Sunday, 22 December 2013

Shopping & Gatwick

Now I absolutely love Gatwick Airport it’s actually my favourite airport, If I can I try to make sure I always fly from there. I love the long coach ride there and I love wondering around when I’m there I really feel like ooooh my holidays started *cough cough time for Malibu although it’s 6am*. But although they’ve had some big refurb they still don’t have any real clothes shops in duty free.

I know a couple years ago they used to have a Next and I think they really need to bring back something that specialises in clothes like H&M... yeah H&M would be perfect! Especially when you have little munchkins who may have wet through all of the changes of clothes that you brought (which has happened to me) you just want somewhere reasonably priced to pick up a simple pair of joggers/leggings etc to carry on the plane just in case they have anymore accidents.
Now they do have

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Getting ready for the holiday

Before you even consider booking somewhere I would always recommend you read reviews on a site like TripAdvisor because you will learn a lot. Because normally the pics and info hotels put on their website may have been completely accurate when they posted it but now (maybe months or years on) things would’ve changed. I also wouldn’t stop at reviews if you want a true impression of the hotel or area you are considering go into the travel forums, I love these places you can really learn a lot, because it’s here that you will get true unbiased accounts of everything, I find the forums 10 times more helpful than reading a review. Also don’t be scared to message people on TripAdvisor if you have any further questions, I’ve done this plenty of times and people have been soooo helpful and will happily give you a detailed explanation to anything you wanna know. People have even messaged me on TripAdvisor and I’ve been like ‘ooooooooh a question’ *happy dance*  because a lot of the time people tend to more post if they’ve had a bad experience as opposed to a good or average stay, so really make use of things like this before you commit to staying somewhere.

I Love Tattoos

So I realized that I said in my profile that I’m tattooed and pierced and I’ve not once mentioned anything about tattoos since saying that. So this is the first tattoo I actually designed myself for my 18th birthday. It’s an 82 and it has a Libra scale over the top, because I was born in 1982 and I’m a Libra, sound pretty obvious but people really don’t get it even after I’ve explained it to them. This is gonna be my next project as I want some stuff added to it so it doesn’t look so amateur and I want it to look more girly. My tattoo guy already had a look and said all these fancy things he wants to do with it so I can’t wait to get it done although I probably won’t get it done till after Christmas because although he will give me a good deal (and then I will talk him down even more lol) I can’t imagine it’s gonna be that cheap.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cali's hair journey

1st Set of kinky twists

Most recent Marley Twists
So, so far we have been through 3 different sets of kinky twists in Calis hair, the 1st and second time we used Kinky hair and the most recent set we used Marley braid and then I curled the ends. I think these ones blend the best with her hair and I love them on her. I’ve also noticed that since I’ve been putting twists in her hair it’s been getting a lot softer. I’ve continued to use Shea butter conditioner in overnight, followed by an Olive Oil and Shea Butter kids shampoo/conditioner followed by Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner. I then use detangler on her hair and Olive oil heat protector before I blow dry it. After her last wash I was shocked when

New Hair

So seeing as I change my hair so often I thought I why not do little mini posts on my new hair styles. So at the moment my hair is in crochet braids if you go to Simply into my hair, she has a tonne of info on them she’s like the hair guru. Anywayz, I’ve always loved big hair so thought I would go really big for Christmas and the good thing about this hair (Water Wave) is it’s very easy to maintain all I do is spray water on it in the morning’s fluff it and I’m ready to go which is perfect for busy mornings and school runs. This hair also works well on holidays, because it’s not a weave you can wear it up without tracks showing and it’s quite light so your head won’t get that hot. I am working on adding more of my signature green and some purple to it though.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

So I normally hate taking the kids in town. If I need to go I will go when they're at school/nursery. They can never seem to behave themselves it's sooo annoying I usually just end up not even doing what we went in town to do and just head straight home. So clearly I was feeling brave taking the kids in town last week. Because they hadn't seen the Christmas lights in town yet I thought it would be nice for them to see them. Now the rewards chart worked perfectly in this situation as I laid out the rules before we even made our way to town and explained to them all the different ways they could get a star on our trip to town. OMG they were sooo well behaved, no tantrums no running off. They did take up a few things in the 99p shop but then put them all back nicely and helped me carry all the decorations. I was shocked! Normally I have to tell them off for everything and they will annoy me to death. The only thing that went wrong was when we were at the bus stop, because I misjudged how quick we would get there we actually had to wait longer than I expected for the bus and they just struggled to keep still, but then they got on the bus and sat nicely and enjoyed the ride home. I would even happily say I would take them in town again... yes... I am feeling brave.....

