Friday, 4 March 2016

Far East Adventure

So when the kids are a bit older, like maybe 9 and 10 I wanna take them on a tour of the Middle East and take in places like Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Bali. I just think those countries are totally different to anywhere we have been before and it would be lovely to immerse ourselves in a completely different culture and learn about different customs and learn a few simple words.

 Also I know that Japan has its own Disneyland so it would be fun to go there and see how it compares to the other ones. Also Cali would go crazy over all the Hello Kitty stuff in Japan. Once again I’d like to do this during the summer holidays, so that’s gonna wack the price up which means I will have to do my usual and go without certain things and save from the year before. 

Also I’d love to experience flying with Emirates, Ethihad or Singapore Airlines because their planes look soo lovely, especially their 1st class suites (Which I obviously won’t be experiencing) but economy is a step in the right direction. Actually... if I flew with Virgin I could probably use my airmiles to upgrade us.... hmmm... 

Also imagine how much extra airmiles I would get from flying to all those places, I’d probably have enough to go on an exotic holiday next...

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