Sunday, 20 November 2016

Go away stupid vertigo!

So my body clock has been completely fucked for a while now, so for the past 6 months minimum I’ve been surviving on 3ish hours sleep per night. Now when I’m run down and about to get really sick my glands normally swell. So I had that and continued to still feel ill. I knew something else was gonna happen as I’ve been forgetting to take my iron tablets and I know I get anaemic very quick, so when I started to feel what I could only describe as morning sickness I knew something was really wrong. 
Obviously I knew there was no way I could be preggers, so when I found out it was vertigo I remembered this was exactly the same way I felt a couple years ago when I first had vertigo. I felt like I was drunk yet hungover at the same time, my head felt like it was shaking internally and I was continuously dizzy and the room keeps spinning. This gets worse at night when I try to sleep, it’s like WOOOAH! Then it takes forever to get out of bed because as soon as I sit up in the morning, no matter how slowly I do it, the whole room spins.

Basically I just need to sleep/rest/take it easy because that’s the only thing that’s gonna make this shitty vertigo go away. It’s like fuck sake, does anything else wanna go wrong with my body?!

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