Saturday, 25 January 2014

Happy Birthday Cali

Oh before I start my kids birthdays are 8 days apart so expect me to be doing almost the same thing with RD next week :)
Disclaimer out the way lol, So it's miss madam Calis birthday. I can't believe she's been around for 5 years, that makes me feel really old. Most days it feels like I'm living with a teenager but underneath it all she's still my little munchkin. She's come so far in her 5 short years, I'm looking forward to (and a bit anxious of) what she will be like in another 5 years. Shes a very intelligent, strong minded and switched on little girl, sometimes I think she knows a little too much....
But no matter how much she may say 'I'm not your friend' or how much she may call for Auntie, Gran Gran or Daddy *rolls eyes* she always has and will always be a mummies girl *smug face*
After being over a week late and making a very dramatic entrance into the world on January 21st 2009 that could only be compared to a scene from ER, I knew that life with Cali would be anything but predictable and normal, which is great because I am not a fan of normal and if she was 'normal' I'm sure people would question if she was even my child lol
So if she continues to take after mummy (with the whole being abnormal thing) and does very well in school and goes the whole college and uni route I'm sure she will go onto great things.
Love her sooooo much and although she drives me mad sometimes I really couldn't imagine life without my beautiful little daughter *blinks back the tears*

Thursday, 16 January 2014

My hair timeline

Sooo I've finally started making videos and properly started my own YouTube channel . I said before I wanted to document Calis hair journey and seeing as I'm now back to the 'Creamy Crack' aka Relaxer I thought I'd document my hair journey too, basically by the end I wanna be bragging about how long and healthy our hair is, if it doesn't grow after all this effort I will cry and maybe just shave it all off (just mine not Calis, OMG if I ever cut off Calis I would never hear the end of it from my mum, actually she would probably moan at me too if I cut off my hair lol) This could get interesting....
But anywayz this is my hair timeline so you can see the many hairstyles I've had over the years and you can also see Fat Jade then not so fat Jade then preggers and bloated Jade then extra fat jade then semi normal Jade. Although it's about hair I did notice my change in weight more by looking at these pics. Oh well.. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Another annoying phase.. Fun, Fun Fun...

So I'm now finding that the worst part of having children so close together is the annoying phases they go through. Because Cali will go through a phase then RD will watch her and not just perfect it but be 10 times worse by the time he 'officially' goes through the phase. For example; Cali went through a phase of throwing the worst tantrums ever, she would kick and scream and throw herself on the floor and cry. Now RD clearly observed everything so now that he's officially going through a tantrum throwing phase he has made sure that his are 10 times more epic than any of Calis worse tantrums. Because he will not only throw a  tantrum, he likes to customise his tantrums so he may

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bagging a cheap holiday

With statements like "Save up to £800" and "40% off holidays" it's clear the most important sales have started... yep it's the holiday sales!!!!!
Now if you're looking to get away with the munchkins and you're not restricted by school and can basically travel anytime of the year now is a great time to book. Have a really good look and take advantage of the sale prices and like I always say don't be afraid to haggle and phone around, as travel agents will always want to try and beat your previous price. You could actually end up with a really good deal.

My fav sites at the moment are:
Travelbag (better to call them and get their live prices)
Virgin Holidays (Their call centre staff are very helpful and friendly & tend to have first hand knowledge of certain areas/hotels, also if you book on the phone you can use your Flying Club discount)
British Airways (their prices can be very very very low in the sales and sometimes they can't even be beaten as I found when I initially enquired about another a trip to Barbados during the busy Crop Over season)
Expedia (If you call them they tend to give you a really good 1 time deal, but you have to book it on the spot)
TropicalSky (best to call them and they work hard to beat any previous quote & are very knowledgeable and will give you an unbiased view of wherever you're booking)

Unfortunately if you can only travel during the school holidays and are particularly looking

Sunday, 5 January 2014

My new look for 2014... Until I get bored :)

So since I've been loosing weight (woop woop, finally) I found that I'm now able to wear clothes I purposely avoided before. I've fallen back in love with Body Con dresses and went a bit crazy in the H&M sales buying up any interesting ones. The plan is to eventually be able to wear these unaided *cough cough without being sucked in by super firm Spanx*
My sister also got me this fab biker jacket from New Look for Christmas (I was soooooo happy because I don't normally get presents) and I plan on teaming the two with my chunky biker boots to form a look I like to call... wait for it... 80's Rock band groupie chic! Yes I invented that, but just in case it already exists, Ssshh just pretend I said it first :)
I'm even gonna do the 80's/early 90s big hair oooooh I can't wait! I may even make an effort on the school runs too... yeah.. who am I kidding? There seems to be an unwritten rule that you must look like shit or totally stressed out and confused on the morning leg of the school run then slightly better or like a completely different person by the time you pick them up at hometime.