Skinny fat cow

OK so my youngest is 3 and I'm very fed up of being a fatty. I can no longer use that excuse of "Well I just had a baby" so I really need to do something. Now I own a tonne of workout DVDs and after booking a holiday to Barbados with my super toned friend, I decided I will not be the token fat friend and needed to get in shape for real.
Oct 2012 my 30th Birthday in Barbados, this is the pic that made me think OMG fat cow time for you to really loose weight. I actually looked in the mirror and thought I looked hot in this dress, then looked back at the pic horrified!! I look pregnant!!! I did love my hair though...
So this page is gonna be dedicated to my weightloss journey. I'm always trying some new exercise or 30 day challenge (there's loads floating round Instagram) I know how hard it is to loose weight. I've had 2 c-sections in the space of a year so my belly is extra loose and I'm determined to tighten it up so I can finally wear a nice tight fitting vest top without having to wear some kinda support knickers or all in one underneath it. This page will probably include semi naked pics of me looking awful (then hopefully fabulous) in a bikini or underwear so if you're a prude (which I'm clearly not) you probably won't like looking at this section. None of the pictures I post will be airbrushed or have any fancy filters on them (as much as I'd like to airbrush away my c section belly and stretchmarks) it doesn't make sense as you wouldn't see the real results.
Also if you have any weightloss hints or tips or any exercises that have worked for you please feel free to share, especially any tummy toning ones.

21st Sept 2012 
I was really into jogging at this time and would go everyday. I did drop quite a bit of weight but as I didn't bother to tone you couldn't tell I still kinda looked like a blob

Oct 2012
My 30th Birthday in Barbados, you would think I would've bothered to loose weight or at least do some body wraps beforehand...clearly not. I was sooo wobbly 
April 2013

July 2013
 April 2013
I really don't get why my belly looks so pointy in the
middle & I just cant tone the lower part
(or 2nd belly as I like to call it) 
July 2013
After Zumba Wii Core and changing diet for 3 months.
I also did a squat challenge & still have no arse.
Oct 2012
Strangely although I've lost weight since this pic these
bikini bottoms do not fit at all anymore.
July 2013
I was actually soooo bloated on this day, hence the
1 piece, but to me my arms do look smaller & my
boobs bigger and I don't get how I lost weight on
my arms.
6th Sept 2013
I've since been on holiday with my super toned friend and as I got ill, I lost a load of weight  as I couldn't really eat. I then continued to loose weight when I got back to the UK but now that I'm trying to eat I can feel myself piling on the weight and I haven't been exercising. I am really lacking motivation at the moment. I find I only tend to try hard to loose weight if it's for a particular event or holiday then once I've done the holiday or event I'm like ooooh food then just get fat again. I really need to do a lifestyle change that I can stick to. So I need to commit to working out at least 3 times a week.
So feel free to add me on My Fitness Pal - FattyBumcha  I'm in desperate need of motivation right now
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18th Oct 2013
So I decided to join my local gym although I hate gyms. I thought this would be a good way of making sure I actually do exercise everyday as my motivation will be that I am paying for it so I want my monies worth. Seeing as I really don't don gyms I didn't really have a clue what I was doing when I started (as the gym is unmanned) so I would go on the treadmill just because it had a TV on it and I would watch New Girl (which is totally hilarious by the way, I dunno how I've lived without it) and Glee (which I find totally bizarre). So just by having no real structure I was finding that I was losing weight and my waist was getting smaller BUT my belly hips and thighs were getting bigger. So after speaking to my little cousin (who works in a gym) I'm now aware of the best things to go on to burn calories and those are the Rowing machine and the Cross Trainer (2 things which I hate) but I took his advice and OMG do they burn calories quick. I also discovered this next machine that kinda like a cross trainer but you step outwards and kinda twist so it also works your belly, Result!!!
I was only gonna do the gym for a month, but now I'm thinking I'm likely to get fat over Christmas so I should do it till at least January...

24th October 2013

Sept 2013
Sept 2013

Oct 2013
Just started going to the gym
Oct 2013
21st November 2013

So I've gone back to the gym properly but my diet has been up and down as I've had stupid stomach problems again, which means some days I'll be on soups and dry foods and other days because I've been on soups for days I'm starving so I eat like a pig to compensate. I think once I stay consistent with my diet then the weight loss will be more obvious, because I have actually been loosing weight but you just can't tell. I've also taken on a new 24 day abs challenge which is going well. I first though it was too easy, now, I'm like wow I hate planking. After this challenge I will probably start a next one in December to make sure that I don't pile on a whole load of weight over Christmas.
Nov 2013

