Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Savings goals

So last year I saw a new years savings challenge floating around Instagram. But by the time I’d finished procrastinating, the moment had past. But I promised myself that I would definitely do it this year. So here’s how it works:
Every week you save that week number in £s. So week 1 you would save £1 week 5 £5 and so on till week 52. So by the time you reach the end of the year you would have over £1000 saved which isn’t bad. I plan on putting mine towards a nice holiday for next year but you could even use it towards Christmas or treating yourself to something in the sales.
It’s actually a really clever way of saving and it’s not huge amounts which means it is doable. I guess depending on your financial situation you could even double the amount you save per week and have even more to spend at the end.  I do need to set some kinda reminder on my phone otherwise I am very likely to forget to put the money away each week.This is once challenge I’m really looking forward to completing. Let the saving begin! 

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