Reward Charts

After having to deal with some major tantrums from both Cali and RD I decided something needed to be done to stop them. These tantrums literally came from nowhere and were sooo epic sometimes even I was like OMG what is going on are you serious?! So... my neighbour suggested a reward chart (Thanks Alicia :)  So I had a search on eBay and found some costing £4 for 2 and 75 gold stars included. What I loved was that you could actually get them personalized. So I got one for each of them and Cali was soooo excited. Straight away she understood the meaning of the rewards chart and since I introduced them a week ago she has not thrown any tantrums at all because she knows that if she tries anything like that I will take away stars and she will not get treats at the end of the week.
Now, it took RD a bit longer to understand the meaning of the rewards chart, I was explaining how if he didn’t get stars for behaving he wouldn’t get his treat and he was like ‘Well I don’t want a treat!’ I was like ‘YES YOU DO!!!!’ hahahaha so I started giving him

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


So after writing about my Trunki dilemma, I actually found an alternative, well... actually Cali found it in the Argos catalogue (And now wants one) It’s called a Skoot and its a ride on suitcase. Trunki they come various colours, but unlike the Trunki  you don’t have to pull it along, because it’s actually shaped like a little mini moped so the kids can sit on it, hold onto the handlebars and scoot themselves along. Also because it’s been hand luggage approved they can literally ride all the way to the plane and hopefully all that scooting will have them sooo worn out that they will just get on the plane and go straight to sleep.
The Skoot looks like a lot of fun though, if I was a child I would love this. But once again you would need really well behaved kids who always listen, umm... anyone have one of those..? *crickets* nope..?  Because if your kids are like any other normal preschoolers they will just take great pleasure in racing round the airport and crashing into things at high speed and generally being a nuisance with them and they will refuse to stop or slow down when you tell them, so that could be fun while going through security. Security will be like ‘OK we need to check your bag’ and they’ll be like ‘No, Weeeeeeee’ and whizz through and have having security guards chasing them.
But, if you have been blessed with very well behaved children then this would be perfect for you as it would keep them entertained and they would always have somewhere to sit so will not be bugging you with the usual ‘Mummy... my feet hurt, carry me’ whinge. Also if you’ve gone a bit crazy in duty free you can carefully balance it on the Skoot and wheel it down to the plane, result!

Also with it now being £19.99 in Argos (it was £30+ when Cali first showed it to me) it’s cheaper than a Trunki and who knows it may even reduce again in the post Christmas sales so if you was looking for a budget alternative to a Trunki then this is definitely it and by budget I don’t mean cheap crap it still looks as good but if you can get away with paying a lot less money then why not..

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Time to chill out

Is This Love by Whitesnake

I'm on Bloglovin yay!

I just added my blog to Bloglovin woop woop! Now I feel like a serious blogger like I now need to start attending blogger conferences and all that good stuff. Oooh can't wait. I've arrived people, I-have-arrived! Hahahahahahaa
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Have you packed yet?

If you’re still looking for cute summer stuff for your holiday I’ve seen some good buys in H&M again, in the sales of course, you know me lol.

I got Cali the cutest pair of stripy leggings (£4) they’re such good quality and a bit thicker than normal leggings, they also have a belt loop at the top, so if your little one has long legs but a tiny waist like Cali then the belt loop comes in very handy. Also these would be perfect for flying in, I’m thinking I may get another pair and put them down for next summer. I also got her a mini mouse T-Shirt (£3) which goes perfectly with anything and as it’s so girly can be dressed up or down.
I then went over to Primark and got Cali her first ever denim shirt (£5). I actually saw my neighbours daughter in one and thought OMG I will be copying that for Cali, I had to get it in age 7-8 which is crazy considering she’s only 4 and not a big girl (She’s tall but she’s quite tiny)

I also got RD the most retro looking Mickey Mouse T-Shirt (£4) I was looking at it thinking I would actually wear it if they did it in my size. Annoyingly since I got these, the kids sale in Primark seems to have disappeared overnight, but the H&M sale is still going strong so probably best to try there first.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bagging a cheap holiday

Speak to travel agents direct

This may seem strange for me to point out, but sometimes the shops have different deals to their websites, it's almost like they're separate entities. Also when you've enquired about a holiday direct they tend to send you emails whenever they have specific discounts available, they will normally have things like 'Save 10% this weekend only'
I know it's easier and sounds cheaper to just go online but sometimes you can grab a great deal by simply going into a travel agents to enquire, as when you are talking face to face I guess it's more personal so then they will try their best to get the lowest price possible for you and it also saves you the hassle of ringing round everywhere as they will always try and beat whatever quote (whether online on via another travel agents) you have been given and they will also give you a shop discount just to entice you to book through them.