Nov 2013

22nd December 2013
So after being ill for what seems like years (ear infections are no fun by the way, coupled with vertigo wooooo fun.. NOT!) I'm now able to exercise again. I found I was getting a bit bored of the gym so I've now been mixing it up and doing the gym, my 10 minute workout dvds and Zumba Core on the Wii. I seem to be visibly loosing weight although I can't see it other people can and I'm finding my old clothes are now slowly starting to fit me again which is good. I know I will probably pile the weight on over Christmas but I've got till next summer to get my curves back and loose my belly. My Dr also referred me to a dietician to go on some low Fodmap diet (aparently it's good for IBS suffers, yet another thing thats not fun at all) so hopefully that should help me shift more weight.
6th Dec 2013
20th Dec 2013

30th January 2014

So after piling on the weight over Christmas (as you do) I've not really settled back into my exercise routine. I've also been eating the most amount of bollocks, it's like I can't stop myself. Because of my stupid IBS I have periods where all I can eat are crackers and dry food, if that, so when I can actually eat I'm over eating to compensate for the fact that I haven't been eating and then I eat extra just in case I might not be able to eat properly tomorrow. I'm actually really annoying myself with it, I really can't wait to see the dietician and get on this low Fodmap thing so I can start eating properly without getting bloated and crippling stomach pains again. I really need to loose weight because after getting my mum to dig out all my body con dresses out my summer suitcase I now can't wear them as my stomach looks ridiculous, even my support knickers give me a bellyache cuz they're now waaaaay too tight, it's soooo not fun. My back fat has come back with avenengance and when I look in the mirror I'm actually like YUCK! I feel and look sooo fat and overweight. I recently got my hair cut and I've added some colours and it's all funky but my body just lets everything down cuz I now can't wear what I planned on wearing to complete the look. OOoooooooh I hate my belly soooo much, why can't it just piss off!

16th Jan 2014

16th Jan 2014
25th February 2014
So after being disgusted with how much I have been continuing to pile on and how crap my diets been I decided to try and take charge and have restarted Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6 Pack (for like the billionth time) now I normally quit after a few days because it's like torture but this time I'm determined and am now into my 3rd week so more or less half way through. I've also been doing Zumba in the evenings although tonight I may just do my 10 minute Pilates workout dvd. I'm now fed up of looking at my stupid wobbly belly and I'm pissed off that all the pretty dresses I got in the Christmas sales no longer fit me. I've also decided that once I get toned I'm gonna treat myself to a new tattoo as a reward, or did I say that already? Hmmm... probably, but yeah I will get a new tattoo :) So... what was I saying... Oh yeah the 6 week 6 pack, now I know I'm not gonna get a 6 pack because I haven't been doing both circuits (because I don't want to die) but I have been going hard on the circuit I do and I've been sweating my tits off (which I hate!) I'm gonna get some weights too because I realized that when I was pushing weights in the gym I was noticing a difference in my body so gonna get some by the weekend I think. Ooooh can't wait! Oooh and I'm down 2lbs since last week so I'm happy woop woop. I know people say you shouldn't watch the scales it's more about how you feel and how your clothes but I do actually have to watch my weight for health reasons unfortunately so I'm determined not to pile it on again.

10th March 2014
So I know I haven't posted any pics recently but I really wanted to wait until I've completed the 6 Week 6 Pack DVD and then post a before and after pic (I'm hoping they will look completely different. I'm now in week 5 and I literally can't wait to be done with this DVD. It seriously doesn't get any easier and I do it 5 days a week, so you would think it would be less stressful but it's still just as hard and I still can't complete both circuits, bloody hell one circuit has me feeling like I'm about to die.
I've also finally started my Low FodMap diet (which is the most complicated diet in the world) but it's supposed to more or less cure my IBS, and the amount of suffered with this shitty IBS (and yes I mean shitty in that way too lol) I'm just desperate to try anything that will ease the pain. So I'm hoping I will finally start seeing real weightloss results as my belly won't look like I'm just about to give birth, I swear it just does that randomly, like one minute my belly is just normal the next minute I could maybe breath too much air and that's enough to make my belly expand and I can literally feel it expanding, it then feels heavy like I'm dragging it along the floor. OMG I hate my belly sooooo much since I got that shitty food poisoning it's never been right. Any little thing can upset it and sometimes that can even be water or air and I'm not even exaggerating, I hate it. But yeah hopefully this new diet should really help. I saw a dietician and she said I have to do it for 8 weeks and apparently within those 8 weeks I should see results, but then she said theres a 25% chance it may not work on me, but I'm trying to be optimistic and because I've had to cut out a lot of stuff it's forced me to try new things, which is great.
But yeah one more week then I'm done with this torture that is 6 week 6 pack

