Thursday, 18 July 2013

My 1st experience travelling long haul with the kids - Cali

The thought of travelling abroad with my kids freaked me out so much that I only took one to begin with. I took my daughter Cali (who was 2 at the time) as she was quite well behaved and a really good traveller (and by good traveller I mean on long car journeys she would be the 1st one to drop to sleep and not wake until we reached our destination as opposed to RD who would just cry and pooh lol)

I booked a holiday to Barbados and after a lot of research I found The Almond Cassaurina on the South Coast (which has since closed down and reopened as a Couples resort) an all inclusive hotel that had a kids club where they actually accepted children from birth, RESULT!!!! as most places will not take kids under 3. I compared a tonne of sites and thought I had done a good job finding a decent price for us to go.
We got a coach to Gatwick airport and just as I guessed Cali got comfortable and went straight to sleep and didn’t wake until we were nearly there.
Checking in was a nightmare

Travelling long haul with small kids Aaaaaargh!!

So I know the thought of travelling abroad by yourself with small kids can seem kinda scary, the first scary part being how much you need to save in order to even contemplate going on holiday and the 2nd part being the travelling part and lastly what to do with the kids when you reach your destination. All of them things used to completely freak me out… actually the thought of travelling long haul again with my 3 year old son still freaks me out lol but I picked up a few tricks to help me cope and I thought why not share these with other mummies who may be in a similar situation.

In pursuit of 8 hours sleep

So I honestly can not remember the last time I had a full 8 hours worth of sleep. Recently it seems that the kids have been catching every single childhood illness from nursery. Which is good in a way because I won’t have to worry about them catching anything once they reach school but its bad because it means absolutely zero sleep for me. It first started with Chicken Pox and progressed from there. Also with Chicken Pox I found that instead of using the normal Calomine lotion the Dr recommended Calomine cream which seemed so much more soothing for them as you can actually massage it in, it reminded me of clay.Then as soon as we get rid of the illnesses then the random weather disturbs their sleep aaaaaaargh
I actually dream of having 8 hours sleep, oh well.. 1 day… maybe…

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

It's almost like they're twins

So there's only a 1 year age gap between my kids, well 1 year 8 days to be exact, so because they are so close in age sometimes it actually feels like I have twins. Although Cali is a lot more advanced, RD will still try and do most things that she is doing. People always think they're twin girls, then once again I have to remind them helloooo RD is a boy, yes he's pretty but he's still a boy and I don't get why I would have twin girls and dress one like a girl and one like a boy anywayz, to me that's just bizarre, who knows maybe I look bizarre enough to do that.
They always want to do things at the same time, like pooh which is highly irritating because I only have one bathroom so it's like oh no

Not another mummy blog... yawn...

Well seeing as I'm a mummy and I'm blogging technically this is a mummy blog, but I'm not gonna bore you stuff you really can't be arsed to read, because if you can't be arsed then I would definatelty find it boring too.

The main purpose of this blog is to show you how to travel long haul with small kids, from the saving part to haggling prices, to finding real family friendly hotels with kids clubs and then all the stuff to do with holidays, like fashion cute bikinis that can hide your wobbly bits, kids summer clothes.

Also you will find some random stuff about the kids and maybe a rant about some annoying phase they're going through. Also I'm on a quest to not be fat anymore so I will have a page dedicated to my weightloss journey just because I know as a mum it's hard to loose weight and I refuse to diet, I think diets are bollocks, I don't get why you would need to deprive yourself because once you come off the diet you just go eat the same food you had been banned from eating for a month and then you turn into a whale and just hate life, then you have to find some next miracle diet to loose the weight again. So if any of my weightloss methods seem like something you would wanna try then please go ahead. Also I've had 2 c-sections in the space of a year so loosing my belly is taking forever, so if you've had a c-section and managed to loose your belly please share any tips you may have.

I will also be posting things to try after the kids have gone to bed, whether it be a new cocktail recipe, new music, short story, OOTD, some cute shoes I've just seen, a cool tattoo, a funny video basically anything cool and interesting there wont be too much writing in this section, mostly pics for you to flick through.

So yeah.. thats about it, hope you enjoy :)

Friday, 5 July 2013

Introducing the munchkins

Speaking of the munchkins 1st there's my little Diva Cali she's 4 (going on 14 or maybe even 24) and she can talk for Great Britain, most of the time she thinks she's the mummy and she believes she knows EVERYTHING! To be fair she is quite knowledgeable and forward and sometimes has me looking up *cough cough googling* things so I have the correct explanation to her questions, otherwise I'm just there like umm...I don't actually know..

Monday, 1 July 2013

Hey :)


I'm Jade

I'm single (and I'm not bitter.... yet) and I think to look after 2 very active toddlers (or would you call them preschoolers?) a year apart you have to be some kinda super mummy because its bloody hard work. Regularly surviving on 2/3 hours sleep and actually being able to string a sentence together the next day, you seriously have to be some kinda super human.
I have a load of tattoos, piercings