Things that make you go awww

RD singing: 1 2 3 4 5 once I caught a fish alive... 6.... Fish alive....mer mer mer go away..... Mer mer mer fish alive... this little finger on my right

Lol aww bless him


So my mum told me my phone was 'zoopin' I was like what??? She was like yeah I can hear it somewhere going 'zoop zoop' lmao where did I get this woman from?! so glad the crazy gene was not passed down to me...

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bagging a cheap holiday

Another way of saving money on a holiday is to join some kind of online opinions panel, I found one called e-Rewards where you basically complete surveys and earn credits that you can then change into Virgin Flying Club miles and Hilton Hotels as well as a host of other things. Which means it gets you one step closer to affording that lovely exotic holiday you've been craving.

Attitude City!

So I noticed that at the end of nursery in the summer Cali started to become a little bit rude and start backchatting. Now, she has always had mouth but it was never anything that bad so I thought OK I'll keep an eye on it...
As soon as she started school in September the behaviour just seemed to get worse, so where before she might've back chatted once in a while now it's an everyday thing and she has now developed some little sassy attitude almost like 'I will talk to you like that and you will do as I say' which obviously doesn't work with me. She has also now started to throw big diva tantrums and will randomly scream and stomp off over the tiniest thing. She has never been a tantrum thrower, the only time she has thrown tantrums was while on holiday (see previous post) but I kinda put that down to travelling far and being out of routine and in completely different surroundings etc because normally she would never throw a tantrum, now they're daily occurrence.

Cali has also started being super demanding rude and melodramatic. On Friday she had a meltdown because

Thursday, 14 November 2013


So party season has officially begun for the kids again. RD went to his first party of the season last month and Sunday was Calis friends party. It's great when the parties are held in them indoor play parks because after a couple hours they're completely knackered and give me no trouble at all. When it comes to bedtime they go straight to sleep with no issues. 
They still have one more party to go to at the end of November then I'm sure more invitations will start arriving in their book bags.
Because parties at this age normally tend to involve a lot of activities and moving about its hard to think what to put them in. Because when you think party you think pretty party dress but then party dresses don't work in an indoor play park...
Another thing that's hard is what do you buy a 4/5yr old..? So what I now tend to do is just give them a H&M voucher, the way I see it that can then either get spent on the child or mummy can get herself something cute, either way everyone's

Monday, 4 November 2013

Long Journeys-Kids-Innotab

I really can’t recommend these enough. If you do a lot of long journeys with the munchkins an Innotab will be your best friend. It literally keeps my 2 occupied until the batteries run out.
If you’ve not heard of them, an Innotab is basically a child version of an ipad, you can download all kinds on apps for it and you can also store ebooks, music, photos and TV shows. You can also expand the memory with a standard memory card.

Most of the apps are learning based but have a fun/gaming element. I recently downloaded a load of apps for Cali and RD, I got everything from phonics and spelling to maths and I even put some pop music on there for them and a couple episodes of Jake & The Neverland Pirates on them.
What’s also good is

Friday, 1 November 2013

OMG where do I change my baby - Gatwick Airport

If you are flying from Gatwicks South Terminal and you’re thinking where on earth am I gonna change my baby? There’s a few places that I noticed. The 1st one being the baby change room right behind the Virgin customer services desk. Now this room is tiny (and a proper piss take if you ask me) it’s like the size of a toilet cubicle. You go in and there’s literally a changing table a chair and a nappy bin. Now I’m going to tell you all the ways this ‘baby changing room’ is so crap. Firstly, if you haven’t had the chance to check in your suitcases yet and you still have them on a trolley there’s absolutely nowhere to put it, you kinda have to have the trolley half in and half out the room which means it semi obstructs ladies trying to get to the toilets. Now most ladies will just squeeze by and give you the ‘don’t worry I’ve been there’ look but then you have the evil ‘OMG I hate children they’re such a burden’ women who will just stand by your trolley and huff and puff and try hurry you up to move your trolley but there’s literally nowhere else you can leave it.
Another reason why this room annoys me is

