Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I wish I was a crafty mummy

So this meme sums up perfectly how I feel. I always see pics of mums on Instagram, Pinterest and blogs talking about all the wonderful things they made with their kids and everyone looks sooo happy. But I don't do crafts, in fact I'm shit at crafty things and making stuff and I'm shit because I have zero patience at the best of times, so throw in something that I have to concentrate on and probably work at a few times before its correct, just aint happening. But I really wanna be one of those mums because my 2 really love making things, like it makes them sooo happy and they will sit down and take their time making things. How do I know this if I don't do crafts with them you might ask? Because my mum does crafts with them and they really enjoy it.
I also have a problem with staying still and my attention span is shit (I blame uni, I dunno why but I was OK till went, so it's Universities fault!) and actually the thought of having to sit that long and make stuff just doesn't blow my skirt up. Making things is soooooo time consuming. But then I feel bad for feeling that way. I always see cute little crafty things in the Pound Shop and pick them up then just never get around to using them and then my mum ends up doing it with them. But I wanna be one of those smug mums proudly showing off this fantastic creation me and the kids made.
I think I'm more of a lets get out and explore and catch a train or plane somewhere kinda mummy which also benefits the kids but I wanna be a crafty mummmm *Spits dummy out and stomps off*
Actually, just remembered we made cookies the other day, does that count towards being crafty? Ooooh it does? Yes it does whoop whoop I can now join the crafty mums club now Please don't burst my bubble by telling me cookies aren't the same as crafts, just let me have my super mummy moment pleeeeeeeeeease!!!!

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