Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Cropover 2016 - Virgin do you wanna squeeze any more seats in economy?!

So we were in row 51 which was more or less at the back of the plane where seats have funny configurations and OMG was it the most cramped and uncomfortable flight ever. It honestly felt that Virgin had crammed loads of extra rows of seats in so leg room was a joke. I've never felt so squashed on a virgin flight in my life and I fly with them all the time. I was scared to go to sleep for too long as I felt my legs would really cease up if I didn't get up and walk every 10 seconds it was mad. Also for some reason because I was so awkward it gave me the worse wind ever, I dunno if you've ever had wind on a flight, for some reason, I dunno if its the altitude or pressure, but it doesn't come out, so my stomach ballooned, it was so bloated and painful I just wanted to land so I could do one giant fart and feel better hahahahahaha
So as always the cabin crew were lovely and chatty and friendly but the food was sooo random almost like acquired taste food, I was sooo baffled. But annoyingly still had to eat it so I didn't get wind on top of wind. The films choice was really good I got in a few good movies (between sleeping) The latest Barbershop with Ice Cube was the best, it had such a relevant message too also How to Be Single was hilarious and actually had me laughing out loud on the plane.
It was a pretty smooth flight actually with no turbulence but the seating and space situation had me like OMG I can't wait to land and get off this bloody plane. Like Virgin why did you do that? I'm not even tall and didn't have enough leg space. Next time don't squeeze in extra seats just fly a bigger plane like you used to. Because I'm sure it used to be a 747 now it's an Airbus something which to me is dinky.

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