Cali's hair journey

Now Cali has never had super long hair but it’s always been a pretty decent length and from what I’ve read she seems to have 4c hair which is proper afro where your curl pattern is more of a ‘Z’ than the regular ‘S’ curl.
When Cali was born she had completely different hair, it was very soft ringlets and it was super easy to manage I could literally put in a little bit of Olive oil and brush with one of them baby brushes and she would be good to go. But then just before her 1st birthday she woke up one day and her hair had completely switched. She literally had a completely different head of hair; the soft hair had been replaced with

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bagging a cheap holiday

So after having a long in depth chat with a super helpful, chatty (and very honest) travel agent I learned that when it comes to summer holidays there's honestly never a perfect time to book. Although she did say that prices are released in April for the following summer so if you're looking for cheap/free child places during the school holidays it's best to book closer to this time because hotels/travel agents/websites only allocate a certain number of free child places and they're on a first come first served basis so once they're gone they're gone. Now this was something I wasn't aware of as I've seen advertisements for 'Child goes free with 2 full price adults' but it would seem this is only valid for as long as they have free child places available which seems totally ridiculous to me because surely if there's still room in the hotel for you to book 2 adults then surely there's room for your child to go for free.

She also informed me that there's no such thing as

Have you packed yet?

Sale at...

If you're now looking for summer clothes for your munchkins for your exotic holiday Morrisons have a load of kids stuff in the sale. There's various T-Shirts and shorts with prices ranging from £1-£4 and that even includes 2packs of T-Shirts. I've actually had to force myself not to buy anything as both of mine have a suitcase full of summer clothes (that I'm hoping will still fit them next year) 
The Morissons that I went to had more of a variety of boys stuff, I wasn't overly impressed by the girls sale items. I'm not sure how long the sale is on for but they have some super cute T-Shirts for boys and their tees are such good quality, they feel so soft almost like a velvet or something.. hmm... now that I'm thinking about it I may have to get a couple for my lil man, Ssshhh don't tell anyone...

Food, Wine, Rum

If you're looking to escape this random weather and head off to Barbados next month then you may be interested in this, which sounds like the best festival ever. The Food & Wine and Rum festival runs from 22-25th November and is at various locations around the island. There's everything from cooking demos to cocktail seminars and even music which sounds like a lot of fun. There are events during the day and the evening so you can just choose whichever works best for your schedule. Maybe it would be good to look into getting a sitter for the kids if you decide to go to a daytime event, then you can take your time, relax, socialize and sample EVERYTHING in peace and fully enjoy the event. Also how much do kids really care about good wine (unless it's maybe endorsed by Peppa Pig)
One year I will finally reach this event as it definitely sounds like my kinda party! Woop Woop!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Time to chill out

Ooo La La by Robin Thicke


So I wanted to get the kids a Trunki for the longest time, I always thought it was cool how you could not only store their bits in there but also let them sit on it and pull them along through the airport. But now the more I've seen kids with them at the airport the more I've questioned their practicality for a single mummy travelling with 2 small munchkins.
Because normally when I reach the airport, I already have to struggle with a trolley load of suitcases/bags/buggy while simultaneously keeping track of the kids and making sure they don't run off to examine any bag with Peppa Pig on it, so how


Mum: What is it them bubbleheads say again 'MBF?'
Me: MBF?
Mum: Yeah you know my best friend, MBF
Me: I think you mean BFF
Mum: No they say MBF because BFF just sounds stupid...

Oh and by the way 'bubbleheads' is my mums version of 'airhead'. I've told her plenty of times it's actually airhead but she won't be told

Things that make you go awww

So this is RDs new thing. He wakes up and sings to me whether I like it or not and he wants my full attention while he's doing it...

Mind the headlice

So one of the joys of sending your little one off to school is that every so often you will get that dreaded 'Headlice warning' letter. Now I remember kids having headlice/nits when I was at primary school and I would have thought that after all them years and soooo many products you can use for it, that it would be less common. But it seems to be just as common as it was years and years ago. I know I would freak out if I noticed something crawling round the kids heads so their hair is NEVER dry. Not only do I grease it up in the morning I then spray it with oil literally before we leave for the school run, trust me their hair is glistening kinda similar to a Jheri Curl hahaha. But the theory is if you make their hair greasy then nits etc find it hard to cling on. Ooooh just thinking about it is making my head itchy, I feel I need to go spray my hair now, OMG I've made myself sooo paranoid now. Wow my head is seriously itching. Oh the joys of motherhood... if it's not a letter about headlice, it's chicken pox, ring worm or something, I can't wait till they're teenagers I'm sure teens aint faced with these much illnesses.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Time to chill out