18th March 2014
Sooo finally I'm in week 6 of 6 week 6 pack and I really can't wait to finish. I also recieved my very cute and very yellow dumbbells which I've been using everyday (4kg cuz I'm gangsta!) as well as my weighted hula hoop and I actually feel a lot lighter. Oh yeah been doing Zumba Core on the Wii too. A few things are now starting to fit me again, but thats just a few, the majority of my cute clothes that fitted before Christmas are still kinda tight on me. I've also started a low FODMAP diet to help with my IBS and it seems to be going OK, I've been really strict at sticking to it but it's so intricate. One of the restrictions is I can't eat more than one portion of fruit at a time.So yesterday although I didn't eat them at the same time I think I ate the portions too close together and OMG did I get punished for it, it was like fiesta en el toilette para mi, which was not fun at all,to put it mildly. I was soooooo late collecting Cali cuz my stomach just wasn't having any of it, I had visions of getting to school and Cali being the last child there staring longingly for mummy to come. Then my stomach problems just continued through the evening. I literally flew through their bedtime story and then was like 'TheEndOKmummyNeedstogotoiletnowloveyougoodnight!' Hahahahahahahaha
Trust me I learned my lesson and really spaced out my fruits today. But the annoying thing that is although I make progress with the exercising, anytime I have stomach problems I immediately get super bloated and heavy so it's a bit discouraging because then it just looks like I'm fat and havent lost any kinda weight at all and I need to loose weight because as the dietician very politely told me, I'm overweight, (Shocking! Me? Overweight? Never! lol)

25th March 2014
So yesterday was a big day for me *drumroll* I finally completed the torture that was 6 week 6 pack. OMG can someone say hard work?! Only do this DVD if you are serious otherwise it will kick your arse. I actually did a review of the DVD on YouTube so I'm not gonna ramble on about it... for once... But I lost 2 inches off my waist and 4 lbs which isn't amazing so I clearly still have a very very long way to go. Basically the C-Section belly is still there and even Jillian Michaels couldn't get it to piss off. But here's my before and after pics:
Feb 2014 Before 6 Week 6 Pack

March 2014 After 6 week 6 pack

Feb 2014 Before 6 week 6 pack

March 2014 After 6 week 6 pack

4th April 2014
So the exercising has been going well and I actually feel like I'm loosing weight and am actually starting to physically see the difference. Since 6 week 6 pack I've been Zumba Core and Zumba 2 on my Wii and I've also been using my weighted Hula Hoop everyday and my weights too and it seems to be working for me and I haven't been getting bored. So I will probably continue this way until I get bored then switch it up a bit. But I reckon I'm well on my way to bikini body. One thing though, since I've been well into my exercising routine and watching my diet I've found I don't have much of an appetitie and a lot of the time I don't eat dinner because I really don't fancy it but I'll eat like a tiny salad or carrot or something so that I can sit down and eat something with Cali after school. I dunno what it is but I'm seriously not hungry. I have breakfast and lunch but can't understand why I just can't eat dinner. Maybe it's some weird phase...
End of March 2014
(Excuse the mirror that blatantly needs cleaning )

End of March (Zumba,Hula Hoop & Weights)

18th April 2014
So I did my weekly weigh in today and was suprised to see that I've actually lost 2lbs (which is crazy seeing as I felt like I'd piled it on this week) AND I've also lost half an inch from my waist (which is a big deal to me) and it's weird cuz I feel like I've not been exercising as much as I normally do but clearly somethings working... I also realized that I really can't eat chocolate AT ALL. Although my lowFodmap diet says I can eat certain kinds of chocolate but I've found I can't eat any kind of chocolate in any kinda form because it gives me the worst stomach ache (and the rest) and my stomach gets super bloated like I'm about to give birth. So I've decided to completely steer clear of chocolate which makes me miss my beloved Haribos even more. I can eat Haribo Chamallows though so at least when I have sweet cravings there's one thing that I like that I can eat. 
OK so this week I've mostly been doing little mini routines that I've found on Instagram, the one I'm doing at the moment is:
50 Jumping Jacks 
20 Squats 
20 Squat Jumps 
20 Alternating Lunges
15 Burpees
25 Push ups
30 Mountain Climbers
50 Crunches
60 Sec Plank
You're supposed to repeat it 3 times but I don't lol and I do the squats and the lunges with 4kg weights. 
My cousin (who probably regrets being a personal trainer now as I'm always bugging him about exercises) told me to try a lot of planking to help strengthen my core because I was finding that whenever I exercise for more then 30mins straight I get the worst stomach ache ever like its one of them stomach aches when you feel like you'e eaten something dodgy. So hopefully the planking will help that and I've been doing lots of different variations of it too.
I've also done a little bit of Zumba and my Hula Hoop (but not as much as I would normally do) oh and I've been doing Pilates too. More Pilates than Zumba and Hula Hoop.
Since the kids have been away a typical dinner for me has been steak baby potatoes and salad which I love!!! and I'm off alcohol from today until the end of the month to see if that makes any difference. Although Easter weekend does sound like a dumb time to be off the booze, it needs to be done.
Next week I will post an update pic for sure regardless of if I loose weight or pile it all back on. 

