Friday, 26 February 2016

OMG What a nightmare!

Since RD has turned 6 he has decided to see how far he can push his luck and has been really naughty and super annoying. He recently decided that he is not going to do as he’s told and is going to ignore me instead and do whatever he fancies. Obviously that doesn’t work with me, so it’s like an uphill battle to get him to do as he’s told. If I hold him and tell him off, he screams like he’s being murdered then runs off laughing immediately after which winds me right up. He will then go and do anything he can to irritate me and get my attention. So he’ll slam doors, lock himself in the bathroom or trash his bedroom. I completely ignore him thinking if I don’t give him any attention he will get bored and stop, nope! He is very relentless and will carry on for a good while till he feels like stopping, then without prompting he will apologise and go and clear up all his mess. But then maybe 5 minutes later after I’ve asked him to do a simple thing like brush his teeth somehow that sets him off again so he finds even more irritating shit to do to annoy me to death.
Also because he is so determined to piss me off it’s sooo bloody draining having to deal with his random outbursts as no form of discipline has any lasting effect on him, I literally been through everything from naughty corners and reward charts all the way through to a smack and nothing works so now I’m kinda at a lose end as there’s no other forms of discipline I can think of to try. I’ve even tried like overly praising him anytime he does the tiniest thing right in the hopes that he will carry on being good to get more praise but nope that doesn’t work either.

I’ve now made his dad get involved (because why should I have to struggle with RDs current behaviour while he sits back stress free not helping) so now that we’re both involved hopefully we can come up with a method between us that works for RD..

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