This should definitely be some kind of ladies anthem, I love this song. She makes the word dickhead sound like such a lovely thing to say to someone.
D*ckhead (In your eyes) by Daliya Nava


So Cali is a big teeth grinder and I really don't know why. It sounds sooo painful and it makes me feel funny when she's sleeping with me, I just can't take the noise it makes me wanna grind my teeth too strangely enough.
I know I used to grind my teeth when I was younger and I was never aware I was doing it. I remember anytime I stayed at my aunties my cousin would be like errr you was grinding your teeth in your sleep again. As far as I'm aware I don't do it anymore but I never really found out what was causing me to grind my teeth so I don't have a clue why Cali does it. She's not doing it every night anymore but when she does it, it's soo loud and forceful it makes my teeth hurt. Sometimes I will even go in and kinda softly massage her jaw because it just sounds so painful. She doesn't complain that her teeth hurt the next day and I haven't noticed anything wrong with her teeth which is good but I'm just still a bit baffled as to why she is grinding her teeth. RD did it for a short period when he was really ill and had chicken pox but it's not a regular thing for him as he's not done it since. I'm hoping it's just one of them childhood things that she will eventually grow out of (without any real damage done to her teeth)  I guess I'm gonna have to google it...

Friday, 18 October 2013

Oh how I miss these days..

Oh how I miss these days when they were tiny little munchkins who didn't give me much trouble. The days when there was no backchatting, sulking, squabbling, whinging or fighting, I wonder if I will ever get those days back again... hmmm... maybe when they're 30 or something. They were so tiny back then I couldn't even fit my dad in the picture hence the reason why you can only see his legs. People always say cherish these moments because they grow so quick and it's true, you kinda wish for them to get to the next stage then they reach it and it's like oh no I wish they didn't know how to do that lol. If I could go back in time I'd love to go back to the days when they weren't talking yet, thinking back that must've been like heaven as I get NO peace at all now. Cali can literally talk herself to sleep and RD is not far behind and why is it that when you're trying to get them to sleep they decide that's the time when they want to tell you all about their day at nursery/school....again....for the billionth time

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Have you packed yet?

Maxi Dresses
So Maxi dresses seem to be the best item of clothing to pack if you're going away  to somewhere hot, as they keep you cool during the day and you can dress them up at night if you're going to dinner or somewhere fancy AND they don't take up a lot of room in your suitcase.
I think maxi dresses are also good for hiding all your wobbly bits that you don't want people to see and emphasizing the 2 big wobbly bits you want to show off ;) don't worry if you only have 2 little wobbly bits a good push up bra will sort that right out lol
Ebay is a good place to start as I've seen soooo many variations you could

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Calis joke corner

Why did the pear jump in the cup?
Cuz he wanted to drink himself

Why did the chicken cross the bridge slowly?
Cuz he wanted to get run over

Why did the man jump in mud?
Cuz he didnt have any friends

How I managed to turn 22 again

So it was my birthday on 6th October and as I imagined I was in denial about turning 31 and officially being IN my 30s so I thought maybe if I didn't make a big deal about it or celebrate or even acknowledge it then technically it wouldn't have happened and I wouldn't turn a year older, but when I realised that was just silly, I thought of something even better (or some may say sillier, if that's a word? Or would it be more silly?) anyways I decided to come up with a new way of dealing with ageing. Now that I'm in my 30s I feel I have the right to now choose an age I fancy being that year, so this year I decided to be 22. Why 22? You may ask, well, I remember enjoying that age, I had no real responsibilities and just lived a carefree student life. I do realise this new method could get a bit tricky as the kids get older especially if I decide to maybe turn 18 one year, but at least I can get away with it for at least a few more years.

So I meant to say earlier that on the actual day of my birthday my mum auntie and cousin came over and the kids helped my mum bake a birthday cake for me which was quite cute. The kids enjoyed playing with my birthday balloons and I enjoyed the food and wine.

Then the following week I went out to shake a leg with my girls and let me tell you I really felt old. I actually complained about the bass and being too hot then too cold when the A/C kicked in. I actually spent a lot of the time in VIP which was a perfect temperature and had comfy sofas to relax on... yeah... I know.. I really need to get out more...

