Friday, 26 February 2016

Diary of RD 1

So after seeing how RD was behaving I decided to watch how he behaved during the half term and see if I could find a reason why he was behaving so bad. But, strangely he didn’t act up during the half term, although there was the usual squabbling and boxing matches with his sister he didn’t do anything dangerous or really bad. So on Monday I thought let me see if he acts up as it would normally be a school day, but because the kid’s school had an inset day they didn’t start back school to Tuesday. So Monday he was well behaved so I took them to TGI Fridays for dinner and he was soooo good, he sat nicely did exactly what he was told and happily coloured in and did all the puzzles in his little activity pack. I didn’t have to speak to him once I was sooo proud of him and kept praising him. Even on the bus on the way home he sat nicely and didn’t cause any trouble before he went to bed. So I’m there thinking maybe he’s turned over a new leaf and this will continue on to Tuesday. Ummm... nope!

Tuesday 23rd Feb
So Tuesday comes and he goes back to his usual of waking up 1st but not wanting to go in the bathroom first so then he started doing that annoying scream he does when he’s about to be an annoying little shit and ran away and hid under my bed expecting me to chase him, like I have time for that. After that he then continued to the next set of things he does when he’s acting up on the school run and refused to stop playing with his Lego to get ready to go, then once I get him away from the Lego then he refuses to put his coat and shoes on, eventually I have to put his coat shoes and book bag outside the front door which kinda forces him to put them on as he’s out there by himself. But, sometimes he will put then on and sometimes he will just run upstairs and start jumping and screaming around the block.

So once outside I knew he was gonna try and run off so I kept a firm grip on his arm which he didn’t like. So he decided to scream and tell the whole road that I was trying to kill him and wanted him dead. Then once he realized he wasn’t getting a reaction for that he then just decided to cry very loudly all the way to school. Needless to say we were late....

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