22nd April 2014

OK so heres the pics I took after I wrote the previous post, I was soooo happy that I had lost a piece of weight I had to take a pic. I'm gonna do my next weigh in on Friday so will post an update with pics then :) 
19th April 

1st May 2014
So for some reason I've managed to pile back on the weight, I'm hoping it's just cuz the 'painters and decorators' are in at the moment. But I've been doing more exercising now than I was while the kids were on Easter hols yet I'm putting on weight. It's really annoying me because I actually feel heavy and my belly looks ridiculous. It also probably doesn't help that I've now been resorting to fizzy drinks to get my sugar fix. I do find that I can gain up to 6lbs while on, so I'm hoping that when the painters and decorators piss off they will take all this stupid water weight with them. I remember I used to take these natural herbal water retention tablets and they made such a difference, but they've since doubled in price so I haven't been buying them, but maybe I should start back...

13th May 2014
So after piling on the weight and my dvd player dying I decided to start doing Yoga on the Wii Fit exclusively so I've been doing around 30-40mins of Yoga and now finally all the weight I had piled on is slowly starting to go away thank god!!! I am gonna start back Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred once I sort my dvd player out but for now I'm  gonna continue with my yoga everyday. I'm sure by the end of this week I will be bored of Yoga and back to the Zumba but I'll just carry on until that happens. I'm also back to eating healthy again and I'm gonna remember to use my 'Slendertone' to help tone my belly, and by Slendertone I mean cheap version from Argos lol 
Not that long until the real summer weather starts to kick in and I refuse to be fat!

21st May 2014
So last week I exclusively did Yoga on my Wii Fit I was doing 40mins a night which went pretty well actually and I managed to loose 1lb. This week I've been doing Zumba Core on the Wii as well as my Hula Hoop and my 2min pre shower workout routine oh and of course my planking. My belly is looking big and wobbly but then my diet is just not consistent... OK it's consistent up until the evening, where I purposely brush my teeth from early so I won't wanna eat anything else after my dinner, then I stay up late and think hmmm... I need something to eat (well I really dont) thats something I really need to work on I need to stop my late night snacking because it's ruining all the hard work I've put in during the day. 

11th June 2014
So since Cali has had her operation and I've been home with her I've been very anti exercising. The plan was initially to do a lot of exercising while Cali rested, clearly I didn't take into account how much hard work it is nursing a 5yr old back to health and really didn't think about the random hours I would be up either comforting her as she was in pain or giving her pain relief. So now I'm pretty much knackered for the whole day to the point where I actually hate the thought of working out. The most I do is a short planking routine and my hula hoop and thats it. No Zumba no Pilates no other form of aerobics I just can't be assed. I have been using my Ab Tek belt everyday though (it's a cheap version of a Slendertone) and trying to eat healthy but I know I've been piling on the weight. I'm missing the school run because that alone burned soooo much calories and helped keep my legs in check now my thighs are completely out of control to the point where my bodycon dresses are riding up.

OMG so a little story for you, so the other day Cali and I went out for a little walk (so we could both get some well needed fresh air) it was hot so I decided to wear my usual bodycon dress with no tights, OK so we're walking long and some guy beeps at me, I'm thinking yeah OK whatever I have on a short tight dress...then I went to fix up my dress and was feeling around and could feel bum cheeks and no dress... yes my dress had ridden (or would it be rode? OMG i don't even think that's a word) up to my ass my ass was literally hanging out and flapping in the wind I was like O-M-G and literally fighting myself to find my dress and pull it down. Now I have to retire my beloved bodycon dresses until I loose back the weight. So looks like I'm back to leggings and baggy tops for now... 

I need to do something drastic because the warm weather seems to be here to stay for a bit and there's no way I'm gonna be a fatty for yet another summer. Oh and the day I finally get rid of this bloody pointless back fat I will be the happiest woman alive because that seems harder to shift than my c-section belly!

