Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bagging a cheap holiday

So after having a long in depth chat with a super helpful, chatty (and very honest) travel agent I learned that when it comes to summer holidays there's honestly never a perfect time to book. Although she did say that prices are released in April for the following summer so if you're looking for cheap/free child places during the school holidays it's best to book closer to this time because hotels/travel agents/websites only allocate a certain number of free child places and they're on a first come first served basis so once they're gone they're gone. Now this was something I wasn't aware of as I've seen advertisements for 'Child goes free with 2 full price adults' but it would seem this is only valid for as long as they have free child places available which seems totally ridiculous to me because surely if there's still room in the hotel for you to book 2 adults then surely there's room for your child to go for free.

She also informed me that there's no such thing as

Have you packed yet?

Sale at...

If you're now looking for summer clothes for your munchkins for your exotic holiday Morrisons have a load of kids stuff in the sale. There's various T-Shirts and shorts with prices ranging from £1-£4 and that even includes 2packs of T-Shirts. I've actually had to force myself not to buy anything as both of mine have a suitcase full of summer clothes (that I'm hoping will still fit them next year) 
The Morissons that I went to had more of a variety of boys stuff, I wasn't overly impressed by the girls sale items. I'm not sure how long the sale is on for but they have some super cute T-Shirts for boys and their tees are such good quality, they feel so soft almost like a velvet or something.. hmm... now that I'm thinking about it I may have to get a couple for my lil man, Ssshhh don't tell anyone...

Food, Wine, Rum

If you're looking to escape this random weather and head off to Barbados next month then you may be interested in this, which sounds like the best festival ever. The Food & Wine and Rum festival runs from 22-25th November and is at various locations around the island. There's everything from cooking demos to cocktail seminars and even music which sounds like a lot of fun. There are events during the day and the evening so you can just choose whichever works best for your schedule. Maybe it would be good to look into getting a sitter for the kids if you decide to go to a daytime event, then you can take your time, relax, socialize and sample EVERYTHING in peace and fully enjoy the event. Also how much do kids really care about good wine (unless it's maybe endorsed by Peppa Pig)
One year I will finally reach this event as it definitely sounds like my kinda party! Woop Woop!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Time to chill out

Ooo La La by Robin Thicke


So I wanted to get the kids a Trunki for the longest time, I always thought it was cool how you could not only store their bits in there but also let them sit on it and pull them along through the airport. But now the more I've seen kids with them at the airport the more I've questioned their practicality for a single mummy travelling with 2 small munchkins.
Because normally when I reach the airport, I already have to struggle with a trolley load of suitcases/bags/buggy while simultaneously keeping track of the kids and making sure they don't run off to examine any bag with Peppa Pig on it, so how


Mum: What is it them bubbleheads say again 'MBF?'
Me: MBF?
Mum: Yeah you know my best friend, MBF
Me: I think you mean BFF
Mum: No they say MBF because BFF just sounds stupid...

Oh and by the way 'bubbleheads' is my mums version of 'airhead'. I've told her plenty of times it's actually airhead but she won't be told

Things that make you go awww

So this is RDs new thing. He wakes up and sings to me whether I like it or not and he wants my full attention while he's doing it...

Mind the headlice

So one of the joys of sending your little one off to school is that every so often you will get that dreaded 'Headlice warning' letter. Now I remember kids having headlice/nits when I was at primary school and I would have thought that after all them years and soooo many products you can use for it, that it would be less common. But it seems to be just as common as it was years and years ago. I know I would freak out if I noticed something crawling round the kids heads so their hair is NEVER dry. Not only do I grease it up in the morning I then spray it with oil literally before we leave for the school run, trust me their hair is glistening kinda similar to a Jheri Curl hahaha. But the theory is if you make their hair greasy then nits etc find it hard to cling on. Ooooh just thinking about it is making my head itchy, I feel I need to go spray my hair now, OMG I've made myself sooo paranoid now. Wow my head is seriously itching. Oh the joys of motherhood... if it's not a letter about headlice, it's chicken pox, ring worm or something, I can't wait till they're teenagers I'm sure teens aint faced with these much illnesses.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Time to chill out