Anyways Happy Birthday to me (I'm 22 by the way hahahaha)

Monday, 30 September 2013

RDs Joke Corner

RD: Why did the chicken?
Me: Why did the chicken...?
RD: *starting to get frustrated* Mummy why did the chicken?!
Me: Why did the chicken do what? RD you haven't finished the joke
RD: Because he didn't get run over by a car, ha ha ha mummy that was my silly joke, you can open your mouth and laugh now

Thursday, 26 September 2013

New trainers.. once again

So once again it's that kinda time where I have to buy new trainers for the kids as both of their last pairs have literally been worn to death.
Now anyone who knows me knows I don't dress my kids in labels (mostly because they're expensive and I'm not minted and also because I would give myself a headache running round after them making sure they don't ruin them expensive things) I brought Cali a pair of Minnie Mouse Hi Tops from Next for the summer they were £21 and that was expensive to me, I don't even like the wind to blow on them. They're canvas and and have glitter on them so would also be a nightmare to clean, now I'm wondering why I even brought them.. Oh yeah they were pretty and comfy... yeah never doing that again. She's probably worn them once,luckily there's room so they will probably fit her next summer.

Anyway I believe you can make kids look just as cute in 'no name' trainers from George or Primark, so


So my mum is one of them people who is just funny without actually knowing. It’s like she doesn't intentionally try to be funny but a lot of the stuff she comes out with is hilarious. I call these moments Heatherisms, So I thought I’d post her most random comments every so often because I can’t be the only person who finds this woman funny.

[After having the BBM v Whatsapp debate]
“What make phone is Blackberry?”

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Have you packed yet?

So if you're lucky enough to be going on some fab exotic holiday in the next few months, now is the best time to get your summer clothes as October/November time will be near impossible to find any cute cheap stuff (trust me I've made that mistake before). There's still a lot of bargains floating around as shops scramble to get rid of their summer stock and make way for the winter. I've seen so much cute summer stuff for myself and the kiddies.
I went in H&M the other day and found

Don't kids say the loveliest things...

Has anyone else noticed a big increase in the use of the word pooh with their 3/4 year old. Cali seems to be totally obcessed with the word right now which has now rubbed off on RD so now he often uses that word too. She uses pooh to describe literally everything, I've actually never heard that word used so much or so randomly before;

Me: Who did you play with at school today?
Cali: The same people as yesterday, pooh pooh and pooh pooh

Me: Oh look *pointing to her coat peg at school* what name does that say?
Cali: Pooh Pooh

Cali: I put my hat in my bag cuz it's made of pooh pooh
Me: *horrified* What?! (now thinking she somehow managed to get some kinda pooh all over her good
Cali: *pointing to a perfectly clean hat* Look mummy it's a pooh pooh hat

Me: Aww that's a lovely drawing, is that mummy?
Cali: No it's pooh pooh

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Time to chill out

The kids are in bed (well they've been in bed for ages now) so I thought I would post some chilled out music to help you relax. This is definately a song most women can probably relate to on some kinda level. I've just had this song on repeat the lyrics are sooo deep. It's kinda sad but very soothing at the same time.
Comfort Inn by Jhene Aiko

Friday, 20 September 2013

Those dreaded words.. that they find highly amusing..

Why is it that when you pick your kids up from nursery they will be adamant they don't need to wee or have just been to the toilet, then you set off home and they wait until you have past restaurants, bars and shops and you're literally near nothing to declare 'Mummy I need to Pooh!' it's almost like they do it purposely so they can watch you freak out and find some ingenious way of carrying them and the shopping home in 2 mins flat when it would normally take you half an hour. Then you get home all sweaty and out of breath and they just happily skip off to their room and play with their toys. It's like ummm I thought you needed to pooh and they're like no I don't anymore I just needed to fart.

Go Go Go Go shorty it's ya Birthday!

If its your birthday make sure you let your hotel know, don't just assume they will know just from looking at your details (I've done this before and was like oh no one cares that it's my birthday..) Some hotels take guests birthdays very seriously so this could result in anything from a free room upgrade to a bottle of wine or a fruit basket. Or even something simple like a personalized desert or special cocktail.
When I stayed at Rostrevor in Barbados for my 30th I got a

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Nottinghill Carnival

So I know it's a bit late, but yes I jumped with a band for Nottinghill Carnival this year and it was soooo much fun. I jumped with Chocolate Nation on the Sunday and Dynasty on the Monday. I was really looking forward to carnival this year as I didn't get to experience Foreday Morning or Grand Kadooment (the big carnival) in Barbados as I was just too ill. I also look forward to carnival as it's the only time for the whole year I get a full weekend to myself.

