Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Finally she lost it!!

So after years of her telling everyone she had a wobbly tooth (when she didn’t) Cali finally lost her 1st front tooth. Looking at kids in her year who have lost a lot of teeth it seems like at 7 she is quite late. Even the dentist was surprised that Cali hadn’t lost any teeth on our last visit. But I kept the kids away from sweets till they started school and even now sweets are a treat that they only get on the weekend and that’s only if someones brought them sweets as I don’t buy them sweets.
Anyways Cali was sooo excited and protective over her tooth that she got really upset that the tooth fairy was gonna take it away. Like she had a proper dramatic moment as she didn’t wanna give up the tooth. So I’m there explaining to her that I would have a word with the tooth fairy and see if she would give it to me so I could keep it safe, and RD is there in the background ‘Mummy you know theres no such thing as a tooth fairy, it’s mummy who will leave the coin under your pillow’ bloody hell thank you Mr Killjoy. So after guarding it Cali eventually fell asleep.

So the next morning I’m bracing myself for a big diva tantrum over the tooth fairy actually taking her tooth, but nothing. That child is so fickle, like she was already over it, I had to remind her to look under her pillow for a coin. She didn’t care about the coin either, like she was over the whole situation and onto something else while I’m there baffled like wtf is going on?

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