Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Diary of RD 5

So I'm happy to say that RD seems to have settled down now. He's not been crazy or done any of the things he was doing before, like not listening, screaming, being rude, hitting and throwing things at me and his sister. I'm not sure if he got bored of being told off and having all of his cars taken from him or if he's just being good for now and will be 100 times worse next week, but for now I'm enjoying the peace. I've not done anything differently to make him stop, but maybe the consistency of the consequences for his actions has helped. He has since told me he doesn't like me shouting at him and I told him if you listen and behave mummy wont have to shout, so now he listens.. as much as a 6 year old boy can listen... I'm not saying he's a perfect angel, like sure he has his moments, but he's a lot easier to reign in and will listen to reason. He now seems to get that if he's good he gets a lot of praise. My dad has even got involved and told both of the kids, if they're well behaved then he will take them out for dinner every month. So that's another incentive for them to do the right thing as they love dressing up and going to restaurants to eat.

I'm hoping that this annoying draining phase has now passed, but slightly worried as to what the next phase will be.....

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