Lucky for me being ill worked in my favour as I managed to loose enough weight (purely through being forced to live on a diet of dry foods) to look good and feel comfortable enough to dance down the street in a leotard. If this was last year

Friday, 6 September 2013

Word Tins, Spanish and Cocktails

So I made the kids a word tin today, well more like a word box as I had no tins... I used to love my word tin at Primary school and got through the words very quickly. Do they even still do wordtins at school? Probably not, I guess it's probably all computerised now (wow I sound like an oldie) anyway Cali really impressed me, she could spell everything I gave her. I even tried to catch her out and she still knew how to spell the words. I think I may actually have to do some longer/harder words for her. RDs not quite ready yet though...

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bagging a cheap holiday

So in an earlier post I was saying how if you changed your Tesco Clubcard points into Virgin Atlantic airmiles you could end up saving on your holiday. Well at the moment if you exchange your Clubcard vouchers for Virgin miles you will get 30% bonus miles plus you could also get an additional 1000 miles

Sunday, 1 September 2013

No Kids Club, No problem

If you're in Barbados and really can’t stretch to All Inclusive  and you’re staying B&B or Self Catering with no Kids Club don’t worry there's still plenty of ways to keep the kids entertained (and wear them out) during the day. One of my favourite (and strangely not that obvious) places is Chefette, now this is a great place to take the kids because not only can you get something to eat and the kids won’t complain as it’s all fast food that they would probably love but there some selected Chefettes that actually have an outdoor play park which is great to let the kids loose in. It’s full of lots of fun things to keep the kids entertained like slides and climbing frames etc and the floor is that spongy tarmac so no nasty falls or accidents. You can literally leave them in there for an hour or so and they will run around until they're completely knackered. One word of advice though if you plan on going, let the kids wear leggings or long shorts as Cali had on normal shorts and couldn’t slide down the slide she just got stuck to it so ended up scooting down poor thing.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Best Kids Club ever @Tamarind Cove

So if you're planning your hols to Barbados with the munchkins you should definitely try Tamarind Cove.

It's on the West Coast in St James (oooh fancy) so you can basically pretend to be a celeb for your whole stay because you know the West Coast is famously frequented by the rich and famous. Just get your hair and nails done beforehand put on your best bikini and oversized sunnies, suck in and strut down the beach like you own it and people will probably assume you're a 'somebody' lol

So before I get into the actual hotel, let's talk about the most important place, the kids club, because let’s face it you want a decent place to leave the kids *cough cough everyday* so you can have some mummy time. Now I read some nice things about this Kids Club which was the main reason I chose this hotel over anything. Ok, so it's called The Flying Fish club and they take the kids from 4 years up, now this aint no ordinary kids club, both of mine have been to different kids clubs on the island and although RDs one was good, this one is on another level, Cali loved it, actually love would be an understatement, sometimes I'd go to collect her and peer through the door and see her having so much fun I had to just leave her till later, because you know that would have ended in a massive tantrum so I dodged that bullet a few times.

They do a tonne of activities, obviously they have the Wii & colouring and movie time play but it's not just free play they have real activities. While we were there Cali did swimming games (to the point where she now feels confident enough to swim without her armbands or swim ring) made a journal with some heavily decorated foam cover, She also did some baking where she made traditional Bajan Turnovers, which I love, she had 1 and was hoping to eat the other one later I was like ummm.... mummies hahahaha it tasted sooo good and looked store brought. We were also there during Cropover season so Cali made a cute tie dyed T-Shirt and carnival mask, she also went on a day trip into town to Bridgetown Market which is a huge street fair so Cali got to experience a little piece of Cropover and learn a bit about it and join in the celebrations which I thought was perfect for her. They even braided Cali's hair for me which was soooo appreciated and looked soooo cute she literally looked like a little munchkin bless her.

They also used to take Cali for lunch so you would see a group of kids sitting together in the hotel restaurant eating which was cute. Cali made a lot of new friends which was fun for her and made my life easier knowing she was enjoying meeting new people, because it's every mum’s worst nightmare that you take your child somewhere and no one plays with them then you get paranoid that they were in some dark corner playing by themselves. But all the kids seemed to just join in and hang out with each other and there was a mix of mostly UK and US kids.

