Wednesday, 27 November 2013


So after writing about my Trunki dilemma, I actually found an alternative, well... actually Cali found it in the Argos catalogue (And now wants one) It’s called a Skoot and its a ride on suitcase. Trunki they come various colours, but unlike the Trunki  you don’t have to pull it along, because it’s actually shaped like a little mini moped so the kids can sit on it, hold onto the handlebars and scoot themselves along. Also because it’s been hand luggage approved they can literally ride all the way to the plane and hopefully all that scooting will have them sooo worn out that they will just get on the plane and go straight to sleep.
The Skoot looks like a lot of fun though, if I was a child I would love this. But once again you would need really well behaved kids who always listen, umm... anyone have one of those..? *crickets* nope..?  Because if your kids are like any other normal preschoolers they will just take great pleasure in racing round the airport and crashing into things at high speed and generally being a nuisance with them and they will refuse to stop or slow down when you tell them, so that could be fun while going through security. Security will be like ‘OK we need to check your bag’ and they’ll be like ‘No, Weeeeeeee’ and whizz through and have having security guards chasing them.
But, if you have been blessed with very well behaved children then this would be perfect for you as it would keep them entertained and they would always have somewhere to sit so will not be bugging you with the usual ‘Mummy... my feet hurt, carry me’ whinge. Also if you’ve gone a bit crazy in duty free you can carefully balance it on the Skoot and wheel it down to the plane, result!

Also with it now being £19.99 in Argos (it was £30+ when Cali first showed it to me) it’s cheaper than a Trunki and who knows it may even reduce again in the post Christmas sales so if you was looking for a budget alternative to a Trunki then this is definitely it and by budget I don’t mean cheap crap it still looks as good but if you can get away with paying a lot less money then why not..

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Time to chill out

Is This Love by Whitesnake

I'm on Bloglovin yay!

I just added my blog to Bloglovin woop woop! Now I feel like a serious blogger like I now need to start attending blogger conferences and all that good stuff. Oooh can't wait. I've arrived people, I-have-arrived! Hahahahahahaa
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Have you packed yet?

If you’re still looking for cute summer stuff for your holiday I’ve seen some good buys in H&M again, in the sales of course, you know me lol.

I got Cali the cutest pair of stripy leggings (£4) they’re such good quality and a bit thicker than normal leggings, they also have a belt loop at the top, so if your little one has long legs but a tiny waist like Cali then the belt loop comes in very handy. Also these would be perfect for flying in, I’m thinking I may get another pair and put them down for next summer. I also got her a mini mouse T-Shirt (£3) which goes perfectly with anything and as it’s so girly can be dressed up or down.
I then went over to Primark and got Cali her first ever denim shirt (£5). I actually saw my neighbours daughter in one and thought OMG I will be copying that for Cali, I had to get it in age 7-8 which is crazy considering she’s only 4 and not a big girl (She’s tall but she’s quite tiny)

I also got RD the most retro looking Mickey Mouse T-Shirt (£4) I was looking at it thinking I would actually wear it if they did it in my size. Annoyingly since I got these, the kids sale in Primark seems to have disappeared overnight, but the H&M sale is still going strong so probably best to try there first.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bagging a cheap holiday

Speak to travel agents direct

This may seem strange for me to point out, but sometimes the shops have different deals to their websites, it's almost like they're separate entities. Also when you've enquired about a holiday direct they tend to send you emails whenever they have specific discounts available, they will normally have things like 'Save 10% this weekend only'
I know it's easier and sounds cheaper to just go online but sometimes you can grab a great deal by simply going into a travel agents to enquire, as when you are talking face to face I guess it's more personal so then they will try their best to get the lowest price possible for you and it also saves you the hassle of ringing round everywhere as they will always try and beat whatever quote (whether online on via another travel agents) you have been given and they will also give you a shop discount just to entice you to book through them.

Things that make you go awww

RD singing: 1 2 3 4 5 once I caught a fish alive... 6.... Fish alive....mer mer mer go away..... Mer mer mer fish alive... this little finger on my right

Lol aww bless him


So my mum told me my phone was 'zoopin' I was like what??? She was like yeah I can hear it somewhere going 'zoop zoop' lmao where did I get this woman from?! so glad the crazy gene was not passed down to me...

