Monday, 7 March 2016


So for years due to my Prolactinoma I have been getting excess hairs on my face and I fucking hate it! This is the one thing I’m super sensitive about. As strong as I am if someone was to notice them (and I feel like I hide them under makeup quite well) and say something evil about the hairs I would probably run away and lock myself in a room and cry. Now because of the Prolactinoma and the Polycystic overies I’ve been told it’s gonna be near impossible to permanatly get rid of them. My Endocrine doctor even told me not to bother wasting my money on Lazer hair removal as it wont work. I’ve tried all kinds of creams and medication for it and so far nothing has worked. Although the Vaniqua cream has made the hairs finer.
OK, So, I was watching a popular beauty blogger Chanel Boateng on YouTube who was brave enough to show her problem with facial hair growth to the world. It really helped as her hairs were in the same kinda areas as mine then when I read the comments it seems to be a popular problem for women and there was lots of helpful tips and suggestions. I noticed one particular comment that said to try Electrolysis as it’s better than Lazer (it's a lot cheaper too) So I literally went straight and booked an electrolysis session.
 So now I've been having regular electrolysis treatments for over a year now and the lovely lady who does it decided to try mixing up the electrolysis with waxing. Which means she does 20 mins electrolyisis and finishes it off with wax and that's made such a big difference. I have also been put on another form of medication to help stop the hair growth so everything seems to be working well together. I mean the hair hasn't completely gone but it's 10 times better than it was in the beginning. I don't know if it will ever completely disappear but I'm happy with any kinda improvement as it just makes me feel soooo self conscience.
Also I don't just rely on the electrolysis and meds, my daily facial routine plays a huge part. It may sound a bit OTT but it really helps:
1. Wash and exoliate with Tea Tree oil facial scrub
2. Cleanse with Anne French
3. Cleanse/Tone with Micellar water
4. Cleanse with Witch hazel
5. Apply Vaniqua cream
6. Apply Tea Tree oil
7. Cream face with Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

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