Thursday, 3 March 2016

Pizza making

So I was trying to think of fun activities to do with the kids during the half term and saw this pizza making kit in Asda. Now it said it could make 8 pizzas, but as I assumed they probably meant 8 tiny pizzas we just made 3 pizzas instead. The kit comes with the dough mix and the tomato base sauce. The kids enjoyed the whole process of rolling the dough and adding whatever toppings they wanted which included ham, salami, frankfurters and lots of cheese. Having not read the instructions properly we put our 3 thick pizzas in the oven expecting them to pretty much stay the same size. After 20 minutes I took them out and noticed they had expanded both ways, so we ended up with big super thick pizzas. So it made me think Asdas description was right and we could've made 8 decent sized pizzas or rolled out the dough some more and made 3/4 large pizzas that we could've eaten the day after too. Either way we finished them and they tasted good.

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