Also one thing I really don't get is whenever I put on weight it goes straight to my belly then my thighs, but when I loose weight it comes off my face my ass and my boobs. That's not logical surely it should subtract itself from the areas it added itself to first..?! Sooo annoying the only time my boobs get bigger is ob when I'm on or when I pile on loads and loads of xmas weight, other than that they stay the same or get smaller, which is not fun because I like big boobs :)
11th June  fat again *smh*

11th June
28th June 2014
So I'm on so I'm back to eat a lot of crap again I'm eating so much crap that I've given myself the worst toothache which has turned into some banging headache. I haven't exercised properly for a while omg I'm just hear getting fatter which is not fun. But in my defence I have been working hard on my writing as I wanted to complete my short story and get it published. So now I've done that I have more time to actually do a real workout where I sweat.  I need to get back into it cuz lastnight when I was planking my body felt sooo heavy like my arms were shaking and that doesnt normally happen.

10th July 2014
So I've continued to pile on the weight and now I'm really pissing myself off. I really can't get any bigger, because of medical reasons if I put on more weight it will fuck up a lot of stuff in my body that I'm already taking tablets to control. I'm now starting from the beginning again and aiming to just eat healthy and exercise at least 10mins a day cuz at least thats doable. I only decided to do this on Monday so I've been doing something different everyday so I don't get bored and I also just got a new pair of toning trainers so that will make a big difference on thee school run. I've also been taking herbal water retention tablets as I find a get that a LOT and I've been using my cheap version of the Slendertone. So if I just stay on this path hopefully the weight will drop off eventually... But I can't deal with looking at pics of me looking like this, like I haven't just had a baby, theres no reason for me to look this way.

10th July 

OMFG I'm actually embarassed to post this

23rd October 2014

So I haven't updated this in a while but here is the latest pics I took before and during my holiday to Barbados in August. I have since piled on the weight and am working hard again to lose it all...
1st August 2014

1st August 

9th August 2014

9th August 

29th August 

24th October 2014
So I've had a lot of stomach problems, (Oh I so love having shitty IBS) which means my diet and weight have been all over the place, I've lost weight then gained then lost now I've piled it on back on, fun... I have been exercising everyday though, I usually do either Zumba 2 or Core on the Wii or Just Dance 2014. I wanna lose weight before Christmas so I can go into the new year seeing progress. Basically I don't wanna start 2015 as a fatty. I realize I haven't posted a new pic in a couple months so will definitely get one up this week.

30th November 2014
Soo.... yeah I've put on more weight and am now soooo bloated I look like I'm pregnant with twins also been having stomach problems which is not helping at all as my diet is completely crap!!! I think if I had a quick fix and could see what I'd look like with a flat belly for example then it would make me work harder to keep it that way. I've seen non evasive Liposuction, I think it's called iLipo but the one I saw a review of (and the results were good) was bloody expensive. I also think I might take up spinning classes as I remember years ago (before the kids) when I used to do spinning I saw results very quick. Ooooooooh I don't wanna put on any more weight. Oh I also realized that if I don't eat breakfast or eat it late it throws my whole day off and then my eating habits get really bad.

14th December 2014
OK so for the past few weeks I've not really been exercising and have been piling on the weight. I doesn't help that I'm PMSing really bad (Oh the joys of being a woman) which means I'm like super bloated and been craving sweets and have acrtually been eating sweets every day. Now the backs of my legs are aching and anytime that happens I know that I've put on way too much weight, it's kinda like my warning alarm so get off my arse amd do something properly to lose weight. So I got myself a new DVD player (as I was using the fact that the old one broke as an excuse for why I can't do my exercise DVDs when in reality if I really wanted to do them I would'v played them on my laptop..) so now I have a huge variety of choice with regards to working out. I would love to do Jillian Micheals 30 day Shred as I know it give results but I also know it's boring and theres no way I could do that every day for a month. Def wanna do the Dance yourself thin as I get to use my weighted waist belt. 

Also I have a fab machine that I wanna try out too, apparently if you do it right you can see real results in 2 weeks. I'm gonna start using it tomorrow, so gonna post all the details and do my before picture 2mrw. 

Ooooh also I'm going to a fitness bootcamp too, next year which is perfect timing as I'm sure I would'v piled it on over xmas (although I really don't want to) so this will definitely be the good kick up the ass I would need. I refuse to go through another summer as a fatty.

15th December 2014

So today I decided to try be healthy and work hard to loose weight (again) but this time I have the help of the HoMEDICS Ultraslim Pro. It's basically a device that delivers low frequency ultrasound to a targeted area of the body. The specific wavelength of ultrasound causes the fat cell membrane to vibrate and then breakdown. The body then processes the fatty acids either by converting them to energy or metabolising them.
It's actually very simple to use and it claims to give you results in 2 weeks if you combine it with a good diet and exercise.
I've read a few reviews on it and for the most part they seem to be very positive and it actually seems to work, which is why I'm soooo excited to be using it. I'm gonna say from now it's not cheap but if this can tone my flabby C-Section belly (which I have struggled to tone for years) then it's clearly a miracle worker and would definitely be worth the money, even if it means saving throughout the year for it.

