Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Over the water bungalows finally come to the Caribbean whoop whoop!

So normally you see cute little beach huts in places like The Maldives and Bali, where you basically have your very own luxury oasis in the middle of the ocean. But strangely you don't ever see it in the Caribbean, which is full of beaches and amazing places to put them. But Sandals are now looking to change this as they are planning to open 5 over the water bungalows on the private offshore island at its Royal Caribbean Resort in Jamaica.
Now I've been past this resort (baring in mind this was years ago during my uni days) and was really impressed that the hotel had it's own private island as well as swim up lagoon suites. So these over the water bungalows  will be the perfect addition to an already super luxurious hotel. This will also be the 1st of it's kind in the Caribbean.
As you'd expect, these bungalows have everything in them so you won't even wanna leave; including a private outdoor jacuzzi tub and shower, a hammock for 2 that hangs over the water and steps leading from the sundeck straight into the ocean. They even feature glass floors so that you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean without even having to step foot outside. So as the kids wont be there you can get in lots of 'sexy time' *raises eyebrows while doing creepy laugh* Ooh nearly forgot you also get your own butler... very fancy :) 
They do look gorgeous though, a fabulous getaway for you and your other half... which means I won't be going anytime soon... Well, actually it's not accepting bookings till November so I guess there's still time to find someone... *crickets*
So... to my future boyfriend, I'd like our 1st date to be here please, we might as well start as we mean to go on :)

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