Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Kawaii :)

One of the main reasons I want to visit Japan is to go to Harajuku Village and just people watch. Harajuku actually refers to the area around Tokyo’s Harajuku station. It is the centre of Japans most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles. I love how different groups have their own individual styles and dress really OTT and go crazy with accessories.

 Each group seems to stay true to their style. They make dressing seem like so much fun. If you follow me on Pinterest you will know how obsessed I am with how they dress and get a lot of inspiration from looking at photos of Japanese street style and I love love love stalking Tokyo Fashions website and Instagram page . There are many sub groups but these are definitely some of my favs:


Inspired by the punk movement in London in the 70's . This style is very rebellious with OTT clothes, edgy accessories , dark make up and multiple piercings.

If you've ever seen that very creepy movie Lolita then this will need no explanation to you. This style focuses on child like aspects and uses light or pastel colours, pretty dresses and child like fantasy themes.


This style is all about bright colours and flamboyance. I love how you're encouraged to wear lots of layers of crazy colours and over accessorise, which I already love to do.

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