Thursday, 23 June 2016


This has to be my fav pic of my me and my sister, like we were sooo happy, and why were we happy? Because it was the 80s and life was great. Soo as my sisters 9 years older than me she helped my mum out a lot with me. She taught me how to do a lot. I remember her teaching me how to skate and ride a bike, starting me off on grass then building my confidence enough to then go on the pavement. I had a red and yellow BMX bike with no stabilisers which forced me to learn very quickly. She’s also super brainy and would always help me with my reading and read to me so by the time I started school my reading was so advanced they had to order in special books for me. I feel bad that my kids will never get to experience the joys of being an 80s baby when kids played outside, were super creative with making up games and just had a lot of freedom and fun. 


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    1. Yes the good ol' days before bills and fuckeries