Also seeing as I'm serious about losing weight this time... Yes I'm serious... again.... I thought every 2 weeks I would put my measurements in the hope that the high readings will embarrass me enough to get them down...
Height: 5, 6
Weight: 13 st 3
Waist: 35.5
BMI: 28.96

So my goal is to get near a 30 inch waist (which is doable as it went down to 32 inches in the summer) and 10 stone which would be a BMI of 22. Tbh I don't really care that much about BMI I'm more concerned about my waist and weight not just for my own vanity but also annoyingly for medical reasons too and me being this weight or getting bigger or yo yo-ing so drastically can potentially make an already bad situation worse :( 
15th December 2014
15th December 2014

16th December 2014

So today I didn't eat as much crap as I normally do, but I really need to cut out the Haribos. I find it easy to cut out alcohol during the week but am really struggling to do it with sweets and the thing is I've eaten so much they actually make me feel sick and I don't like them, yet I'm still eating them...
Because of that I decided to do 40mins of the Sweat section of Just Dance 2014 and OMG could I sweat anymore? 

17th December 2014
Today I was doing well until I decided to eat a whole pack of Haribos, I swear it's like I'm addicted to them although they actually make me feel sick. I was also sooo tired I did actually contemplate not exercising at all but decided to do 10 minutes Pilates and 10 mins on my hula hoop, now I'm super tired so I'm gonna take myself to bed because I find when I'm up and I'm tired and trying to stay awake to do my writing that's when I tend to just eat random stuff that most of the time don't even go together, then I feel bad when I wake up with the worst stomach ache ever in the middle of the night.
OK so my goal is to give up the Haribos during the week.

18th December 2014
So today was my 2nd day using the Ultraslim Pro and I was feeling brave so I put it up to 15 mins this time, but kept getting interrupted as my Cali kept needing to use the toilet. Also I did it in the frontroom and watched TV which was a lot better as I didn't really notice the loud beeping noise. After the 15 mins I then did 2 minutes of Pilates, I used my fit in 10 DVD so I basically picked 2 20 minute sections and put them together, so I did Pilates burn and Pilates for flexibility. I noticed that my left side isn't as flexible as my right side which is weird. Also I really need to bloody give up Haribos during the week, they are like my downfall! Because other than the Haribos  actually have been eating quite well and drinking lots (not necessarily just water) but I have been keeping myself hydrated. So as I have to wait 72 hours between treatments the next time I can use the UltraSlim is Sunday. But finally I am starting to feel positive like this time I'm actually determined to loose weight and I'm also determined not to pile it on over Christmas.

21st December 2014
So today was officially the end of the 1st week of using the Ultraslim Pro and I was feeling brave so increased the intensity to 5 and put it up to 20mins. I still couldn't feel any tingling so I'm wondering if my extra flabby belly is preventing me from feeling anything or if I'm not using it correctly (although I'm sure I have got it right) I then did 15 minutes on my hula hoop.

24th December 2014
So I should've been using the Ultraslim Pro today as the 1st day of my 2nd week but as it was Christmas eve I had sooooo much shit to do I didn't even have time to sit down and use it, I was up till like 3am preparing stuff for Christmas :(

25th December 2014
OK so am a bit pissed off today, yes I know it's Christmas, but when you know you've piled on the weight and you're actively trying to do something about it, it's not nice when your mum not only implies that you're fat, but then goes on to say how much you really need to join a gym. Even when I told her I'm not a gym fan and prefer my work out DVDs and the Wii she still went on and on about how I should just join then it's there whenever I need it, I was like but I don't need the gym I know what I need to do. Even worse she's piled on the weight too, but you can't EVER tell her she's put on a bit no matter how nicely you say it yet she is allowed to blatantly tell you you're fat. 

1st January 2015
Sooooooo...... because of Christmas (yes thats my excuse) I kinda missed the 1st day of the 2nd week of using the Ultraslim Pro and as you know I have to start stuff on a Monday so I'm gonna start from the beginning again from Monday, so I will be treating next Monday as my 1st day of my 1st week then take it from there. Also had some real stomach problems (again) which were sooo bad exercising was the last thing on my mind. Saying that I've now really piled on the weight so I really need to loose soooooo much to get back to my comfortable weight and size, but I'm optimistic and I reckon I will get there with the help of all my gadgets :)