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bagging a cheap holiday

Another way of saving money on a holiday is to join some kind of online opinions panel, I found one called e-Rewards where you basically complete surveys and earn credits that you can then change into Virgin Flying Club miles and Hilton Hotels as well as a host of other things. Which means it gets you one step closer to affording that lovely exotic holiday you've been craving.

Attitude City!

So I noticed that at the end of nursery in the summer Cali started to become a little bit rude and start backchatting. Now, she has always had mouth but it was never anything that bad so I thought OK I'll keep an eye on it...
As soon as she started school in September the behaviour just seemed to get worse, so where before she might've back chatted once in a while now it's an everyday thing and she has now developed some little sassy attitude almost like 'I will talk to you like that and you will do as I say' which obviously doesn't work with me. She has also now started to throw big diva tantrums and will randomly scream and stomp off over the tiniest thing. She has never been a tantrum thrower, the only time she has thrown tantrums was while on holiday (see previous post) but I kinda put that down to travelling far and being out of routine and in completely different surroundings etc because normally she would never throw a tantrum, now they're daily occurrence.

Cali has also started being super demanding rude and melodramatic. On Friday she had a meltdown because

Thursday, 14 November 2013


So party season has officially begun for the kids again. RD went to his first party of the season last month and Sunday was Calis friends party. It's great when the parties are held in them indoor play parks because after a couple hours they're completely knackered and give me no trouble at all. When it comes to bedtime they go straight to sleep with no issues. 
They still have one more party to go to at the end of November then I'm sure more invitations will start arriving in their book bags.
Because parties at this age normally tend to involve a lot of activities and moving about its hard to think what to put them in. Because when you think party you think pretty party dress but then party dresses don't work in an indoor play park...
Another thing that's hard is what do you buy a 4/5yr old..? So what I now tend to do is just give them a H&M voucher, the way I see it that can then either get spent on the child or mummy can get herself something cute, either way everyone's

Monday, 4 November 2013

Long Journeys-Kids-Innotab

I really can’t recommend these enough. If you do a lot of long journeys with the munchkins an Innotab will be your best friend. It literally keeps my 2 occupied until the batteries run out.
If you’ve not heard of them, an Innotab is basically a child version of an ipad, you can download all kinds on apps for it and you can also store ebooks, music, photos and TV shows. You can also expand the memory with a standard memory card.

Most of the apps are learning based but have a fun/gaming element. I recently downloaded a load of apps for Cali and RD, I got everything from phonics and spelling to maths and I even put some pop music on there for them and a couple episodes of Jake & The Neverland Pirates on them.
What’s also good is

Friday, 1 November 2013

OMG where do I change my baby - Gatwick Airport

If you are flying from Gatwicks South Terminal and you’re thinking where on earth am I gonna change my baby? There’s a few places that I noticed. The 1st one being the baby change room right behind the Virgin customer services desk. Now this room is tiny (and a proper piss take if you ask me) it’s like the size of a toilet cubicle. You go in and there’s literally a changing table a chair and a nappy bin. Now I’m going to tell you all the ways this ‘baby changing room’ is so crap. Firstly, if you haven’t had the chance to check in your suitcases yet and you still have them on a trolley there’s absolutely nowhere to put it, you kinda have to have the trolley half in and half out the room which means it semi obstructs ladies trying to get to the toilets. Now most ladies will just squeeze by and give you the ‘don’t worry I’ve been there’ look but then you have the evil ‘OMG I hate children they’re such a burden’ women who will just stand by your trolley and huff and puff and try hurry you up to move your trolley but there’s literally nowhere else you can leave it.
Another reason why this room annoys me is

Cali's hair journey

Now Cali has never had super long hair but it’s always been a pretty decent length and from what I’ve read she seems to have 4c hair which is proper afro where your curl pattern is more of a ‘Z’ than the regular ‘S’ curl.
When Cali was born she had completely different hair, it was very soft ringlets and it was super easy to manage I could literally put in a little bit of Olive oil and brush with one of them baby brushes and she would be good to go. But then just before her 1st birthday she woke up one day and her hair had completely switched. She literally had a completely different head of hair; the soft hair had been replaced with