Saturday, 5 March 2016

Coach trips

So because we always get a coach to the airport when we're going on holiday I decided to get a family coach card for the year. It was only £8 and lets one child travel for free. I now want to actually make some real use of it instead of using it once a year to go the airport. I’ve never really been a fan of travelling/holidaying in the UK (Just because I can’t consider anything a holiday unless it’s hot and has a beach) but seeing as the card is paid for I thought why not put it to good use and seeing as National Express runs pretty much everywhere, once the weather gets better I wanna take the kids on a few coach trips. So now I need to research some fun and interesting towns/cities to visit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) Also the kids have their  Innotabs which keep them entertained, so travelling long distance on a coach should be fine.

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