Friday, 18 March 2016

SingleSuperMummys Beach Bummer cocktail

So if you’re on one of those rare girly holidays without the kids and planning a lazy day on the beach I always say you need the 2 necessities, Big Bottle of Water and Rum. So I’m gonna show you the best way to save money, enjoy a cheap fun fruity rum based cocktail on the beach. I like to call this one The Ultimate Beach Bummer (If there’s already a cocktail with that same name, my ones better lol). The things you will need are:
Mount gay rum
Cranberry juice
Tropical fruit juice
Half a lime
Empty 2 ltr water bottle
Freezer bottles (enough for everyone to have 1 each)
OK so as I don’t really bother with measurements you want to fill a quarter of the empty water bottle with Malibu then half that amount in Mount Gay, the same amount of Cranberry juice, then fill the rest of the bottle with tropical fruit juice. Squeeze a bit of lime, then give the bottle a good shake. Then pour it into everyone’s freezer bottles and you have a nice ice cold refreshing cocktail (Although if like me you hate cold drinks and only drink room temperature, then remove the ice stick from your freezer bottle). It tastes soooo good and is kinda similar to a Malibu Bay Breeze and is very fruity but not as sweet. Also this drink is a creeper so you may want to pack a sandwich to soak up the alcohol a bit as you don’t wanna be completely wasted in the sun. Trust me being drunk during the day is not as fun as being totally trashed at night after the suns gone down ;)

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