Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Mummy you’re stupid!

So from the title I’m sure you can guess who this post is about, yep, RD. OMG he was being such a pain in the ass yesterday. Every morning he wakes up first and refuses to go in the bathroom and get ready first. Yesterday he was adamant he was not going anywhere near the bathroom and decided to annoy me by shouting ‘No I wont!’ to everything I asked him to do. I even tried gently guiding *cough cough dragging* him into the bathroom, but he just thought it was more fun to escape and run off and hide, like I had the time or patience for that.
In the meantime Cali had got up and after hearing me screaming at RD she was on her best behaviour and offered to go in the bathroom first. So while Cali was in the bathroom RD then decided he’d changed his mind and wanted to have his wash first and started kicking off. I was thinking, it’s way too early and I can’t be dealing with explaining things to him for the billionth time;
 I swear the flat shook, I literally roared at him like a big angry king of the jungle. Now this would be enough to calm Cali down, but no, not RD. So what did he decide to say?
“You stupid, You stupid mummy,”
Instantly I was like:
So he happily repeated himself;
“You stupid, you so stupid mummy!”
I was thinking, OK... just ignore him, he’s trying to piss you off and fuck up your equilibrium, just be calm, you just did Pilates this morning, breathe... I’ve found with RD when he says stupidness like that it’s just an attention thing so if I don’t give him any he tends to stop.
So anyways, he got himself ready and I’m thinking everything’s cool now. Nope it’s not cool, as he then refused to eat his breakfast then had the nerve to kick off because he’s hungry, umm, hello eat your breakfast then. It didn’t stop there, as he then refused to brush his hair and put his coat and shoes on. I was like; 
"OK bye, I’m leaving" 
Then what does he say;
“Urgh mummy you can’t leave me you stupid,”
That was enough for me I was thinking fuck ignoring this again, he’s being really rude. So, I bent down to his level, narrowed my eyes and through gritted teeth said;
“Look, if you ever try calling mummy stupid again, I will cancel your birthday and you will be little forever”

Now for a boy who wants to grow big and strong and hates being referred to as a little boy (apparently he’s just a boy not a little boy) this was enough to stop him. Needless to say he apologised and gave me no more problems after that ;)

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