7th January 2015
So this week I have gone back to (trying to) eat healthy again, I am logging everything on MyFitness Pal so I can keep trackof whats going in my mouth basically. Me, my mum and my sister have also formed our own fat club where we share what we've done and basically support eachother via whatsapp and MyFitnessPal which really helps especially when you have a tiny achievement and someone basically pats you on the back and says well done, it makes you feel better about yourself and more determined to reach the next milestone. I have also been exercising everyday and mixing it up with various dvds and Just Dance 2014 on the Wii. I also used the UltraSlim Pro today and did my weigh in and I have put on weight since the last time:

Height: 5, 6
Weight: 13 st 5
Waist: 35.5 in

BMI: 29.31
7th Jan 2015

7th Jan 2015

11th January 2015

11th January 2015
11th January 2015
12th January 2015
So today I was under my set calorie target which made me feel good because I wasn't even hungry. I also did 40mins of Just Dance on the Wii and really went for it (so glad I switch off all the lights and close the curtains lol) OMG how much did I sweat?! It just woudn't stop. Also although my weight and weight measurents haven't changed my BMI has gone down a little bit:
Height: 5, 6
Weight: 13 st 5
Waist: 35.5
BMI: 29.27

20th January 2015
So I did my weekly weigh in yesterday and I've lost 3lb in one week and also half an inch off my waist woop woop oooh and my BMI has gone down too. I'm sure the fact that I've been sick and have had no appetite has had something to do with it. My sister was like nooo it's from the exercising you've been doing. So whatever I've been doing something has worked. I should probably post a pic shouldn't I....
Height: 5, 6
Weight: 13 st 2
Waist: 35
BMI: 28.75

10th February 2015
Ok so for the past few weeks I've been quite stressed and going through a lot of shit which has led to my IBS flaring up (Fun..) so my eating habits have been crap and needless to say I've piled on the weight. As I go to see a specialist Doctor about my Microprolactinoma they are now concerned that I've gained so much weight that it can effect the tumour and maybe even make it grow again. So they've put me on some meds that will help me to loose weight so now I feel real pressure to loose weight. I've also restarted my healthy routine (again for like the billionth time) but now I know I need to stick to it because it can really fuck up my health if I get any bigger and the last thing I want is for my tumour to swell and bleed internally again (which was the state they found it in when they 1st diagnosed me) Also now according to my Wii Fit because of  my BMI I am now in the obese category, So anywayz heres my new measurements:
Height: 5, 6
Weight: 13 st 9
Waist: 37
BMI: 30

16th February 2015
OK so I don't know if it's the meds or the fact that I'm not on anymore or a mixture of the 2 but I have managed to loose half a stone in the space of a week woop woop I'm sooo happy and I haven't really been exercising although I promised myself I would. But today I did get up and do my mini circuit and then did 20 mins of the Sweat section of Just Dance. I really need to build up my stamina because I have none at all, even after my mini circuit (which is no more than 5 mins) I had to take my inhaler and lie down on the sofa because I was sweating and couldn't breath properly. I actually feel like a super obese person, but then I'm wondering if I ever had any real stamina because even when I used to do athletics if it was anything over 100m I couldn't handle it.  I just need to get back into my fitness and stick with it even if I can only manage a 10min workout a day I will do that. I have to lose this weight now it's not a joke anymore now I know my health is involved, because I don't wanna end up having brain surgery because my weight gain had made my tumour grow and bleed again. The thought of that actually scares me, it's something I think about constantly, it's stressful on top of my normal day to day stresses of being a single mum.Anywayz here are some pics I took today..
16th Feb 2015

16th Feb 2016
Weight:13 st 3
Waist: 35 in
BMI: 29.07

11th March 2015
OK so after having a totally crap period which saw me put on half a stone even before I had started to eat crap, I've been feeling a bit defeated so didn't really work out. Now I'm back... again for the billionth time... and have been eating healthy, drinking lots of water and working out. I made a pact with myself that even if I can't be assed to work out for like 30mins each day I would at least do my Fit in 10 minute workout dvds. So on Monday I did Just Dance (as I was feeling energetic) then last night I did 10 minutes of Pilates then did 10 mins on my Hula Hoop while watching Judge Judy. I do have some new pics to put up so you can see my progress (or lack thereof) Also I finally (well nearly finally) have used my fat machine (UltraSlim Pro) for nearly 2 weeks so I may actually start to see results soon woop woop! My thighs seem to be taking over the world at the moment and normally I find it quite easy to tone my legs as I do a tonne of walking but for some reason my thighs just wanna be big. OOOh one good thing did come from piling on weight, my boobs got bigger AND now the weights slowly starting to come off again, it hasn't come off my boobs, for once *does happy dance* so I have nice big boobies woohoooo *shimmies to the left*

5th April 2015
OK so I've been on and off with my exercising recently, but I have been using my UltraSlim Pro and doing my hula hoop and planking and have definitely noticed a difference and although I seem to not be loosing weight or inches and am now officially a firm size 18 to me I looked more toned, well no not the whole of me, but my stomach definitely has been getting smaller, thank god!!!
My diet has been touch and go too , I dunno if it cuz of the tablets or that fact that me and the kids had been sick and I'd been busy nursing them and neglecting myself but most days I don't have much of an appetite and sometimes can't face eating dinner, sometimes I will just have a cracker just so I can sit down and 'eat something' with the kids at dinner time.
But I do have some pics to post so will get those up, I think I have 2 sets and I will then do another one for how I look right now.

