Friday, 26 February 2016

Ffs they’re not called bloody Boxer Braids!!!!

Unless you've been rebelling against your phone and internet for the past couple of days you would've noticed the trending topic of Kim Karashians latest hairstyle. Now normally I couldn't give 2 shits about how she wears her hair, but she had her hair plaited in two and the journalist claimed they were called boxer braids and how Kim had started this new trend. OK... Soo.. 1st of all anyone who is black or has black friends will know that our mums have been plaiting our hair like this since the beginning of time, shit I even plait my kids hair like this. Even the little white girls at my primary school would have their fringe and their hair plaited in 2 just like this so how exactly did Kim K start this trend when it was around long before she was even alive?? As someone who has a degree in journalism I’m baffled as to how this journalist got away with writing such foolishness because as a journalist you are taught that doing your research is a very important thing to do before you even write anything. Which means this journalist has either lived under a rock and missed all the millions of people around the world who have worn their hair this way forever or they didn’t do their research and now look very very stupid.

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