Tuesday, 25 March 2014

New Hair

Finally finished 6 Week 6 Pack

One word.. TORTURE! Here's my review :) Also feel free to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel its Fab and I will definitely be doing a lot more videos now I finally have a tripod woop woop!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Another annoying phase.. Fun, Fun, Fun...

So recently I've noticed an increase in RD's tantrums and he will now throw one anytime he doesn't get his own way. He has also now started screaming very loudly when he doesn't want to do as he's told, OMG it's sooo much fun and doesn't make your ears ring at all...  and he's is soooo determined, like when he doesn't wanna do as he's told he will let it be known that he will not be doing as he's told and then he scream and scream and I'm like STOP THE SCREAMING!!! and then guess what he does... AAAAAAAARGH AAAAARGH AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!This has all been made worse because he's been sooooo overtired. For some bizzare reason he's been waking up around 5am ready to start the day so by the time he's finished nursery he's just soooo knackered it's like he can't even deal with the level of tiredness so he literally goes bonkers and he also will not take naps. He also loves to

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Team Bikini Body

So I'm obcessed with this song at the moment, it makes me think of Summer and Ibiza (not that I've actually been there) and it's great for working out to or even just dancing round the house to, either way you're burning off calories and getting one step closer to that bikini body :)

2 mummies in da house

Well that's how it feels most days. Cali seems to think she is mummy and will literally repeat anything I may have said to her when she was being naughty, to RD. Sometimes I just sit back and listen and think, Oh no... I've said that before... *smh*
Recently anytime RD is being naughty in any kinda way Cali is right in there before I even get the chance to do anything, telling him off like she's me. On Friday he scooted off fast down the road and I was like RD come.. and before I could finish Cali was screaming at the top of her lungs 'RD RD COME BACK HERE, RIGHT NOW!!Then she sprinted off after him (left me there looking like a lemon), made him get off his scooter and marched him back to me while telling him off and then made him apologise to me for running off. I was just there like Oh OK... so obviously then had to throw in a 'Make sure you don't do it again' just so I felt like I was the mummy in charge again.
Even sometimes when I will tell RD to do things he will be like 'Mummy I know Cali already told me to do it' I just don't get how this child is so quick, it's like I can't take a breath around her otherwise she will say what needs to be said before me it's almost like she's my mouth!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Luggage Covers

So following on from my Customizing your suitcase post, I've been searching for cool ways to customize and came across Luggage Covers, OMG they make life sooo much easier if you really can't be arsed to spend time personalizing your suitcase, you can literally just throw this cover on and instantly your suitcase stands out. I saw some cool ones in Sports Direct and they start from £4.50 and are bright and colourful and creative, so now I'm in 2 minds, do I customize my suitcases myself or do I just save time and get these covers? Hmmm... decisions decisions

New trainers.. once again

It never fails to amaze me how quickly children grow, I swear I have nightmares that I will wake up one day to 2 basketball player looking children towering over my bed saying 'Mummy our clothes don't fit'
It's literally like RD shot up over night, his waist legs and feet expanded, luckily my dad brought him jeans that were too long for him for Christmas so he still has a few things that fit but a lot of his cute 'weekend jeans' do not fit at all and his nursery trainers don't fit either so I've literally just ordered cute replacement pairs from SportsDirect and George. I got him 2 Spiderman pairs, because as you know I refuse to spend off a tonne of foolish money on Blazers or Jordans, I always go for cute, fun and colourful or cartoon looking when it comes to my kids. I always get 2 pairs one Hi Top and one normal, it just makes more sense in the long run. Hopefully his feet won't grow again unexpectedly anytime soon, but saying that his feet had been the same size for a good while so I guess it was time for them to grow.
I thought I was gonna save money on his summer clothes as I thought all his old summer clothes would fit this summer, but going by the rate at which he's growing this doesn't sound very likely. Oh well #Joysofmotherhood :)

Monday, 10 March 2014

Packing Cubes

If like me you love to be super organised when you're packing for holiday then you may wanna try a packing cube. Although it's more rectangle than cube they're good for sorting out your clothes into completely different sections as they come in a variety of sizes so nothing gets mixed up. You pack them in the cube and because the cube is quite flat it frees up more room. I guess it also makes you re-evaluate what you are actually packing so technically you shouldn't really go overweight. Also you don't just have to just use them in your suitcase you can also use them in hold alls/weekend bags. I'm now gonna go on the hunt to find a cheap version because I really feel that these will help me because although I believe I pack well I'm always one of those people by the scales transferring clothes between suitcases to get the weight down so that I won't be charged extra.