head so the visors are a great alternative and also very retro. I picked up one in every colour (Pink, Purple and Black and White) and liked them so much I even picked up one for myself. Technically they’re not children hats as they’re in the women’s section but they fit Cali and she’s 5 and has quite a small head *cough cough like her dad* and they’re only £1.50 (also in Primark) so not too bad, although once again I feel these will probably go down to maybe 50p at some point. Also the best part of these options as opposed to a normal baseball cap is that both don’t take up much room at all in your suitcase and the pie hats fold down soooo small you could even carry them in your pocket or throw it in the kids hand luggage.

Have you packed yet?

After my post on playsuits and jumpsuits I decided I actually needed to find some casual ones that I can wear on hols. So I went in Primark (surprise surprise) and found this really cute navy blue one with white palm trees on it for £5, which is about average I guess. It also comes in Neon pink and grey. I have a feeling they will bring out more and they will go down in the sale, so I’m waiting and hoping that happens then I’ll grab a load of them. Also as I said before they are so tiny and light they will not take up much room at all in your suitcase and you can find one for any occasion. I am soooo in love with playsuits.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Have you packed yet?

So after RD went through yet another growth spurt which resulted in 90% of his T-Shirts looking like belly tops on him I had to once again go out and get a new set. Now initially I was just gonna go Primark and get some cheap colourful ones, but to be honest as much as I love Primark some of their clothes, particularly T-Shirts, don't wash well at all and just get wider. So I got him some from Morissons because I've found that the material is really good quality and very soft and they wash well and they last a loooooooong time. Although they're not £1.50 like the T-Shirts in Primark (they ranged from £2 to £6)I don't mind (on this occasion) spending a bit more if I know I'm getting my monies worth and I know that these will last a good year (or until he has another crazy growth spurt)
So if you've never thought of getting anything from Nutmeg at Morissons it's definitely worth a look and they do have some really cute stuff and at the moment they obviously have a lot of holiday bits for the munchkins too.

Monday, 19 May 2014

School Pics

So it's that time again when the kids have to take School/Nursery Pictures and it's also that kinda time where I get worried that the kids will take yet another dodgy picture. Their last school one they looked like criminals, RD looked like "Yeah I did it" and Cali looks like "I did it too but you will never be able to prove it" I dunno what it is about school pics and pictures in general at the moment RD will just look gormless, Cali used to look that way but recently she's become quite photogenic but she does like to do the huge "I'm gonna show every last one of my teeth and make my eyes disappear" smile, so these photos can go either way really. So I'm just gonna have to wait patiently *cough cough anxiously* and hope for the best. Who am I kidding either way I'm buying the biggest package :)

More new hair :)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Flying Apartments

OK so I know I normally talk about budget travelling and getting the best deals for you and the kiddies to fly longhaul, but my cousin recently showed me this and I was so amazed I had to blog about it. Now this is something you could do if you ever won the lottery (more than once) it's the first ever Flying Apartment. A bit baffled? Well Ethihad Airways are now offering a more luxurious option of travelling first class, they have now introduced Apartments. Which is basically your own... umm... apartment on the plane, you have a living room, bedroom and shower room where you will have the kind of stuff you're used to at 'home' like a leather sofa, flat screen TV, wardrobe and double bed, you even get you own butler service, which to me is craaaazy. Now the price to fly this is something ridiculous and it makes me wonder if you can afford to do this and you're travelling in a group why would you not all just put together and get a private jet? Like how comfortable does one actually really need to be? Surely the whole point of a holiday is that you're somewhere that's completely different to home. Why would you need a wardrobe, the most you take off when you're flying is your coat or jumper etc there's nothing really that can't be folded neatly and stored in the overhead compartments. But I guess if you have this kinda money, spending it on this level of luxury would be nothing to you.
Although I'm complaining about the practicalities of this I still wanna experience it *cough cough for free* as I would really like to know how this would work if you're travelling by yourself with the kids because if you're all paying for a ticket surely everyone would get their own apartment but obviously if your kids are small you would have them in your apartment with you, so seems like a waste of money as in my case there would be 2 empty apartments. But then I guess multi billionaires don't worry about 'little' things like that it's all just pocket change init. But yeah I still wanna go on it lol

Friday, 9 May 2014

Team Bikini Body

So as Carnival and holiday season gets closer everyones stepping up their efforts to get bikini ready, including me. Now if you're not into exercising but love to dance Soca is the best music to dance to, if you know how to Wuk up you will literally sweat your tits off dancing to this. If you can't wuk up just jump around your front room and enjoy yourself :) This is my fav Soca tune at the moment and me the the munchkins have lots of fun dancing around the flat to this.