9th April 2015
OK so this was the last pic I took in March, I still need to post one for this month. Don't have my measurements, after I piled on the weight I didn't wanna measure nothing, but, I will measure for the next one, promise.
March 2015

March 2015

27th May 2015
So after seeing a horrendous picture of myself in a bikini when I was in Tobago last month, I decided to take serious action. I have now joined a gym (again) but this one is different as it's not cheap so I will find my ass there to get my monies worth, I also joined because it means the kids get to swim for free and I'm trying to teach them how to swim. Anywayz the gym membership comes with something that's like a personal trainer where they sit down and go through what your goals are and then devise a workout plan to suit you. So at the moment I have been doing a circuit (as I maybe mentioned to the trainer that I hate gyms and normal gym workouts) my circuit consists of Squats, Press Ups, Mountain climbers and Deadlifts, then these leg flutter things and leg raises. Now the reason I like it is because I don't even have to go in the main gym to do it (apart from the 5 minute warm up on the treadmill) I do it in the studio and plug my MP3 player into the sound system and play my Soca loud to motivate me. The circuit only takes me around 20 minutes to do and then the trainer said that's all I have to do, so after the 20 minutes I'm done whoop whoop! Oh and did I mention I've already lost 2lb within 1 week of doing this *does happy dance*
11th May 1st Day at the gym

My goal at the moment is to ultimately loose the C-Section belly and get down to a size 14/16  (I'm currently an 18)

This is what my circuit looks like in the gym, so I use the hand things by the mirror for my squats, then the step for my press ups, go over to the mat for my mountain climbers then do dead lifts with the 4kg kettle bells. Also the good thing about this circuit is even during the half terms when I can't get to the gym I can actually do all of this at home (minus the equipment)

2nd Feb 2016

Dec 31st 2015

Ok so I haven't updated this page for a while, mostly because I've been a lazy fat cow and have piled on a tonne of weight and am now doing what I usually do and frantically trying to lose it all... again.. Since Christmas I've been trying to watch what I eat (except when I'm on my period) and have committed myself to at least 10mins of exercise a day. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but it's very doable and not a chore to do everyday. So I've really been into my Fit in 10mins workout DVDs. In the morning I do 10 mins Pilates then in the evening I alternative between 10 min workout dvds and my weighted hula hoop. I basically just do whichever I fancy that day, but I make sure I do it. 

With regards to food I havent cut anything out I've just cut back and I've recently (last week) found that eating little and often works well for me as I tend to get very anaemic coming up to my period and can get really faint so eating (and obviously staying hydrated) really helps stop me from passing out. So I enjoy eating a lot of red meat and veg and I'm not one to cut out carbs because I don't think it makes much sense as I need carbs for energy. I still eat sweets and drink my wine but just not a whole heap. 

I just need to get down to a comfortable weight because I'm fed up of being fat again. So I'm gonna start back posting progress pictures so you can once again follow me on my journey to getting down to a size 16 then 14.. maybe...

1st March 2016
So after falling off the wagon (Yet again) I've now realized it's not that long till summer so I really need to sort myself out. My kids keep asking me if I'm having a baby cuz my belly is so big. Also my thighs are completely out of control they're fucking huge!!!!! I've now had to resort to wearing baggy t-shirt dresses so hide everything. I also now wear a lot of black to make myself look slimmer... Lasnight I really could not be arsed to exercise I just wanted to go to my bed as I was knackered. But, I forced myself to do 20mins of Zumba on the Wii and 10/15 mins weighted hula hoop.

11th May 2016
OK so I thought I'd post some pics as I haven't done so for a while. But I'm slowly starting to feel a difference although I can't necessarily see it, but clothes that haven't fitted in a while are now starting to look good on me again. I've not weighed myself recently but I know my waist is 35inches which means 3 more inches to loose till I get to my dream waistline...
15th March 2016
 This is when I got myself a little workout outfit and a yoga mat from Primark and started doing a mixture of Pilates, Zumba and Just Dance

25th March 2016
29th April 2016


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