Monday, 15 August 2016

Cropover 2016 - Shit missed my coach

OK so normally I get the National Express coach to Gatwick airport with no problems, but, bloody National Express decided to move the coach stand to a totally remote and awkward to get to part of town. Needless to say I missed it then had to end up coming back into the town centre to catch a train. Now the last time I caught a train to Gatwick was maybe when I was around 10 when a big group of us went on a family hol to Portugal so I don't really remember how the ride was or what to expect. So, I dropped to sleep and was scared out of my sleep by the bloody train inspector guy asking for my ticket, obviously I never had one as I had to rush for the train, so ended up buying a ticket and kicking myself that for some reason I didn't walk with my rail card to get a discount. I also wondered why he even bothered as it was like 4am and I knew the barriers would be up at Gatwick.
Anywayz fell asleep again and struggled to open my eyes at a station called Redbridge or Redhill and really couldn't think where I was. Then, the train started going back on itself OMG you know when something scares you out of your sleep and its like you're fighting something and have legs and arms flailing, yep that was me. I was like Shit I missed my stop now we're going back to Reading. So this older white guy opposite me found my reaction hilarious and between laughing at me reassured me that this was the normal route and the plane was still going to Gatwick.
After that I was scared to go back to sleep so probably looked like some crackhead with my eyes propped open watching everything to make sure I didn't miss the stop. Although I now prefer trains I felt I wasn't as comfortable dropping into a deep sleep (although I did, don't judge me I was knackered) as there was so much stops along the way and although someone would have a job trying to teef my suitcase I was still concerned, whereas when you're on the coach you have peace of mind that your luggauge is safe in the bottom of the coach and no one is getting off or moving till the 1st stop at Heathrow.
Anywayz as I walked through the practically empty Gatwick train station just as I suspected the barriers were up so I didn't even need a bloody ticket, Grrrrrrrr!

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