Don't buy cheap hair!!!!

So after taking my hair out from my last load of extensions I realized my hair had grown quickly, so much so that it has grown out of my haircut, so while I was in the annoying in between length I thought I'd do a treatment then put back in some more extensions till my hair grew out some more.
So I decided on doing box braids because they're easy simple cute and cheap, I normally do Marley braids but didn't wanna spend the extra on Marley braid hair. OK, so I normally buy my hair from Cyberlox shop, which is like an alternative hair store, OK it's more expensive than going to Peckham to get hair cheaper, but I've never had a problem with this hair. Anyways as I was being super cheap and didn't wanna pay near £8 for next day delivery I decided to go in town to the local hair shop and just get some cheap bags of hair.
So as per normal I washed them before I put them in my hair and then did my hair kinda to the side which looked OK (I wasn't totally convinced by the style tbh). I then took some pics to post on Instagram and soon after my neck just startedburning, like it felt like it was on fire, but strangely it was only burning on the side that my hair was on. I then got some rash that turned from red to purple then this rash spread round to the front of my neck and down to the top of my shoulder and that whole area looked red and blotchy and also like I'd been clawing at my own neck. Instantly I realized I was having some kinda allergic reaction to the synthetic kanekolon hair in my head. OMG it was sooooo painful, then the rash turned into lots of tiny white spots on my neck. Although in my head I was freaking out because the sight of bumps and rashes just makes me feel funny I thought OK what would I do if the kids had an allergic reaction to something. So I literally used every form of antiseptic in my bathroom I then put on Calamine lotion and then remembered Piriton is good for reactions and luckily I had a bottle there for the kids so I took some of that too.
Today although it's still sensitive on my neck it's not as bad as it was yesterday and the white bumps have gone but I can still feel tiny bumps if I run my fingers over my neck. My cousin suggested I go to the Doctors but my Doctors are a nightmare to get hold of and said I would need to come in as a walk in patient and wait up to 2 hours, ummm... no thanks. But saying that, I dunno if I'm getting paranoid but I just keep feeling itchy everywhere, this is not fun at all. I'm always doing my hair, whether it's dying it, relaxing it or putting in extentions and I've never had a problem. I'm assuming I'm allergic to that particular brand of hair (which I won't ever be using again btw) so now I'm just gonna stick to the more expensive hair brands that I know and trust.

If you look closely you can see a purple mark on my neck that was the most painful part
But yeah don't be cheap when it comes to your hair DO NOT buy cheap bargain bin hair because I would hate for this to happen to someone else it is really painful and actually made me feel really sick and paranoid. I have learned my lesson for sure and will NEVER install cheap hair again.

Have you packed yet?

So I've recently become obsessed with Playsuits since I got a really elegant one from New Look. They are soooo versatile and are perfect for holidays. If like me you struggle to find cute maxi dresses that flatter your figure then Playsuits (and Jumpsuits too) are a brilliant alternative. Just like Maxi dresses you can dress them up or down. You can wear a simple one during the day or even on the beach over you bikini and then either wear a cute lace one for a night out or a simple one with some fab accessories. Also a Jumpsuit works perfect for evening meals if you're staying in an All Inc hotel and they have a dress code and you have to cover up a bit or if you're treating the kiddies to a meal at a fancy restaurant and you want to pretend you're really rich and posh and do these kind of restaurants all the time.
I really love Jumpsuits that have like the Palazzo pants thing going on because they are sooo flared they make my legs look extra long and my waist look tiny (when it blatantly isn't lol)
So if you're lucky enough to be able to pull off maxi dresses and Playsuits/Jumpsuits then I would say pack both, in fact you could probably even get away with literally just packing a few of each and just bring a tonne of accessories and cute shoes to make each look different. Oooooh that's an idea, I think I may do this and just bring a couple pairs of shorts. OMG in my head I've actually just packed my suitcase, Yessssss!!!!!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Epic Weekend!

So as I seem to be becoming more of a hermit  my mum has actually been encouraging me to go out and socialize and hang out with my friends. So seeing as it was my mummies day off me and the bestie decided to go the Chocolate Nation launch party. Now Chocolate Nation is a band that we normally jump with at Nottinghill Carnival and as you can probably guess the theme of the band is chocolate (and now coloured powder) and you're given tubs of chocolate and are encouraged to smear it on eachother which is actually great fun :) Unfortunately there was no chocolate at the launch boo... but Destra performed yey! If you love your Soca you will know how amazing she is so I had a brilliant time. It really put me in the carnival mood and now I can't wait to jump again.

Covered in Chocolate paint and powder jumping with Chocolate Mas last year