Friday, 26 February 2016

Minions 3D puzzle

So we finally got around to doing the puzzle that RDs auntie got him for Christmas. As it was 3D I thought it would be a bit too challenging for RD but he really got into it. He followed the instructions and figured it out. 
All the puzzle pieces are numbered and have an arrow so you know which direction the next piece should go. RD clearly has a lot more patience than me when it comes to these kinda things, because when one piece didn’t fit perfectly he moved it slightly until it slotted in. Whereas I (Mrs Zero patience) would’ve just been like ‘Fuck it, they clearly sent me the wrong pieces!’ then stamp on it.

He loved the puzzle so much he took it apart and put it back together like a billion times throughout the day. He even helped me do it, when technically I was supposed to be helping him. It kept him occupied for a good 20 minutes. So I know what I’ll be investing in from now on, yep, more 3D puzzles!

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