Friday, 29 January 2016

Pop Vits

So although my 2 are happy to take their vitamins or have vitamin drops, I found that I was the one who kept forgetting to give them it. So after seeing these randomly in Morissons, I thought they looked like a fun way of giving the kids their vitamins. They’re called Pop Vits and they are basically flavoured multivitamin lollipops. What also appealed to me was the fact that they’re sugar free. So they look like sweets but are not... if that makes any sense... The kids love them as they think it’s great to eat ‘sweets’ everyday and because of this they always remind me that they need their vitamins. They only started having them this week but it’s going well, I guess anytime you throw something that looks like sweets in the mix it will always go well. So I may stock up while they’re on offer.


  1. Hi Jade,

    Thank you for your kind comments regarding our product.

    We love seeing people enjoying our products & feeling benefit from them too. Please do visit our website, as we also do Pop-Vits in Strawberry flavour :).

    We also have a facebook page that is under construction that may also be of interest to you.

    Thank you again,

    Kind Regards,

    Dennis Clack,
    Online Marketing Co-ordinator,
    East Midlands Pharma Ltd.

    1. Thanks Dennis, I didn't realize you did them in Strawberry my kids would love that. Will have a look on your site.