Friday, 26 February 2016


After enjoying Street Feast during the summer I was happy to hear that Dinerama in Shoreditch had opened up again. (If you’ve not heard about Street Feast before click here to read my post about it.) Because it was summer and hot the last time I went I knew as it was an outdoor event I’d need to prepare myself for the cold. So me and the bestie arrive only to see it’s now enclosed, OMG how happy was I. Somehow they’d made an enclosure for the whole event and as soon as we stepped inside we could feel the warmth. As I’d enjoyed the ribs sooo much the last time I went I decided to get ribs again, soooo yummy and thick and juicy. We then found a spot upstairs to hang out and drink. Strangely a glass of champagne was £1 more than a glass of wine so I happily drank champagne all night. As always the vibe was chilled and it was full of the usual hipsters and trendies and because it’s in the heart of Shoreditch if you don’t feel like ending your night at Dinerama there’s a huge choice of restaurants, clubs and funky wine bars just around the corner.

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