Friday, 26 February 2016

Diary of RD 3

So yesterday I had absolutely no problems with RD. I dunno if it was because I was really sick and felt and looked like shit but for some reason he did exactly what he was told and even tidied away and got his coat and shoes on with no problems. So obviously after how well it went yesterday I was feeling super optimistic today. But once again RD had woken up first and refused to go in the bathroom first. I keep explaining to him whoever gets up first goes in the bathroom first. Cali has no problems going in when she’s up so I don’t get why he acts that way about getting clean in the bathroom.
So after breakfast etc I do my usual countdown where I tell them they have a certain amount of time to do their colouring/playing etc then once it gets to a certain time we have to start packing away. So I give them updates like ok we have 10 minutes left, we have 2 minutes left and everything’s fine until I say OK let’s get our coats and shoes on for school. So Cali packed away her stuff and came and got ready and RD stayed there. I was like OK RD you need to come get ready for school. So he refused and started trying to tip things over and basically trash the frountroom. So then I had to go bring *cough cough drag* RD out of the frountroom and put him by his coat and shoes. Once again he refused, then decided he wants to take his trousers off and started doing that annoying scream noise so once again I had to put his coat and shoes outside the front door.
Now when I came out he had his shoes on and had taken off his jumper and turned it round so it was backwards. I didn’t even bother to say anything. So once outside he decides to run off again, so once again I was like ‘OK quick run across the road, look a cars coming it will be fun’ he was like no! So he crossed the road with me then decided to turn round take off his coat then throw it in the middle of the road. So once he had picked up his coat he refused to put it on then started that annoying noise again and decided to throw his coat into someone’s garden. Now these gardens have no real way in and have a tallish metal fence. So as I didn’t trust him to get it I lifted Cali over the bars to grab the coat then lifted her back.

So I kept a firm grip on his arm all the way to school while he chatted to most amount of bollocks about how I’m trying to kill him how I punched him in the face and broke his arm, how I cracked his bones and how he’s going to call the police on me because he doesn’t need me he only needs his dad. In my head I was thinking OMG just shut up but I just carried on ignoring him while he protested about me holding his arm all the way to school. Luckily I’ve told RDs teacher about his behaviour and why we’re late most of the time so she doesn’t just think I’m lazy and can’t be arsed to wake up and get my kids to school on time, so she said she will have a word with him too and find out if anything’s happening at school that's making him only act up on the way to school. 

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