The ladies who work there are sooo lovely and welcoming like you would have no problems handing your child over to them. They're all happy and upbeat and enthusiastic (but not annoyingly over enthusiastic like cheerleaders or something) As soon as we checked in they came straight away and introduced themselves and invited Cali to Kids Club the next day, which is something I’ve never experienced before as normally I have to go hunting for the Kids Club (which is normally located in some really hidden location)

Also maybe around 3/4pm they go outside and do games either on the beach or on the grass so then you have a good mix of kids from the younger ones to the older kids all playing something like beach cricket together. Now normally I would be very hesitant to leave Cali with ‘random people’ regardless of their childcare qualifications/experience around water but I felt totally comfortable leaving her there with them and obviously nothing ever happened to her.

The actual Kids Club itself is in a typical hidden location and by hidden I mean you will happily walk past it a few times before you realize it’s there. Like all the other kids clubs, you have to take your shoes off before you enter and once inside it’s all colourful and inviting. There’s the main room with the big TV and Wii, then a room to the left full of arts and crafts stuff then rooms off to the right where they have squashy sofas and cushions and do movie time and play games etc. It’s a nice size and very very clean, even the cleaners have to take off their shoes to clean in there lol

Even if the hotel was nothing special I would go back again just for the Kids Club literally because it’s that good and obviously when it comes to my kids and childcare  I am like a health inspector I am very anal about everything so if I’m recommending it, it’s definitely high end.

Oh one more thing that will probably interest you especially if you plan on having a night out (which you should because you deserve it) is babysitting. The ladies in the kids club actually double up as babysitters at night which is good as you already know them so you won’t feel scared leaving your babies while you’re out shaking a leg and it’s actually a decent price too.

OK so I’ll do a quick rundown on the hotel, alright so it’s West Coast so you would expect high end and as soon as you walk in you’re facing the beach then you look around and you’re like wow am I actually here?? It’s that nice. We were greeted with cold towels and rum/fruit punch, Yeah... so... quick warning, if you’re a lightweight probably best to stay away from the rum punch after the long flight you will be happy drunk after a few sips and skipping around the hotel professing your love for everyone lol its STRONG!!

The hotel is a bed and breakfast basis hotel but you can add on extra meal deals.
The breakfast was amazing (another reason I chose this hotel as I read a lot of glowing reviews on their breakfast too) it’s a proper buffet breakfast, with hot and cold options, I literally went crazy and had 1st, 2nds *whispers and 3rds* most mornings. They had everything you can think of including lots of ‘normal’ stuff the kids will eat like cereal, toast, yogurts and fruits.
Most days the breakfast kept me going past lunch time so I would only need dinner.
They have a Spa and adults only pool, so once the kids are at Kids Club you can go relax in there undisturbed.
There are a few restaurants but we mostly ate dinner by the bar as dinner doesn’t start until 7 and foods served all the time at the bar.
There’s Free Water sports which you should definitely take advantage of. I even took Cali on the HobbieCat (which she hated and cried on until she got used to it)
Oh they also have a water taxi to the other hotels in their chain on the West Coast which is pretty cool so you can go have a nose and compare and look totally fabulous on another beach.
Wow nearly forgot to tell you about the room, oh did I mention my room was upgraded *smug face* dunno why and I didn’t ask why, just in case it was a mistake lol but our room was beautiful and very big too. We had 2 single beds and 1 sofa bed which was more like a double bed. A big balcony with comfy (and quite fancy) furniture on it as well as a good sized drying rack perfect for if you’re like me and like to wash the kids stuff all in one go.
There’s a big flat screen TV and a walk in wardrobe I was like OMG I don’t even have one of these at home now I don’t wanna leave!!!!!! There’s also a bath/shower so you can still give the kiddies a bath at night.
The hotel grounds are very pretty and they have hammocks which are perfect for reading the kids a bedtime story as you can then rock them to sleep too.
Also the bus stop is just outside and there’s a petrol station across the road where you can fill up on snacks.

The staff are very friendly which is very important to me when staying at a hotel as I’ve had some bad experiences in that department where I actually wanted to leave early as I was treated sooo poorly and staff were so rude to me. Also when you’re travelling by yourself with small kids you want to feel comfortable and you don’t wanna feel like you are actually by yourself. But this hotel is great even management are very approachable and very visible. So, I do really like this hotel definitely worth a visit you deserve a bit of luxury. Tell them Jade with the green hair sent you J