Saturday, 27 February 2016

Cooking from scratch

I’m now a big fan of cooking from scratch. I used to think it was the most pointless unnecessary process in the world, like why would I make it from scratch when I can save time and buy certain things ready made? But now I feel like it a good thing as I can control exactly what’s in the food I cook for the kids making it a lot healthier. Also I realized cooking from scratch isn’t as tedious as it sounds as long as you’re organised and have all the ingredients lined up it’s quite a quick painless process and also sooo rewarding when people compliment your cooking. I’ve recently learned how to make a good curry (yes I know I’m late) and fried chicken (my mum normally makes it so I’ve never had to) and although I think I’ve now mastered the curry I think I need a bit more practice with the fried chicken. But, saying that it still tasted gooooood. So now on a Friday or Saturday night when I don't feel like cooking, instead of spending money as a chicken and chips shop I can whip up some yummy fried chicken at home  J

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