Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Why don't we use our real names?

So if you are from the Caribbean or know anyone from there you will know that most people have nicknames that stick so you grow up thinking that's their actual name. I didn't even know my own sisters real name till I was at Primary school. I remember going into her Saturday job with my mum and asking the manager for her and the manager looking at me baffled like who the hell is that? Then my mum called some next name and the manager went and got her. In the meantime I'm there baffled like where did this new name come from? I didn't realise the family had always called my sister by a shortened version of her middle name. All now I've never called her by her actual name and nor have my kids so I'm sure they will just as baffled when I explain what her actual name is. We also call my youngest auntie by her middle name and once again I was baffled when I used to hear people calling her real name.

My dads side is even more confusing as none of my aunties are called by their real names. I didn't actually learn their real names till an uncle died when I was a lot older. Also their nicknames aren't even a version of their middle name like my mums side so there's names like auntie Baby and auntie Dolly. I mean it's quite creative and a good way to protect your identity I guess but I wonder why Caribbean people have so many names. It's not even like it's just the elders who do it as we all do it with Cali, she has a double baralled 1st name and none of the family calls her any of those names.

Also then you have the evil nicknames that you didn't want but you ate too much as a child and was kinda chubby and the nickname Fat Child stuck with you all through your adult life hahahaha Oooh then you have the unexplained nicknames which make you think how and where did that come from? Like my late grandad was called Chesterfield but everyone called him Joe and I'm pretty sure Joe wasn't even his middle name lol

It would be interesting to see if other cultures do this

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