Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Cropover 2016 - Gatwick South Terminal my fav :)

 So after meeting up with my gorgeous cousin who managed to have hair even bigger than mine (was slightly jealous lol) we did a bag drop as we had already done an online check in, tried to get a free upgrade (didn't work) then went straight through to duty free to get some breakfast. Obviously I had to get checked a billion times in security and take off everything, which I'm now used to. They actually now have this new machine it's like a standing capsule and u walk inside and something swishes around you (and then beeps a lot if ur me) then you have to take off something else then go back through again and again...  Oh also another piece of advice (as I wasn't aware of this) all your liquids and makeup HAVE to fit in ONE see through bag. Mine didn't so then I got stopped again and had to put some of my stuff in my cousins bag, which i found stupid and pointless as I just took them straight back out once we passed security.
Anywayz breakfast time, I went to my fav place, The Flying Horse and had my usual full English with a glass of wine. As always breakfast was yummy and didn't run my belly and helped to wake me up too.
Then we had to stop at MAC, where I surprised myself by only getting 1 lipstick Antique Velvet and no trip to duty free would be complete without me getting my beloved Eight Hour cream. Then it was off to the plane. We sorta kinda had to power walk, because we left it till the last minute, shock horror lol and the plane was at like gate 10 billion, it felt like we had walked to France! 

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