This should definitely be some kind of ladies anthem, I love this song. She makes the word dickhead sound like such a lovely thing to say to someone.
D*ckhead (In your eyes) by Daliya Nava


So Cali is a big teeth grinder and I really don't know why. It sounds sooo painful and it makes me feel funny when she's sleeping with me, I just can't take the noise it makes me wanna grind my teeth too strangely enough.
I know I used to grind my teeth when I was younger and I was never aware I was doing it. I remember anytime I stayed at my aunties my cousin would be like errr you was grinding your teeth in your sleep again. As far as I'm aware I don't do it anymore but I never really found out what was causing me to grind my teeth so I don't have a clue why Cali does it. She's not doing it every night anymore but when she does it, it's soo loud and forceful it makes my teeth hurt. Sometimes I will even go in and kinda softly massage her jaw because it just sounds so painful. She doesn't complain that her teeth hurt the next day and I haven't noticed anything wrong with her teeth which is good but I'm just still a bit baffled as to why she is grinding her teeth. RD did it for a short period when he was really ill and had chicken pox but it's not a regular thing for him as he's not done it since. I'm hoping it's just one of them childhood things that she will eventually grow out of (without any real damage done to her teeth)  I guess I'm gonna have to google it...

Friday, 18 October 2013

Oh how I miss these days..

Oh how I miss these days when they were tiny little munchkins who didn't give me much trouble. The days when there was no backchatting, sulking, squabbling, whinging or fighting, I wonder if I will ever get those days back again... hmmm... maybe when they're 30 or something. They were so tiny back then I couldn't even fit my dad in the picture hence the reason why you can only see his legs. People always say cherish these moments because they grow so quick and it's true, you kinda wish for them to get to the next stage then they reach it and it's like oh no I wish they didn't know how to do that lol. If I could go back in time I'd love to go back to the days when they weren't talking yet, thinking back that must've been like heaven as I get NO peace at all now. Cali can literally talk herself to sleep and RD is not far behind and why is it that when you're trying to get them to sleep they decide that's the time when they want to tell you all about their day at nursery/school....again....for the billionth time

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Have you packed yet?

Maxi Dresses
So Maxi dresses seem to be the best item of clothing to pack if you're going away  to somewhere hot, as they keep you cool during the day and you can dress them up at night if you're going to dinner or somewhere fancy AND they don't take up a lot of room in your suitcase.
I think maxi dresses are also good for hiding all your wobbly bits that you don't want people to see and emphasizing the 2 big wobbly bits you want to show off ;) don't worry if you only have 2 little wobbly bits a good push up bra will sort that right out lol
Ebay is a good place to start as I've seen soooo many variations you could

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Calis joke corner

Why did the pear jump in the cup?
Cuz he wanted to drink himself

Why did the chicken cross the bridge slowly?
Cuz he wanted to get run over

Why did the man jump in mud?
Cuz he didnt have any friends

How I managed to turn 22 again

So it was my birthday on 6th October and as I imagined I was in denial about turning 31 and officially being IN my 30s so I thought maybe if I didn't make a big deal about it or celebrate or even acknowledge it then technically it wouldn't have happened and I wouldn't turn a year older, but when I realised that was just silly, I thought of something even better (or some may say sillier, if that's a word? Or would it be more silly?) anyways I decided to come up with a new way of dealing with ageing. Now that I'm in my 30s I feel I have the right to now choose an age I fancy being that year, so this year I decided to be 22. Why 22? You may ask, well, I remember enjoying that age, I had no real responsibilities and just lived a carefree student life. I do realise this new method could get a bit tricky as the kids get older especially if I decide to maybe turn 18 one year, but at least I can get away with it for at least a few more years.

So I meant to say earlier that on the actual day of my birthday my mum auntie and cousin came over and the kids helped my mum bake a birthday cake for me which was quite cute. The kids enjoyed playing with my birthday balloons and I enjoyed the food and wine.

Then the following week I went out to shake a leg with my girls and let me tell you I really felt old. I actually complained about the bass and being too hot then too cold when the A/C kicked in. I actually spent a lot of the time in VIP which was a perfect temperature and had comfy sofas to relax on... yeah... I know.. I really need to get out more...

Anyways Happy Birthday to me (I'm 22 by the way hahahaha)