Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Stupid stomach!

Sometimes I wish I could just start all over again with a new stomach. I don’t want my stupid stomach anymore. It’s not just because it’s fat and wobbly, constantly bloated and doesn’t seem to wanna get smaller, it’s the pain. Obviously you guys know I have IBS and how it started, but since the Easter holidays it’s gotten worse. I’m assuming the stress of having 2 hardears hyper kids with me literally 24/7 with no help during that time probably didn’t help my situation. It’s been sooo painful. I’ve been getting random attacks like out of the blue. Like yesterday for example, I was completely fine so made my way to my tap class, I sat on the bus waiting to leave then all of a sudden my stomach didn’t feel right. It then went from not feeling right to bubbling and crippling pain. I literally had to run off the bus and to the closest toilet.
Now I normally don’t give 2 shits about what the world thinks of me, but having these kinda problems and literally being trapped in a public toilet where people pretty much know what you’re doing is soooo embarrassing. I hate it and because I’m so self conscious about it, that just makes my stomach worse. Needless to say I didn’t make my class and felt like I did a tour of various toilets before I was even able to jump on a bus back home.
Then once home I had to just eat dry foods... Mmmm.... my fav... NOT! But it’s just such a hassle that whenever I’m feeling good about myself and not having big stomach problems that it starts hurting and fucks everything up for me. Then I end up having to cancel plans for things I was really looking forward to.
I wish I had a normal stomach that wasn’t so sensitive to every bloody thing. It feels like this stupid stomach is ruining my life! I know it sounds dramatic, but if you have severe IBS you will know what a pain it is. It’s actually stressful and depressing and annoyingly stress and depression are 2 things (out of like a billion) that cause my stomach to act up. Basically, I can’t fucking win!


  1. Have you tried the fodmap diet? I've heard that's meant to help x

    1. Yeah tried that it worked for maybe a month then it just randomly stopped working and my stomach went funny again. I was seeing a specialit dietician and everything even she couldn't understand why it just stopped working for me