Sunday, 22 December 2013

Shopping & Gatwick

Now I absolutely love Gatwick Airport it’s actually my favourite airport, If I can I try to make sure I always fly from there. I love the long coach ride there and I love wondering around when I’m there I really feel like ooooh my holidays started *cough cough time for Malibu although it’s 6am*. But although they’ve had some big refurb they still don’t have any real clothes shops in duty free.

I know a couple years ago they used to have a Next and I think they really need to bring back something that specialises in clothes like H&M... yeah H&M would be perfect! Especially when you have little munchkins who may have wet through all of the changes of clothes that you brought (which has happened to me) you just want somewhere reasonably priced to pick up a simple pair of joggers/leggings etc to carry on the plane just in case they have anymore accidents.
Now they do have

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Getting ready for the holiday

Before you even consider booking somewhere I would always recommend you read reviews on a site like TripAdvisor because you will learn a lot. Because normally the pics and info hotels put on their website may have been completely accurate when they posted it but now (maybe months or years on) things would’ve changed. I also wouldn’t stop at reviews if you want a true impression of the hotel or area you are considering go into the travel forums, I love these places you can really learn a lot, because it’s here that you will get true unbiased accounts of everything, I find the forums 10 times more helpful than reading a review. Also don’t be scared to message people on TripAdvisor if you have any further questions, I’ve done this plenty of times and people have been soooo helpful and will happily give you a detailed explanation to anything you wanna know. People have even messaged me on TripAdvisor and I’ve been like ‘ooooooooh a question’ *happy dance*  because a lot of the time people tend to more post if they’ve had a bad experience as opposed to a good or average stay, so really make use of things like this before you commit to staying somewhere.

I Love Tattoos

So I realized that I said in my profile that I’m tattooed and pierced and I’ve not once mentioned anything about tattoos since saying that. So this is the first tattoo I actually designed myself for my 18th birthday. It’s an 82 and it has a Libra scale over the top, because I was born in 1982 and I’m a Libra, sound pretty obvious but people really don’t get it even after I’ve explained it to them. This is gonna be my next project as I want some stuff added to it so it doesn’t look so amateur and I want it to look more girly. My tattoo guy already had a look and said all these fancy things he wants to do with it so I can’t wait to get it done although I probably won’t get it done till after Christmas because although he will give me a good deal (and then I will talk him down even more lol) I can’t imagine it’s gonna be that cheap.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cali's hair journey

1st Set of kinky twists

Most recent Marley Twists
So, so far we have been through 3 different sets of kinky twists in Calis hair, the 1st and second time we used Kinky hair and the most recent set we used Marley braid and then I curled the ends. I think these ones blend the best with her hair and I love them on her. I’ve also noticed that since I’ve been putting twists in her hair it’s been getting a lot softer. I’ve continued to use Shea butter conditioner in overnight, followed by an Olive Oil and Shea Butter kids shampoo/conditioner followed by Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner. I then use detangler on her hair and Olive oil heat protector before I blow dry it. After her last wash I was shocked when

New Hair

So seeing as I change my hair so often I thought I why not do little mini posts on my new hair styles. So at the moment my hair is in crochet braids if you go to Simply into my hair, she has a tonne of info on them she’s like the hair guru. Anywayz, I’ve always loved big hair so thought I would go really big for Christmas and the good thing about this hair (Water Wave) is it’s very easy to maintain all I do is spray water on it in the morning’s fluff it and I’m ready to go which is perfect for busy mornings and school runs. This hair also works well on holidays, because it’s not a weave you can wear it up without tracks showing and it’s quite light so your head won’t get that hot. I am working on adding more of my signature green and some purple to it though.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

So I normally hate taking the kids in town. If I need to go I will go when they're at school/nursery. They can never seem to behave themselves it's sooo annoying I usually just end up not even doing what we went in town to do and just head straight home. So clearly I was feeling brave taking the kids in town last week. Because they hadn't seen the Christmas lights in town yet I thought it would be nice for them to see them. Now the rewards chart worked perfectly in this situation as I laid out the rules before we even made our way to town and explained to them all the different ways they could get a star on our trip to town. OMG they were sooo well behaved, no tantrums no running off. They did take up a few things in the 99p shop but then put them all back nicely and helped me carry all the decorations. I was shocked! Normally I have to tell them off for everything and they will annoy me to death. The only thing that went wrong was when we were at the bus stop, because I misjudged how quick we would get there we actually had to wait longer than I expected for the bus and they just struggled to keep still, but then they got on the bus and sat nicely and enjoyed the ride home. I would even happily say I would take them in town again... yes... I am feeling brave.....

Reward Charts

After having to deal with some major tantrums from both Cali and RD I decided something needed to be done to stop them. These tantrums literally came from nowhere and were sooo epic sometimes even I was like OMG what is going on are you serious?! So... my neighbour suggested a reward chart (Thanks Alicia :)  So I had a search on eBay and found some costing £4 for 2 and 75 gold stars included. What I loved was that you could actually get them personalized. So I got one for each of them and Cali was soooo excited. Straight away she understood the meaning of the rewards chart and since I introduced them a week ago she has not thrown any tantrums at all because she knows that if she tries anything like that I will take away stars and she will not get treats at the end of the week.
Now, it took RD a bit longer to understand the meaning of the rewards chart, I was explaining how if he didn’t get stars for behaving he wouldn’t get his treat and he was like ‘Well I don’t want a treat!’ I was like ‘YES YOU DO!!!!’ hahahaha so I started giving him