Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My top 5 bikinis for plus sized ladies

So I always go crazy buying bikinis in the sale so I have a good selection to suit how bloated or fat I might be feeling. As I always see pics of general bikinis for skinny girls and magazines may feature bikinis for different body shapes, they don’t seem to show bikinis for bigger girls with the same popular body shapes. Because a big girl and a small girl could both have a pear shaped body but a bikini recommended for a small girl with a pear shape would probably not work on a bigger girl. Anywayz, I thought I’d show some of my favourite bikinis for us curvy plus sized ladies.

Now this is my ultimate fav bikini. Its 50s style so the knickers are very high waist so it covers my stomach on days that I’m feeling self conscious about my mummy belly. The top fits like a real padded balcony bra so it’s very supportive and makes your boobs look good. 
This bikini gives you the illusion of curves, even if you’re more wobbly or boy shaped than curvy.

I love love love the print on this bikini. The bottoms are like the average knickers shape so stop under your belly button and the top is like a bandeau, which is something that’s usually hard to wear with big boobs, but, the shape of it and the fact that inside is like a bra so it’s lined and supportive makes it wearable. 
This bikini is perfect for standing out on the beach.

Although I have featured 2 matching bikini sets on my list, I prefer to mix and match and love this bikini. The bottoms are 50’s style but aren’t super high waist like the blue bikini, it stops literally at the top of your belly button so more of your belly is on show. I love to pair it with this black halter neck bikini. This top also is like a fitted bra so you can frolic in the water without your boobs flying everywhere feeling like heavy rocks. 
This for me is perfect 50’s glamour bikini for the alternative girls.

So this one is a bit more daring, if you killed yourself losing weight and toning up and you basically want to flaunt everything. The knickers are between a low rise and a standard so they will cover your belly, but if you have that flappy mummy belly (that’s near impossible to firm) you may find yourself adjusting the kickers a lot and tucking your belly in hahaha. The bikini top is like an air filled bra so it makes your boobs look HUGE! Like seriously it pushes them up to ridiculous levels so do not wear this if you’re not willing to deal with all the attention you will get. It needs to be worn with total confidence.
This bikini is perfect for standing out on the beach.

Another fav mix and match one. The tribal print on the knickers is soo flattering and it’s the standard bikini bottom so sits below your belly button. The tassels give it a cutesy edge. I think the bikini top clashes well with the tribal print and as it’s a fitted padded halter neck bra it makes your boobs look nice and round like apples lol
This is the perfect understated sexy bikini

On a side note: I got all of these bikinis from Primark over the years. So although you may not find the exact same one, you could probably find some very very similar as Primark tend to bring out the same bikinis every year with one or 2 tiny changes to them.

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